Road to Tempe 2016: IMAZ 2016 Registration

In 1 year, 6 days, Ragen Chastain claims she will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run a full marathon in under 17 hours at IRONMAN Arizona in Tempe, AZ on November 20, 2016. Her only endurance event experience to date consists of abusing the course rules at the 2013 Seattle Marathon to keep the volunteers there for over 12 hours, registering and not showing up for two local super sprint triathlons (1/16 IRONMAN distance), and failing to complete even the first segment at IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona in October this year.

In a recent radio interview, Ragen re-affirmed her strong commitment to entering the full IRONMAN Arizona in 2016 as planned, despite her disastrous performance at IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona. To fulfill this commitment, Ragen must decide how she will register for the event by Monday, November 16. The only realistic options we were previously aware of to secure a registration spot for IMAZ were to volunteer at the previous year’s event, or else commit to raising at least $5,000 for the chosen charity partner. Ragen is also well aware of the popularity of the event and her registration options, and actually wrote an epic tale in March about her battle to register for the 70.3 the morning registration opened, which like all IRONMAN 70.3 events didn’t even sell out for a further 5-6 months.

This year there was an unusual third option for athletes to register for IMAZ. Race organizers set aside a limited number of spots for athletes to compete in both IMAZ and IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona in 2016. These cost $990 vs. $725 for an on-site IMAZ registration on Monday, and did not require any volunteer or charity commitment, or that athletes actually compete in both events. Registration opened on Friday morning and remained open for the rest of the day. This would have been by far the best option for Ragen, paying only $265 extra to avoid the the cost of travelling to volunteer or having to ask her supporters to fork over $5,000 for her vanity IMAZ entry. However, it it would appear she did not take advantage of it.

There have been no IronFat updates since the Arizona 70.3 race report almost four weeks ago, and Ragen has said nothing about volunteering on Facebook, despite our previous posts on the subject. On Thursday, Ragen all but confirmed she would not be volunteering in Tempe by announcing mysterious speaking engagements at Cornell University on Friday and Saturday. As it turned out, she was an unnamed participant in some workshops at IvyQ, a small student LGBTQ conference, and was not in fact invited to Cornell as part of her fat activism. As an aside, it is becoming increasingly obvious Ragen is trying hard to make a name for herself as a fat person in the world of queer rights activism. Newer readers may not be aware queer rights activism is quite possibly the only subject Ragen is truly passionate about, and it was her life goal to retire at 35 and become a queer rights activist. As usual for Ragen, she took the easy route and settled for quitting her disastrous turnaround CEO position the day she turned 35 and becoming a fat activist to pay the bills when her queer rights career failed to materialize.

As of Saturday night at 6:46 PM EST, Ragen was still in Ithaca, NY, and it is now impossible for her to get to Phoenix to volunteer at IMAZ. Her only remaining registration option is to ask her followers to donate at least $5,000 for a charity entry. In the charity entry waiver, the athlete actually agrees to cover any shortfall in fundraising with their own money, which means Ragen could be legally bound to pay a significant amount of money if her supporters don’t put their money where their mouths are and fund their “shero” on her journey to glory at IMAZ.

In registering with Smile Train IRONMAN Team, I understand that all funds raised will support Smile Train. Therefore, I am responsible for completing the fundraising requirement. $5,000 must be raised by the date one week before the date of the event. If I do not raise this full amount of $5,000, I will be personally responsible for the remaining amount. I understand that if I withdraw from the event due to any personal reasons or injury I will still be responsible for the minimum fundraising amount of $5,000 regardless of whether or not I participate in the event. I understand that if I have not submitted the fundraising minimums by the fundraising deadline as indicated above, I authorize Smile Train to charge the balance of the minimum pledge amount due to my credit card listed on this form one week before the date of the event.

In the coming days, we should learn how Ragen decides to play this situation. Will she ask her followers to fund a charity entry? Will she feign ignorance and claim she had no idea IMAZ was so popular? At this point it is a complete mystery.

1 year, 6 days until Tempe.

20 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: IMAZ 2016 Registration

  1. For all Ragen’s schemes and big talk over the years, she’s always been either careful or lucky to avoid ever actually facing consequences for her failures/laziness/dishonesty. Now there are consequences. This is a whole new ball game.

  2. Registration for Ironman Florida, which is 2 weeks earlier, is still open for the $725 price. I would hope one of Ragen’s followers would mention that to her as a much easier option than trying to raise $5000.

  3. Crowdfunding seems to be the way Fat Activists get things done so Ragen is going to have absolutely no trouble getting $5k. The good news is that the money will be going towards something that actually improves quality of life instead of decreasing it.

