Ragen’s Second Big Fat Marathon

In May 2014, Ragen announced her intention to enter the LA Marathon, followed a few months later by an announcement she was training for an IRONMAN. In the more than three years to date since she started training, tangible results have been few and far between. Despite apparently training for 3-5 hours every day, she has dropped out of 5Ks, a marathon, multiple super sprint triathlons, and even IRONMAN Arizona 2016. She has achieved limited success in short races, finally shaving a few minutes off her 1:09:50 PR last year, followed by an embarrassing disqualification with implications of cheating, and a blistering 55:57 finish at a local fun run in December. Her entire triathlon record in all this time consists of failing to complete the first event at IRONMAN Arizona 70.3 2015 and a 75% no-show rate.

Regular IronFat updates are no longer featured on this blog as Ragen creaks and groans her way towards yet another no-show or DNF in Tempe this November, but we can report after exactly three years of training she has achieved a new marathon PR of 10:03:09 at day 1 of the New England Mainly Marathons series. This bests her previous marathon PR of 12:19:30 at the 2013 Seattle Marathon. This race series is a low-key multi-day event intended for runners who want to complete marathons in multiple states (Ragen only entered one). As with Seattle, Ragen specifically selected a marathon with no time limit, which in this case goes as far as celebrating cabooses like her. Ragen was in fact dead last, finishing almost two hours after the 74 year old man who came in second last. She reportedly had a film crew in tow for the duration of the event, just like at her Ironman 70.3 DNS/DNF.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 4.54.03 AM.png

While some may applaud Ragen for actually entering a race and especially for achieving a new PR, we should not lose sight of the fact she is not a random fat person exercising on the internet. This is someone who claims to be a professional athlete “in the top 5% in the country in strength, stamina, flexibility, and all medical markers of health” with perfect bloodwork and blood pressure. Someone who claims she can leg press 1000 lbs, do hundreds of pushups at a time, complete 25 minute sessions of HIIT at 95% HRmax, and various other athletic feats. Someone who says she has “what is considered to be an elite level of health and fitness“. Someone who claims she was ready to swim 2.4 miles and bike 112 miles, but wasn’t completely certain about finishing the marathon afterwards last November. And yet the culmination of literally thousands of hours of intense training over three years is a slow shamble around a dozen loops of a course for 10 hours.

Ragen’s actual results are irreconcilable with her far-flung claims of athleticism, but she continues to use those claims to support a speaking career based on the notion it is perfectly fine to be grossly obese and there are no negative health effects associated with it.

In 6 months and 2 days, Ragen claims she will be able to translate this result into swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and completing a full marathon in under 17 hours. Logic and common sense say otherwise.

Update June 7: Bizarrely, some “official” photos of Ragen have appeared on the Mainly Marathons site separately from the regular race photos. Ragen’s camera crew is visible in one of them. We also received a photo from a random race participant who was so bemused by the video production they actually looked up Ragen online. As of June 7, Ragen has yet to admit she even completed the marathon, referring to it as a “training run” on her blog.

21 thoughts on “Ragen’s Second Big Fat Marathon

  1. Hmmm, that averages out to a leisurely 2.6 MPH pace… I’m still mildly surprised Ragen didn’t drop out – with film crew along I suppose it’s unlikely that she cut the course.

  2. Hai. Ragen posted on her Facebook that her mom accidentally stumbled across an Internet forum just for hating on Ragen. It’s supposed to have o er 4,000 members and “rules and everything.” It must be really well hidden because I can’t find it. Ragen’s mother found it because she’s a computer genius. I’m not. Can you point me to it? I figured if anybody would know it would be you.


      • I’m not sure. I think everyone knows the reddit. This is supposed to be something different that her mother accidentally discovered. I don’t think it’s true.

      • It’s definitely the subreddit she’s talking about. 4,000 users and “rules”. She’s just completely misrepresenting it as a hate group and banking on her followers not caring enough to investigate further. There is obviously no way to check the story about her mother, and it’s anyone’s guess whether it’s true given her history.

