Road to Tempe 2016: The Current State of IronFat

In exactly 72 days, Ragen Chastain plans to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run a full marathon in under 17 hours at IRONMAN Arizona in Tempe, AZ. To date, she has yet to complete a triathlon of any length. Her endurance event experience consists of failing to complete the swim at IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona after showing up woefully unprepared last year, and taking advantage of the rules at the 2013 Seattle Marathon to force volunteers to remain on the course until she finished in well over 12 hours “in a blur of pain”. Since starting her claimed daily 3-5 hour training regimen in May 2014, she has managed to drop out of a marathon, drop out of two super sprint triathlons, and cut the course at a novelty fun run 5K. The only athletic achievement she has to show for the 2000-3000+ hours she has apparently spent training for IronFat is lowering her 5K PR from 1:09:50 to 1:05:51, still not quite managing to break into the elite sub-hour 5K walking class.

At the moment Ragen is neglecting both of her blogs and her social media accounts. There have only been five IronFat updates since July 12, or once every 12 days. While we await further Miracle Months updates like the century ride report, here is a summary of the current state of Ragen’s IRONMAN training.


As of August 18, Ragen is “in good shape to make the cut-off” at IMAZ. As usual she fails to give any meaningful times or distances, or say whether she actually swam the entire 2.4 miles within the allotted 2:20 cut-off. She is still avoiding any kind of open water swimming in crowds and appears to be set to make IMAZ only her second open water swim start ever. We know how well that worked out last year when she failed to meet the 1:10 swim cut-off at the 70.3 despite supposedly never having swam the distance in over an hour in her life.


As of August 17, Ragen is “far slower” than the speed she needs to maintain to complete the bike section, or approximately 13.7 mph over the maximum 8:10 cut-off. Of course, we may yet see a miraculous improvement, like when she went from barely being able to do figure eights on a basketball court to a half-century ride in three weeks. Since she failed to meet the swim cut-off and has not entered any events were she actually rode her bike, we have no idea what kind of speed she can actually maintain other than “too slow”.


The only thing Ragen has ever revealed about her running pace is that it is “barely faster than a walk”.


As of April 9, Ragen’s official 5K PR is 1:05:51. The IMAZ run cut-off is 6:30. At Ragen’s 5K pace she would require 9:15 to finish the run. The Running for Fitness race predictor estimates an even longer 10:20 based on her 5K time and age. It is safe to say Ragen has never demonstrated the ability to walk or run anywhere close to the required pace for the run segment of an IRONMAN, especially after having completed a long open water swim and gruelling 112 mile bike ride at a speed she is still unable to maintain. However, in the comments section of her latest update she was happy to casually drop the suggestion that she regularly “runs” distances in excess of 13.1 miles, just like how she was regularly doing long runs “up to 24 miles” last year.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 6.27.00 PM.png

At this point it seems fairly certain we are in for a repeat of last year’s performance, with either a swim DNF or short-lived bike DNF. After 28 months of intense training, Ragen has nothing to show for herself other than a long string of embarrassing race dropouts and failures. She has already confirmed she will be entering IMAZ 2017, so we anticipate yet another repeat next year when she completes a trilogy of IronFlops.

25 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: The Current State of IronFat

  1. Strava Could shut us all up everyone uses it I don’t know how we are supposed to believe someone who uses every other form of social media wouldn’t. allshe hs to do is share one long work out

    • And to be clear, nobody is expecting her to share the time and location of her workout as she insinuates in interviews. All she needs to share is the most basic training metrics like some times and paces to demonstrate she is actually doing anything remotely close to the level of training she claims.

  2. I just hope this imminent failure will finally make her fans realise she is full of it. Nobody should be giving Ragen money and attention, or invite her as a public speaker. The fact that she speaks at universities makes me sick to my stomach.

    • When she fails, she will convince her followers that trolls were stalking her or the volunteers were being fatphobic saboteurs and her followers will – once again – sympathise with her and give her head pats for being brave and stuff.

      • You are absolutely right MIL – I’m ashamed of my own not-so-youthful ignorance when I initially stumbled upon Dances w/Fat/Fit Fatties Forum, Thankfully I found THIS website before I gave Ragen any financial support.

      • Anonymous – I did not find this before providing financial support :-/ Though thankfully it wasn’t very much.. and on the bright side, I did get to see how ridiculous her claims are about all the work she does. For example, in one of her newsletters, she mentioned that she had helped 651 students working on papers or presentations in the month prior. Did I mention this newsletter was from August? Who knew there were so many students in summer school who were interested in writing academically about fat acceptance!

    • Universities have race segregated housing and teach students to avoid micro aggressions so I don’t see how this could bother you so much 🙂

  3. Week 1 training report: still ironing out details of training schedule, so I only got in ONE decent workout (prepping for sprint tri: 275 yd swim, 10.8 mi bike, 5K run next April)
    Last week: 201.3
    This weekd: 200.8
    Net loss 0.5 lbs, no special diligence with diet. Two meals out w/hubby, Chinese food w/soup & egg rolls for my mom’s BD last Sun…

  4. Any idea how long is the longest time period between posts is on ironfat? I’m getting to a point where I don’t think Ragen will even show up to IMAZ.

  5. Just like to say there were some very large women and men on the bike course at 70.3 Ac yesterday, even with the shortened swim the current was extremely hard! (For reference I swam 1100 meters in 20:20 and that gave me 12th men 30-34). Point is the did it and they were out on the bike holding a good 15-17 pace when I passed them. If you work you can finish

  6. Huh, wouldn’t post first comment so I’ll try again – no one wants to hear excuses anyway!
    But I backslid, partied at college visit to son last weekend (tailgating), weight up 0.9 lbs
    This week: 201.7
    Back at it, no one should know better than me that you can’t out-train a poor diet (& I only got in 2 workouts last week, walking & elliptical)

  7. Week 3 report: even though I only got in 3 workouts, the laws of thermodynamics still apply.
    Last week = 201.7
    This week = 200.1
    I realize a lot of that 1.6 lb loss was simple bloat, but whatever – I’m anxious to get back into Onederland!

    • Don’t worry, she’s not dead! She found time to bitch and moan about something a British tv presenter said on her twitter. Screw you Ragen, Kirstie Alsopp is awesome and Location Location Location is like crack.

  8. Week 4 report: 200.2 (a gain of 0.1 lb)
    Still hanging out at the border of Onederland thanks to prolonged wedding anniversary celebration (basically starting w/steak dinner Thurs night, extending thru weekend!) & believe me, it IS a cause for celebration w/all the ups & downs we’ve had!
    The weird thing is, my body is TRYING to warn me off certain food items, I’m just not listening all that well.
    Somebody’s gotta post something since Ragen certainly isn’t… I’m signing up for local 5K this Sat to try out my new shoes although I’m fully expecting to walk most of it. Had to do some “home surgery” on toenail on problematic L foot so we’ll see how that’s feeling later on today.

  9. I think with 46 days to go and no updates we can hashtag Ragen #IronFail. She will ignore IMAZ, let the dustup blow past and continue to add IM Competitor to her ever expanding…list of fauxcomplishments. M2C.

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