Road to Tempe 2016: Final Deadline

About an hour after our previous update, Ragen “coincidentally” broke a long silence on IronFat with the revelation that she would probably not be showing up for IRONMAN Arizona this year. The post is full of various excuses for her lack of updates, illogical reasoning for dropping out of the race, and vague new accusations of stalking and harassment. Since then, Ragen has written a flurry of posts on Dances with Fat about various stale fat-related news items; in fact, more posts than she had written in the entire month preceding her announcement, when she was apparently so busy training she had no time to blog.

Per the official IRONMAN Arizona schedule, Ragen has until 5PM MST today (November 18) to check in. Tempe, AZ is over a 6 hour drive from where she lives. As of an hour ago she was posting on Facebook about “weight neutral stock photos” and continuing her election results meltdown, with no indication whatsoever she planned to compete in an IRONMAN in two days. In fact, Ragen has not mentioned her IRONMAN attempt a single time since her big open-ended announcement on November 11.

At this point it would appear that IronFlop 2.0 will be more of an IronFizzle in the form of yet another DNS to add to Ragen’s decades-long list of athletic dropouts. Since her update, Ragen has received numerous positive comments on her blog about how inspirational and honest she is, so as usual it would seem she will be judged on the grandeur of her delusions rather than her actions and achievements.

It remains a mystery what Ragen has achieved during her 2 1/2 years of training.


A person who is willing to stoop as low as fake training selfies is considered inspiring for her honesty.

We will continue to update this post if more information about Ragen’s IRONMAN Arizona bid comes to light.

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