Fake Trolls Abound

Ragen has a strong tradition of using complaints of apparent abuse from “trolls” to distract attention from her critics. Last year she made allegations of rape threats and stalking after she was caught red-handed faking training selfies in Fake Selfie Sunday. Within hours of today’s Dances with Facts post about her lack of IronFat updates, she posted a Facebook message about a Twitter account supposedly created to harass her. As usual she has received a lot of sympathy from her followers, and even took the time to stroke her own ego in the comments, claiming the constant stream of abuse she receives proves what an effective activist she is.


Unfortunately for Ragen, Twitter is completely public, and a quick search makes it plainly obvious the account she is talking about does not exist. She has received a grand total of four remotely negative @username mentions on Twitter in the last two weeks, three of them in response to her jealous rant about Maria Kang on Ravishly today. All the users have other posting histories on Twitter, and would be unable to send her a direct message unless she followed them. There is no account created to harass her, and moreover, most of the “abuse” is not particularly abusive in nature.


The only possible candidate for the mysterious new Ragen-hating account is one created last month which has sent her a single non-abusive reply among its tweets. Truly shocking stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.18.33 PM.png

Ragen’s accounts of her “abuse” have been a frequent target of criticism on this blog. In a 2014 Dances with Fat post, Ragen claimed she receives at least 200 abusive messages and death threats every day, yet there is simply no evidence this is true. In fact, one of her classic claims that she received over 5000 messages telling her to kill herself in 48 hours was proven to be completely fabricated. Twitter is one of the few platforms Ragen participates in where she is not in complete control over the content, and the silence about her is deafening. On average she receives a negative @username mention once every few weeks unless she posts something particularly egregious. Ragen wants us to believe she has the most polite “trolls” in the world who all only contact her in private where nobody will see their moderated comments. It is simply beyond belief, and is a perfect illustration of Ragen’s profound dishonesty.

29 thoughts on “Fake Trolls Abound

  1. I like that the “Wait, come back… you forgot your bullshit” image applies equally as much to Ragen herself.

    • As does the line “Maybe someone should tell Maria that the internet is forever?”. Maybe you should take note, Ragen.

      The bitterness and jealousy behind this article is almost comical.

  2. Par for the course; when you point out her many discrepancies and failings, she can’t prove anything she’s stated to be truthful so it’s ‘divert. divert, divert’ She’s become a joke even unto the HAES community.

  3. It seems she is already setting up for a no-show in IMAZ, because of some “death threats” or something else that she sends to herself.

  4. I definitely think this is totally made up, but did wonder..is it possible that someone could have created an account and then it was deleted before you searched? (Note that I said POSSIBLE, not probable, because it’s not very probable!) I don’t use Twitter a great deal, so I have no idea and was curious.

  5. Keeping myself as honest as I can: this week my weight remained static (200.1), driving home to me once again the truth that I cannot out-train poor dietary choices…
    (nor can I celebrate my minor victory in completing a 5K w/movie popcorn, sweets & other empty calories)

  6. LOL, irony. It’s perfectly okay for FA to shame others, but god forbid if anyone shames them. At least Maria completed her marathon within the allotted time without exploiting a loop hole. Not to mention, under 6 hours. Compared to Ragen’s…oh 12 hours? And even with that very small weight gain, she is still healthy and fabulous looking.

  7. Based on RC’s latest post lets get the math out there. She took off just before midnight to complete her run before 5 am. At the hurpletastic pace of 1:05 per 5K (4.7k?) thats 21 minutes per mile. In 5 hours and 15 minutes she’ll travel 15 miles. (Decent training run). At IMAZ she’ll complete the 26.2 run in 9 hours and 17 minutes, plus all 2 hours and 20 minutes to swim. Thats 11 hours and 37 minutes. Leaves her with 5 hours and 43 minutes to bike 112 miles. Surely Hurplecycle can maimtain over 20mph … and transition time is a waste so I’m sure it’s not even factored in … right? #h8themathnotthemather #CiCowinsagain

  8. 25 days to go – I’ve never done an ironman – I assume there is a tapering period involved. What is typical right now for training?

    • This past weekend someone mentioned a typical plan would be 100 miles bike ride, 18 mile run, 4k swim over the two days.

  9. I don’t know how she can taper as she barely does any genuine training. The updates on her Ironfat blog are few and far between and have no real specifics about what she’s done or intends to do. I leave messages saying ‘how’s the training going’ and they don’t get approved so I don’t think she wants to talk about it. Perhaps she’ll postpone her effort to next year after picking up a minor niggle and start the whole charade afresh.

  10. I want to see her try a C25K, that is Couch to 5 Kilometer training plan. (5K = 3.106 miles). Let’s see if she can do a 45 minute 5K, walking speed for most people. That is 20 minutes better than her best 5K time.

  11. Today’s weigh-in = 199.1 (1.4 lb loss, feels SO GOOD to be back in Onederland, even if just barely hanging on by fingernails!)

    I think that’s pretty damn remarkable (patting self on back) considering yesterday was HALLOWEEN, formerly a big speed bump in my dietary path…

    Still far-from-hardcore, just walking & cycling 2-3 X/wk, being conscientious of diet (I never claimed to be perfect, just PAYING ATTENTION)

  12. Wow. You seriously creating a blog just to denigrate Ragan? Maybe you need some things to do other than caring about someone else’s choices. In my experience as a therapist, this often points to the accuser’s own insecurities.

    • It’s not to denigrate Ragen, it is to offer a voice to counter her lies and cons. Ragen is a con-artist and a scammer, and her lies harm people.

    • Wow. You seriously commenting on a blog just to denigrate the blogger? Maybe you need some things to do other than caring about someone else’s choices. In my experience as somebody who’s ALSONOT a therapist, this often points to the commenter’s own insecurities.

    • Denigrate? There is nothing unfair about the criticisms posted in this blog (did you even read the blog?). Ragen is a public figure with convoluted credentials who is giving very bad advice (a lot bordering on medical and psychological) to people that she (and other fat activists) have alienated from loved ones and medical professionals. The Ironman journey is a sad joke but the influence she has on others is harmful and fraudulent.

      This has nothing to do with insecurities; I’m not a liar or a con artist.

    • I would agree with you EXCEPT that she actively misleads people in order to gain financial support. In exploiting those people, as well as offering dangerous advice under false credentials, she has opened herself to this criticism.

    • She got blisters on her feet from walking the Fatboy 5K, (4 1/2 K ) I think she does very little walking. How can anyone training for an Ironman have such tender feet? I’m guessing a no show.

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