Road to Tempe 2016: More Excuses, and Fake Selfie Sunday 6.0

In 11 months, 13 days, Ragen Chastain claims she will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run a full marathon in under 17 hours at IRONMAN Arizona in Tempe, AZ on November 20, 2016. Her only endurance event experience to date consists of abusing the course rules at the 2013 Seattle Marathon to keep the volunteers there for over 12 hours, registering and not showing up for two short local super sprint triathlons, and failing to complete even the first segment at IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona in October this year.

After a month-long lull in posting while Ragen was busy working a big girl job and on holiday again after her previous holiday in September, we finally got a back-dated IronFat update a few days ago. She acknowledges her “plan” to register for the most important athletic event of her life consisted entirely of hoping really hard there would be some online spots available in the face of all prior evidence to the contrary. She then follows with a litany of excuses for her DNS at the IRONMAN 70.3 in October. It “took way longer” than she expected to get a bike and wetsuit. This despite the face she had a perfectly serviceable bike since January, and a road bike since March. It did take her over two months to find a bike shop willing to make the dangerous modifications so she could physically mount it since she is too overweight to actually ride a normal road bike. As predicted back in August, she even trots out the excuse about “losing time on the bike” by galavanting around Europe and going on holiday in Ireland during a crucial phase in her training, which is particularly misleading given she didn’t even make it to the bike section in the 70.3.

Yesterday saw the return of Fake Selfie Sunday. Ragen is now stripping all image metadata to prevent any embarrassing repeats of the multiple times she was caught faking training selfies and intentionally trying to hide it. Her excuse has now become a standard grandiose Ragen Chastain boilerplate about being stalked and harassed by thousands of mysterious murderous rapists who all know where she lives. As usual, there is nothing to support this claim, nor is there anything about actual training on her training blog. Remember, she now claims she trains for 3-5 hours every single day, yet the only proof she can offer is her dismal athletic record and a few photos of herself standing around in the same workout clothes at the same small selection of locations. How many times are we going to see her at that same spot in a wetsuit to “prove” she is doing open water swims? We’re also treated to a blurry photo of her “wrecked” bike with no obvious damage or explanation of what happened, which presumably means it either fell over or she fell on it herself while performing her standard acrobatic braking maneuver.

The entire Selfie Sunday gallery can be found here to avoid giving Ragen clicks:

It seems pretty clear we’re in for a repeat of the last year of IronFat, with a string of worthless “training” updates that contain nothing of any substance, fake training selfies, and more claims to be the most stalked and harassed woman on the entire internet. Considering Ragen’s past athletic efforts, “training”, and her obvious commitment to not losing the weight required to actually compete, another dismal failure is the only likely outcome.



23 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: More Excuses, and Fake Selfie Sunday 6.0

  1. It’s got to the point where everything about this is wrong. If there was some genuine motivation behind thi, then I would support it, but it’s become the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Good for her for going to a gym, but is she actually “going” to a gym or just putting kit on, take a photo and walk off again?

    I’ve got training plans in the making at the moment for next year, and my current greatest concern is not letting this year’s performances go to waste. My training through the winter has eased to around 70-75% of my core work with social/recreation training thrown in as I often miss this when in-season focused training is paramount. But my stats track, my Garmin keeps ticking, my Strava keeps kudos’ing, the Km’s keep passing…… I may miss thousands of self opportunities each month, be tardy with my blogging, have an extra mince pie or two at work, but my mind is still set for the return to more intensive training in January and hard focused training February onwards. Anything I can do now to bank form in the closing weeks of 2015 is work I don’t have to do next year (I even put a small graphic sans personal identifiers on Reddit last week to show the Km’s I’ve accumulated since the weekend of the 70.3. This used m VERIFIABLE, GPS TRACKED DATA!!!)

    In the last few weeks, I’ve ridden with friends, read various blogs and forums from the cycling communities and had many lengthy discussions regarding winter and end of season training. The number of comments exchange over Zwift v’s Sufferfest; battery lights v’s dynamo; Gabba v’s Gore-Tex; endurance base miles v’s intervals; GP4000’s or GP4Seasons; ride every ride on your race bike or use a winter bike; diet tips for Christmas…… Santa dash rides…..Christmas gadget wish lists……smart trainers or dumb trainers……..power meter or heart rate thresholds…….millions of words all about consolidating and analysing what a fantastic year 2015 was and how to improve next year. Nearly everyone has a buzz of “I did this really well this year so I want to build on it……….”

    The most noticeable thing is who is still out there. The MAMIL’s with full replica kits on 10k Dogma F8’s have gone. The like of Ragen, fair weather riders, those who do casual rides, commuters who’ll only ride in day light and so on have all gone. Those who have plans for next year (like Ragen claims she does) are the only one0 still around around banking mk’s and hours every week. And the personalities are different. They range from stoney blocks of Zone 4 focus with a grunting pass and an acknowledgement of “we’re hard” to cheery “yeah buddy, we’re on the same plan!” But even though most of us only know each other from passing, we all stop for each other in shitty weather when someone pops a tyre and lends a patch and a lever.

    This is what Ragen should be noticing, picking up on, blogging, measuring, showing, stat’ing, stating, Strava’ing, enjoying, suffering…….

