[Updated] Road to Tempe 2016: IRONMAN Arizona Schedule and Information

Update 3: It is now almost 11PM MST and Ragen is continuing to post what has become a typical stream of angry rants about the presidential election. A friendly comment asking if she will be competing tomorrow and wishing her good luck was removed within minutes.


Update 2: We have an unconfirmed report from a blog reader that Ragen’s bike was not in the transition area at the 3PM cut-off. Based on Facebook posts, Ragen’s parner has not made the drive to Tempe with her gear like she did last year. All signs now point to a DNS, but Ragen has made no official announcement or even mentioned her IRONMAN attempt since November 11.

Update: As of noon MST, the Frankenbike was not checked. Still no word on whether Ragen will be competing tomorrow. 

Set your alarm clocks! IRONMAN Arizona begins at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, Sunday November 20. The gear check-in cut-off is in just over an hour at 1500 MST. As of posting time, we have not received any confirmation Ragen’s Frankenbike made it to Tempe, or that she plans to race tomorrow. Instead she has continued with the usual stream of hourly Facebook rants about the recent presidential election. While we know she completed athlete check-in yesterday, unfortunately there is no way to predict whether she will actually race, so blog readers may be in for some disappointment in the event of an IronFizzle. This post will be kept updated if we learn anything further about Ragen’s participation in IRONMAN Arizona before race day. A new post will be added tomorrow morning with live race day updates on Ragen’s progress or lack thereof.

Official Information

Athlete guide

Race schedule

Course maps

Results and live athlete tracking


Forecasts are showing a high of approximately 26°C/78.8°F with mostly a mostly sunny morning and some clouds and showers in the afternoon. Water temperature is approximately 20ºC/68ºFx, which means the race is wetsuit legal.

Tempe Town Lake Water Temperature

Accuweather forecast for Tempe, AZ

Race Information

The race consists of three segments: a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. All athletes have 2:20 to complete the swim, and approximately 8:10 and 6:30 for the bike and run, respectively. The swim is a self-seeded rolling start rather than a wave start, which means athletes cross a timing mat under the starting arch in a continuous stream. Athlete bib number marking begins at 0500, and the age group swim start is at 0650 and is expected to be complete by 0720. Race results will be available on the official results page, and race photos will be posted on FinisherPix. Ragen’s bib number is 1270.


All times in MST.

0650 – Age group rolling swim start

0720 – Approximate end of rolling start

0940 – Approximate final swim cut-off

1500 – 1st bike cut-off

1615 – 2nd bike cut-off

1730 – Final bike cut-off

1740 – Run start cut-off

2100 – 1st run cut-off

2230 – 2nd run cut-off

2400 – Final race cut-off

12 thoughts on “[Updated] Road to Tempe 2016: IRONMAN Arizona Schedule and Information

  1. Is it possible that she could not enter the water at all, get a DNS, and just lie about her ‘swim?’ If she knows she won’t make it, no one can really prove she didn’t start if the DNS title is the same as bailing day of and failing to meet the swim time? Or is there a different designation if you don’t cross the first mat?

    Maybe she waited for the rolls to be purged of those who withdrew. Is DNS no toe in the water the same as completed swim DNS, and if so this sounds like an exploitable loophole for someone who wants to lie about doing a leg.

    • DNF (did not finish)is for those who start a component but don’t finish. DNSers never started at all. So if she crosses the mat at all and doesn’t make it, it’ll show as a DNF.

  2. When I dropped off my bike at noon, her spot was empty. Again, same age group, not hard to look over. When I load up my bike in the morning I can look again. And I know better than to interact with her, I’ll be too busy with pre race jitters.

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