[Updated] IRONMAN Arizona Race Day Live

Update 2: Accolades are pouring in for Ragen’s decision to drop out of IRONMAN Arizona. As we wrote recently, Ragen will be judged on the grandeur of her delusions rather than her actions and accomplishments. Dropping out of a race is enough for one Facebook commenter to call her an “IRON WOMAN”.



Update: Ragen has officially dropped out of IRONMAN Arizona, citing the excuses she used in her last IronFat update. She took the opportunity to post an “inspiring”  montage of her fake training selfies. At Dances with Facts we prefer this version.



Race day is finally upon us at IRONMAN Arizona in Tempe, AZ. Today international dance champion, marathoner, and elite professional athlete Ragen Chastain competes for fame and glory… or not.

Unfortunately it looks like we are in for an IronFizzle rather than an IronFlop. Ragen flew to Tempe on Friday and completed athlete check-in and registration for 2017, but by all accounts did not take her equipment with her or check her bike in the transition area before the cut-off on Saturday. She spent yesterday ranting about the presidential election on Facebook late into the night without any mention of her IRONMAN attempt, and was still at it at 0330 MST. A friendly message asking if she would be competing and wishing her good luck was removed within minutes. Her last IronFat update was on November 11 — a vague implication she would probably not be competing, even though she could totally $100% finish the swim and bike.

Ragen has a long history of dropping out of athletic events, and it isn’t looking promising this time. Stay tuned for further updates.




Official Information

Athlete guide

Race schedule

Course maps

Results and live athlete tracking

Live coverage


Forecasts are showing a high of approximately 26°C/78.8°F with mostly a mostly sunny morning and some clouds and showers in the afternoon. Water temperature is well under 24.5ºC/76.1ºF, which means the race is wetsuit legal.

Tempe Town Lake Water Temperature

Accuweather forecast for Tempe, AZ

Race Information

The race consists of three segments: a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. All athletes have 2:20 to complete the swim, and approximately 8:10 and 6:30 for the bike and run, respectively. The swim is a self-seeded rolling start rather than a wave start, which means athletes cross a timing mat under the starting arch in a continuous stream. Athlete bib number marking begins at 0500, and the age group swim start is at 0650 and is expected to be complete by 0720. Race results will be available on the official results page, and race photos will be posted on FinisherPix. Ragen’s bib number is 1270.


All times in MST (UTC-7).

0500 – Transition area open, bib number body marking

0650 – Age group rolling swim start

0720 – Approximate end of rolling start

0940 – Approximate final swim cut-off

1500 – 1st bike cut-off

1615 – 2nd bike cut-off

1730 – Final bike cut-off

1740 – Run start cut-off

2100 – 1st run cut-off

2230 – 2nd run cut-off

2400 – Final race cut-off

Updates to follow…

14 thoughts on “[Updated] IRONMAN Arizona Race Day Live

  1. Isn’t there a DwFacts blog contributor competing today? The AF veteran? How is he doing? I’m honestly way more emotionally invested in his story than her’s.

    • Wow thank you very much for your interest! This is the first time I’ve logged into the site in a long time. I did not race today. I actually withdrew back in early October (but I actually bought the insurance and was able to get 90% of my money back). I came down with a bought of IT band syndrome on a run back in April and tried my best to run through it to get to the race. I would have good weeks and bad weeks but there was always just a twinge that something was wrong. I’ve been in bi-weekly physical therapy since September and am having good results. But in reality I discovred the book “Ready to Run” by a Doctor of Physical Therapy named Kelly Starett (https://www.amazon.com/Ready-Run-Unlocking-Potential-Naturally/dp/1628600098) and it’s been absolutely amazing. If you ever have issues with running related injuries, I cannot stress say enough good things about him (he also has a pretty extensive youtube presence so check him out before buying if you like). After a month or so following his home therapy methods I feel like I’m ready to try again so I did sign up for the Race Ready IMAZ package which gets you into both the full and 70.3.

      Even a year later, I can’t believe how cool the commenters and readers have been!

      • Well, I am cheering for you 100%, and please update if you decide to do a blog for your training or anything! I’m glad to hear you’re on the path to recovering and feeling better!

  2. Twas the night before Tempe, and tucked in her bed,
    Ragen sat staring, her eyes filled with dread.
    She knew the next morning her nightmare was here
    for she had gained weight since this time last year.

    The moon on the breast of her budget hotel,
    the AC in the room kept it hotter than hell.
    No colder it went than a warm 68.
    Oppressing it was, it’s purpose was hate.

    After months of excuses and lies and deceit,
    the big day was upon her, and so was defeat.
    Donuts and ice cream and cookies and cake,
    she knew that her diet was her biggest mistake

    And since less than a mile she’d waddled each week,
    her chances at Tempe looked exceptionally bleak.
    With two miles per hour her best running pace,
    there was no way in hell she’d finish this race.

    It was at Ragen’s moment of deepest despair
    that Juliane farted and blew over a chair.
    The CPAP machine had been knocked on its side.
    It had to be fixed or they both would have died.

    She stood up to right it, in tears and in pain.
    If only she’d fit in the seats on the plane.
    An excuse this would be when she updates her blog,
    fatshaming was why she’d be unable to jog.

    It was then that a glimmering light did appear.
    Her cell phone was buzzing, a message was here!
    With excitement and hustle she tapped on it twice,
    Someone on tumblr was not being nice.

    “i hope you die” were the words she did see,
    A death threat this was, she let out a ree!
    The race was now over, finished, complete,
    this troll had just ruined her chance to compete.

    Away to her blog she moved oh so quick,
    her readers need telling about this dumb prick.
    With sadness I tell you that no I won’t race,
    a shitlord appeared and destroyed my safe space!

    With that she retired for comfort and slumber,
    12 more months she now had to hasten her lumber.
    This thought on her head as she flicked off the light,
    A bad day it had been, but a wonderful night!

    • Thank you, anon. That is great!

      I saw Ragen dropping out coming but I’m still annoyed. Mostly by Ragen’s drones who keep defending her no matter what. Although I wonder how many of those are shills. She could have at least tried, as a test for next year.

      Oh well, on to ‘fake training selfies’ day number umpteen.

  3. Oh boy, another year of bullsh** leading up to a final total failure to ever complete even one portion of an IM. Aim high, Ragen.

  4. So, how long do we think until she refers to herself as a ‘triathlete’ or ‘ironwoman’ in a new article, is anyone willing to put a line on it

  5. And here we have the new-style IronFat “recaps”, in which Ragen relates “stalkerish” behavior by a guy at the pool who seemed to want to pace her on laps? & of course a heartwarming anecdote of another reader using her blogs as a shining example to divorced parents who can’t agree on how to help their “fat” son… Blerrrrgh!!!

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