    Selfie Sunday on a training blog? Fucking joke.

  2. Once again, all these selfies after super hard workouts and yet she’s not red in the face, no sweating, hair isn’t messed up, and she’s smiling. And yes, even if you have your hair in a ponytail, after a run, it looks like you got caught in a wind tunnel.

    • Yeah, I have yet to see one selfie where it actually looks like she worked out. Or hey, maybe even a short clip of her running or swimming or whatever. Seems like that’s what you would find on a training blog.

      Her failure will be immense and I will not feel sorry for her. She has a whole year to turn it all around but it looks like she’s just going to keep on bullshitting us. Pathetic.

    • The fact that she doesn’t get red and sweaty just walking in California weather from the car to the gym door to take a selfie suggests she’s in a little better shape than I’d give her credit for.

  3. That last picture has the caption “so cold,” yet it has at least two shirtless people, one of which is in shorts, in the background.

  4. But… she mastered a half century in a month. Why was the bike thing a setback? She had access to spin bikes. She had access to a pool and public open water swim area, access to a gym with treadmills and plenty of roads, trail ways, greenways etc… She also had two… TWO… personal coaches… with whom she started working with in October 2014 (12 months before her DNS).

    As a side note, I hate her selfies. She has a creepy vacant stare.

      • I can barely afford a trainer for my dog so we can go running together (so I feel safer) yet she has 3 personal trainers… must be so rough.

      • Oh yeah, forgot about the chi running. I only recall 1 blog post about it, but I don’t remember if it was ever mentioned again. Still, how pathetic can you be to have 3 trainers and then completely disregard their fundamental component of training (nutrition). It makes me incredibly livid. I would LOVE to be able to afford ONE of her trainers and HALF the time she has to dedicate to training. She’s so fucking ungrateful.

    • Treadmills have weight limits, and while some of them should have an upper limit of 500 lbs, if you have a 450 lb person (no idea what she weighs but I think I’ve seen that as a ball park) running on one, coming down with full force, wouldn’t a gym kinda not let her use theirs? Not only for her safety but just wear and tear on their equipment?

      • If I recall correctly, her (self-reported) weights have varied between 300-330 these past couple of yrs… Seeing full-length photos of her from IMAZ 70.3, I’d judge that to be accurate.
        I can only imagine the gym cringing at her using one of their spin bikes.

  5. How can she say that she slacked on her bike training when she didn’t even get that far? It is almost like she was surprised to have gotten as far as she did.

  6. I want to say that I love your blog, please keep after her. First let me say, that I am fat and that is after I lost 55.5 pounds. I am not offended when someone calls me FAT, because I am and it is bad for my health. I am back after two surgeries to get another 50+ pounds off. This cubby/obese women is really full of herself and a bit arrogant to thing we are all so stupid that she can fool us and the world. She really is a sad and pathetic person, who needs to drop the pretense she is doing anything, much less an Ironman. OMGosh, there is no way in God’s green earth that she can do it, so she will have to make up some excuse when it comes time to race.

    • Hey Ponyfarmer – is it really you from SparkPeople??? I keep my comments anonymous since I continue to lurk/follow the trainwreck that is the DWF/IronFat fiasco… But I likewise have more weight to lose, it doesn’t offend me in the least to be called “fat” BECAUSE IT’S THE TRUTH!!! The 25 lbs I have lost (& kept off for almost 2 yrs now, all “evidence” to the contrary) have made a tremendous difference in my health & well-being, so I’m not about to give up now…

  7. Well, I have raced 3 full Ironman races, and supported at 8. I can tell you that people of all shapes and sizes cross the finish line and yes, some as large as Regan.
    I am not a Regan supporter I am a nutritionist researching body positive role models to help my clients. You see research shows that while overweight people feel utterly horrendous about themselves it is almost impossible to take the steps they need to care for themselves properly enough to eat in a better way for their body.

    I am STUNNED by this website. A whole website committed to tearing someone apart.

    What is it to you if Regan does or doesn’t finish her race? What’s it to you if she took longer to finish a marathon than most competitors?

    Regan helps overweight people to not write themselves off in life if losing weight is just not doable for them. And for some people it isn’t. Yoyo dieting causes more health issues than being overweight and active.

    I can only pity the small minded, jealous and pure nasty individuals who would seek to be so cries to another human being.

    I’d say you can comment on her Ironman endeavours when you have done one yourself.

    I am disgusted.

    • Ragen’s IRONMAN training is only a small part of why this blog exists. It’s a continuing demonstration of why her grandiose claims about her personal achievements are not credible. If you are not too disgusted, I suggest you read our latest post to get an idea of why we think Ragen has no business representing the HAES and FA communities.

      With respect to your last comment, I’d like to point out that my co-author competed in the same 70.3 as Ragen, and is currently training for a full IM later this year. Many of Ragen’s critics on Reddit have completed an IM or regularly participate in the individual activities at a high level. It doesn’t take an expert to tell Ragen’s claims about training for 3-5 hours every day and being an elite professional athlete at the peak of fitness do not match up with her real athletic performance, yet they form a large part of her activist persona.

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