It’s Official…


Ragen’s IRONMAN Arizona DNS is official. Over the last two decades she has made a regular habit of not showing up for athletic events, including multiple 10Ks and a Muddy Buddy, the LA Marathon, two super sprint triathlons, and a 5K earlier this year. Now she can add an IRONMAN DNS to her impressive list of athletic dropouts.

15 thoughts on “It’s Official…

  1. Someone over on the other site made some comment about how she’s racking up more DNSes than starts now and I think it’s probably true. Off the top of my head:

    1 – 13 hour marathon and one DNS

    3 5Ks(2 and a cheat)

    1 started 70.3 and 1 DNS

    2(?) DNS tris last summer.

  2. I don’t know much about these kinds of events/challenges, but don’t you have to pay some kind of entry or registration fee to participate? And i imagine that said fee isn’t refunded if you decide on race day that you’re not going to show up.

    i guess I’m just wondering how much money from her supporters–either donations or merchandise profits– that Ragen has essentially flushed down the toilet. :-/

    • But that’s exactly it. Why care about wasting money when you’re not actually working for it (past on-line pan-handling that is)? I cannot speak intelligently to what kind of income stream she has coming in, but it seems like a lot of it has been from non-work related activities. From what I read here, she has recently had to get a real job, but even that I doubt is strenuous.

  3. I just stumbled across this page after googling Ragen’s name to find information about her speaking engagements. I am absolutely flabbergasted that this page exists. I cannot comprehend why anyone would invest so much energy in following and writing negative things about the day to day activities of a minor public figure. Who cares if she dropped out of the Ironman? Why on earth would anyone think Ragen owes any kind of explanation or has any kind of accountability for either finishing or not finishing a personal project? I just do. not. get. it. Honestly aren’t there important things to worry about? (I would say “more” important but I just don’t see this non-news item as important or relevant in any way.)

    • Hi Kate,

      This blog exists because we want people like you to be fully informed before deciding whether to hire Ragen or take what she says at face value. Ragen has a long history of misleading claims and outright lies, and IronFat is just another part of that. Since you are researching her speaking engagements, are you aware that while she calls herself a “trained researcher” and “UT alum”, she is actually a college dropout? Did you know her “national dance championship” titles are at the lowest possible non-competitive level of a tiny dance circuit against only one other couple? Did you know Ragen used to sell MLM weight loss products and claimed she had psychic mind control powers? I know this probably all sounds ludicrous to you, but please bear with us and check this post and judge for yourself; we have provided a large amount of evidence for every claim straight from Ragen’s own blog.

      I know Dances with Facts can come off as “stalkerish” at times because of the occasional IronFat coverage, which is mostly written for the benefit of people interested in following her ridiculous “training” shenanigans. For instance, last year she started posting “training selfies” that were shown to be taken minutes apart, where she had actually just changed outfits and moved to different rooms. That’s how seriously Ragen takes athletics and honesty. This is a person who claims to be an elite professional athlete in the top 5% of the country in health and fitness, but has yet to demonstrate she can even finish a 5K walk in under an hour, and still claims she can currently finish the swim and bike portion of an IRONMAN.

      For the authors of this blog who all personal experience with obesity and weight loss, Ragen simply represents the worst the fat acceptance and HAES communities have to offer, and she continues to make wildly over the top claims about every aspect of her life as part of her fat speaking engagement business. We don’t dislike Ragen or write about her because she’s fat, or because she’s a woman, but because she has made a living out of giving out dangerous medical advice based on her personal “research” that contravenes all scientific consensus.

      Again, please read the post I linked and judge for yourself. It will not take long.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself IFC! But I still feel obliged to chime in, as I initially followed Ragen’s saga in appreciative support… Fortunately I never made a significant financial donation to Ragen’s schemes – I found this site just in the nick of time!
        I could care less how many events Ragen drops out of, how she cheats, how much she weighs or what she wears. What bothers me is the lying & the grifting, since she elicits monetary support from the public with both of her blogs. Honesty really IS the best policy after all.

  4. I have to say thank you to Ms. Chastain for inspiring me to loose weight; I decided to take up recreational dancing at over 400lbs (was the max of the scale, the needle would swing to like 415 repeatedly, but I never got a correct reading) went down to like 260lbs, then went up to 330lbs due to taking a year off and having no self control with food (Achilles tendinitis coz I’m fat for anyone wondering) and have started CICO method again as of November. Down to 291lbs. My exercise is elliptical, stair master and light weights so nothing ‘elite’. At 250lbs I plan to let myself take dance classes again and at 200lbs I will treat myself to a competition.
    So thank you Ragen, in being the worst example ever you’ve inspired me to be a good one. I can’t wait to be at a healthy weight so I’m never compared to you again. *shudders*

    • Wow!
      Inan, it’s people like you who are an inspiration and role model.
      Perseverance, dedication, integrity.
      Thank you.

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