Road to Tempe 2016: IMAZ 2016 Registration Update

This is an update to our previous post about the 2016 IRONMAN Arizona registration. By a stroke of luck, there were a few spots left for open general registration online, despite last year’s onsite sellout, and over 1000 people taking advantage of the combined 70.3/IMAZ package as well as huge crowds registering onsite in Tempe earlier today. We’ve also learned Smile Train, the official IMAZ charity partner, was discounting their charity fundraising requirement to only $3,500 until noon.

Online registration opened at exactly 2 PM EST, and there were no technical issues or glitches with the registration site for Ragen to complain about. Registration is still open as of publishing time at 2:20 PM EST. It remains to be seen whether Ragen has secured a spot. In any case, this means she has absolutely no excuse for failing to register for the race.

Update: Online registration has now been open for more than two hours. It would appear Ragen is busy working a real job this weekend as a programs manager at the Lean Startup Conference. Hopefully it didn’t impact her ability to register for IMAZ.

Update 2: Ragen has registered for IRONMAN Arizona 2016. She was able to get a normal online registration slot because of the special situation this year. It seems fairly obvious she had no plan to actually register, based on previous years. By sheer luck, this year IMAZ decided to add a large number of extra registration slots, most likely because the new rolling swim start can accommodate more athletes. Let the crowdfunding and training excuses begin!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 6.27.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.09.38 PM


37 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: IMAZ 2016 Registration Update

  1. It has always amazed me that overweight/obese women are able to find jeans to accommodate their waists and fupas (sorry, if there is a more PC term for this, I don’t know it) yet I cannot find a pair that fit my 28 inch waist and 37 inch hips at the same time…..yet they insist clothing makers are out to get them.

    I know this has nothing to do with anything….just a reaction to the pic of her at her “job”.

    • We say “gunt” among ourselves. I prefer “gut” personally, since that’s what it is.

      I actually don’t wear jeans. Don’t find them comfortable.

    • Well, as you rightly say, the jeans “accommodate” them. They don’t fit well. I have similar measurements to yours (in terms of proportion, but 2 sizes up, 31 waist, 41 hips) and also have trouble finding nicely fitting jeans. But I do find jeans that accommodate me 🙂 I have lost weight, am still losing, and it definitely IS easier to find jeans now, even if it still hard to find well-fitting ones. Does that mean the clothes industry was out to get me before? Not really, they just don’t care. They still don’t care, now that I’m a smaller size. We all have it “hard”, but I’d agree it’s more difficult to find clothes when you’re obese. But with demographics changing towards more people being obese that is already changing.

      • Its frustrating. I lost some weight too. (~25 lbs, about 5 inches in my waist, lots of inches elsewhere). But I’ve always had more of that hourglass shape, (Chest is always within .5 of hips, waist 9-10 inches smaller) and I gain and lose proportionally like that.

        So looking at clothes the other day, my waist puts me in a size 2, while my hips put me in a size 12. And that’s just crazy. I don’t think anyone is out to get anyone, but I think its crazy that if I want a pair of pants I’d have to get a 12 to fit my hips, and then have the waist taken in over 6 inches. Yet from what I’ve seen, FAs always scream about thin privilege and how easy it is to find clothes. Yet I’m over here just normal BMI (on the high end actually) and shopping is the bane of my existence….to add some dramatic flare 🙂

    • Imagine having 39″ hips and a 24″ waist. It means buying a size 8 and having them altered. It’s the only way.

      (Funny aside, fatlogic told me I was fat at this size, even with a normal BMI. ‘K.)

      • See, you have curves. I have curves. Where are all these women shaped like rectangles? Not saying if that’s your body type there is something wrong with you, but I’ve yet to come across people shaped like rulers in my life. And I cannot see how a 24″ waist puts you at any type of fat.

        Side note, check out I’ve had good luck with their jeans. Especially with thicker thighs from years of ice skating.

      • For some reason I can’t reply to anonymous to say thank you for this link! I have thicker thighs, too, from weight lifting and just my natural build. I am definitely going to order something from barbell apparel and try them out!

  2. By the way, check out the web site for the “Lean Startup Conference” I wonder what percentage of attendees go on to become successful entrepreneurs.

    • Lean. Just realized, that’s kind of an unfortunate term in context. I wonder how Ragen feels about promoting the idea that “lean” businesses are superior.

    • th3bt, I could almost feel sorry for Ragen. I’m sure she expected not to be able to register, then circumstances forced her hand. Who’d have predicted that general entry would have been open for hours? And the new rolling start means that the odds of a hater assaulting her in the water are low.

      The smart thing would be to enter some sprint triathlons and get race experience. Sadly, I suspect that, in a year’s time she’ll be crying into her camera crew once more.

  3. Well, if she trains sufficiently to make a decent showing, she will inevitably lose a shit ton of weight. By doing so, she will disprove all of her faulty contentions about weight, health and athletic ability. If she does not train sufficiently and does not lose significant weight, she will have an insignificant and laughable showing like the last time. By doing so, she will disprove all of her faulty contentions about weight, health and athletic ability.
    Either way, reality wins.

  4. If she “trains” like before, there’s no way she’s getting any farther than the swim–just like the 70.3. But I’ll still enjoy all the fake training selfies.

  5. $740 is a lot of dough to drop on a whim. I guess she probably does make a lot of money from crowdfunding and “speaking” jobs so perhaps its an investment. Either way I’m excited that Ironfat is going to go on and I’ve got my popcorn ready.

  6. How do all of the so-called “Clydesdales” stay fat while doing these races?

    As one of them I can answer that:

    –Eating too much, as already ably stated by Elle. A lot of the calories burned on the bike are replenished by eating as you ride and right after the ride. And then if you overeat at regular meals, you can replenish the rest of what you burned on the rides.
    –Spending much of your non-training time inactive. Research studies have shown that time sitting is closely linked to overweight and health issues. So a person who trains two hours a day who spends the rest of the time sitting in front of the computer or tv is going to have a poor energy expenditure overall despite the intense training. (I’ve recently learned from myself that adding low intensity activities, like gentle walking, just to reduce my ‘sit time’ makes a measurable difference for me.)
    –Messed up metabolism, from genetics, thyroid issues or simply repeated yo-yo dieting.

    • No one seemed to understand the point I was making. There are all these comments about “we’ll know she’s training if she loses weight” but there are enough fat athletes to prove this isn’t true. I have to believe she would at least have a change in body composition, but she wouldn’t necessarily be any thinner if she continue to eat mountains of calories every day.

    • Umm, Ironman isn’t a game of chance or luck….”anything is possible” applies to the lottery and lightning strikes, not to organized, expensive, demanding, competitive athletic events. It is decidedly NOT possible that Regan will train properly for this event; therefore, it is not possible she will succeed at completing it.

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