    On second thought, I’m wondering if Ragen is concerned that charity crowdfunding will cut into her personal offering plate…

    The lull in her blog leads me to assume she wants the triathlon thing to fizzle out quietly so she can move onto her next venture.

    • It is one thing for her followers to wish her the best without too much involvement. I think it will be something completely different if they actually have to pony up a bunch of money only to see her fail terribly in the actual race.

      I really think this is going to be the key moment for her followers if they actually give money.

  4. Course, if someone were to pay the $5,000 for her then she’d have very little in the way of excuses for not competing in the IM-right?

    And with someone else’s money on the line, she’d have to get out there and give it the old college try. Otherwise she’d really look bad taking other people’s money and not training seriously.

  5. I’m curious if she is still going to pursue the ironman training. She got what she wanted, which was bragging rights about bring an “iron man competitor” and lots of sympathy from her sheeple about her evil troll bullies. She has a history of not following through on her plans

  6. As an ironman athlete i welcome Ragen, if she wants it bad enough she will do it. The thing about ironman is it’s easy (almost acceptable) for even the most serious “go getters”, “follow throughers” to come up with an acceptable excuse and back out.. But that doesn’t make you an ironman. If she wants to do it she will do it if she wants to make excuse and bow out then she will prove your point in this blog. I am still routing for her. Regardless of who she was until this part I her life, in-spite of all of it or because of all of it if she wants to be an ironman bad enough she can do it, if she doesn’t there are plenty of generic excuses socially acceptable that have been used by people in “good physical shape” (whatever that means)… I have seen plenty of far people become ironman.

    • None of us want to see her fail or bail. I believe we’re all routing for her. The problem is her consistent wild illogical claims of being an “Elite Athlete” who is (her words) “in the top 5% in the country in strength, stamina and flexibility…” (which she not only uses to deflect criticism but she uses these claims to garner paid speaking gigs and sponsorship). That makes it hard for any of us to take her seriously.

      You’re right; there are plenty of fat people who become Ironman. Same goes for fat marathoners, Olympic and professional athletes. Ragen is not representing these people. Actually, Ragen is reinforcing negative attitudes and stereotypes toward fat athletes.

      She was never fully prepared for the 70.3 (or even a sprint at that point). This is an extremely privileged person who has the time and resources to train (she has 3 professional coaches, none of who are allowed to give her any nutrition advice per Regan). She could do it if she wanted to. I think she just wants to make a spectacle of herself (whatever brings in endorsements, interviews & speaking gigs). She could make such a difference in people’s lives & perception of fat people (this is what she is promoting on the outside) but it seems to be all about her ego.

      • I’m not rooting for her, hell no. She has given me no reason to. I would respect her if she finally admitted to her lies and starts taking some responsibility, and starts to actually train. Until then, she can fail every time for all I care. But who knows, miracles can happen.

  7. I wonder if her followers will pony up the money. She does have those people from More of Me to Love on her side and they did already fund that billboard campaign. I wonder if they’ll donate to this extremely worthy cause. (/s in case it’s needed.)If she does manage to get it funded I think we’ve seen the last of the Ironfat blog. With all the calling out she got for every entry I imagine she’ll stick to her Facebook group and their fawning and quickly moderated comments.

    • But since they already funded the billboard thing and saw (little?) no results and she has not given the financial transparency that she promised, do you really think they’d pony up even more money? I mean, I know these people are pretty delusional to begin with (maybe not the nicest way to put it) but its the whole fool me once thing. I don’t have an unlimited amount of disposable income, but I have enough to donate to causes that I’m passionate about, yet I still keep my purse strings pretty tight. If I gave to an organization and they didn’t follow thru or make what happened to the money known, especially to those backers, they’d never see another penny from me.

      • Her history of unfinished or poorly documented fat-related crowdfund projects pretty clearly demonstrates none of her followers actually care about the results. She is always judged on her initial effort and ideas, not whether she actually follows through, just like with the IRONMAN. There is no trace of her promise to release financial disclosure for the billboards because she deleted almost everything about it from her site.

      • You’re also assuming that she hasn’t picked up new fans who weren’t around for the billboard project…. some people may have only picked up her story when she started her “IronMan” “training.”

      • Yep, she has a lot of turnover with her followers. If you look at blog comments from a few years ago, there are no recognizable names from current blog posts. Plus she has no loyalty to her followers whatsoever. Remember when Twistie got the boot in July?

  8. It would actually be more fun to offer her $1000 to do a 5k in 40 minutes.

    If I had a spare grand lying around I’d do it just to see what would happen. 😉

  9. what happened to this blog ?! No updates ? There is more than enough to write about in the meanwhile happening ^^ hope to see it return! 🙂

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