  3. She says she is a trained researcher. Scientists, police detectives, historians and journalists are all trained researchers. So is a child who knows the alphabet and can look up,words in a dictionary. ‘Trained researcher’ sounds impressive, but is meaningless.

  4. It remains a weird, weird thing to me. She walked a Marathon. By her own terminology, she is “ginormous”. There’s a lot she could use this for. “I’m morbidly obese but I can complete a Marathon, so don’t let weight determine whether you can exercise!” Or “I walk slowly but I don’t let my weight or moving slower keep be from participating in physical activity, neither should you!” OR any other number of fact based comments that could still meet her fat activism criteria. But no. Instead, it’s either not mentioned or if she decides to mention stuff it’s generally to make wild, unsubstantiated and grandiose claims that are easily disproven. The whole mindset just baffles me.

  5. Please go after her. Or continue to.

    I am someone who could really, truly benefit from size positivity, and yet I was scrubbed multiple times for unrelated.

    Thanks for being a voice of reason.

  6. When I first heard about Ragen, I thought she had some valid points in that fat people shouldn’t be discriminated against and that someone worth isn’t measured by the scale. I still agree with those things, as I don’t believe that anyone should be discriminated against.

    HOWEVER, the more of her words I read, the more I could see how full of shit she really is. It’s ok to be fat, it really is, but don’t make claims that you are an ELITE athlete and that being fat doesn’t have ANY negative effects on health. I remember years ago reading her say that she spent 25 hours a week training for dancing. That’s over THREE hours a DAY. If someone spent three hours a day working out, they would NOT be morbidly obese. I was also thinking how does anyone even have the TIME for that (this was before I saw how she is unemployed and preys on people for money).

    I’m ok with being a voice for a population of people who often ARE treated unfairly, but I am NOT ok with someone making false claims about themselves and being super hypocritical and exaggerate about their accomplishments and abilities. It is inspirational to want to break the stereotypes and set out to accomplish things that people don’t think you can do and prove them wrong, but Ragen just can’t put her money where her mouth is.

    Yes… how is it that someone “trains” for three years and can’t even manage to not be DEAD LAST in a marathon? And she’s expecting us to believe that she’s going to be swimming, biking, AND doing a whole marathon on top of it for 70ish miles?? How can you claim to be an elite athlete and finish a marathon in 10 hours? Maybe she’s an elite liar… elite exaggerater!

    I’m glad this blog is exists because it pulls back the facade and exposes her for the liar she is. How can anyone take her seriously anymore??

  7. Tomorrow is the big day if Ragen starts! You haven’t posted in a while; so, maybe you’ve moved on to more important things than covering Ragen and the Ironman. I’ve really enjoyed all your posts and I’ll be checking tomorrow to see if you give any updates on the Arizona Ironman. I guess to this point she hasn’t withdrawn as the bib number is 1514.

  8. Do you plan to include an entry on her Guiness-record setting Mainly Marathon? I think it belongs here so she can’t inflate the claim into “eliteness.” It’s also interesting to note that her stated height has changed over time (as Guiness did official weighings).

  9. FA infighting! Including trash- talking Virgie, and Ragen’s girlfriend throwing down on everyone!

  10. What a god awful lying pos this woman is.

    I was once 250, now 168 and have completed 17 iron-distance races, and I have one DNF.

    This human garbage dump is a total and utter fraud, and a disgusting mess.

  11. As a cyclist who’s finished multiple century rides (my best to date is the VA Cap2Cap in 6 hours and 5 minutes), I am genuinely curious as to what kind of bicycle she’d be planning on riding for the 112 mile cycling event of an Ironman. It certainly can’t be carbon fiber, as they generally can’t support that kind of weight. While it /could/ be a steel frame like my precious Panasonic DX-3000, I’m still legitimately curious. It takes a lot of energy to pilot a heavy steel horse for a hundred miles.

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