I thought long and hard about publishing this blog. I kind of feel bad because this isn’t very nice. At the same time, Ragen Chastain embellishes her accomplishments. She preys on the weak and profits from them. She loves to crowd fund. She raises money and gives back just enough to shut people up without wondering where the rest of the money went. $20k in two years. Not too shabby for writing a few blog posts.

This is addressed in the first posts. With links to everything so you can judge for yourself.  But you can clearly see that something is up.

As we move further, we will delve deeper into her claims of ‘marathoner’, ‘trained researcher’,’Corporate CEO’, ‘Turnaround CEO’, ‘Film Star’, ‘International Dance Champion’ etc.  And get to the bottom of all of them – with links and facts – not judgement.

Comments will not be moderated. But please, no hate and no snark.  This isn’t the place for that.   We just want to get to the bottom of her bs.  If you have info or links that support the post, please comment. If you have info or links that dispute these posts, please comment. All will be investigated. This blog is about evidence and facts. Not feels.

30 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t know who you are, I don’t care who you are. I was at York University… er York College to hear her speak last week. I’m still spitting nails I was so upset by the whole load of crap she tried to unload on us. I love you and I love this site. Thanks for your work.

  2. This is all very interesting. I read her blog for a while but little things niggled at me, especially all the claims about her past accomplishments. She never gave any details about what she actually did. I know a few people like her in my offline life – activists with big ideas who like attention but don’t like to do the grunt work. They get all fired up about a project, hit an obstacle or get into a fight with someone else then drop it and on to the next thing.

    i guess fat activism was a good choice for her, all you have to do it be fat (which she already is) and be ready to tell everyone how hard it’s made your life. But apparently she can’t even do that properly as no one is hiring her to speak anymore. Good luck to her with the IronMan, if she gets that far. I wonder how the film project will pan out….?

  3. I’m fascinated by your blog and I really appreciate what you are doing by shining a little light on the self-aggrandizing Ms.Chastain.
    There are too many people who struggle with their weight every day and actually work really hard at staying fit and healthy for this person to be able to get away with the lies, bad medical advice and especially the fundraising she gets away with.
    Thank you.

  4. I’ve never heard of Ragen Chastain until today, or maybe I was vaguely peripherally aware of her from Reddit – well at least Reddit brought me here.

    I’ve read a few of the posts here. I have to say that it’s well done. It’s not really that malicious or hateful. It’s more: “Ragen said [this], now here’s what we’ve been able to find that contradicts and disproves her statements.”

    What I do hate is what kind of person Ragen is, I’m sure that’s a common sentiment. I hate her for what she says, does, and represents – I doubt anyone actually hates her because she’s fat, despite what she thinks.

    The sad truth is that she, and people like her, are fat and unhappy with the way they look – but they don’t actually want to do any of the hard work to make positive changes for themselves. Being a victim and doing nothing is the much easier course. There’s a lot of proof that people don’t actually hate fat people, we hate fat people with attitudes and undeserved sense entitlement. Take a look at /r/fitness, it’s full of people looking for fitness advice so they can hopefully lead healthier and happier lives. It’s also full of ACTUAL inspiring people who went from fat to fit with pictures that show their progress. THOSE are the people fat people should be looking up to, instead they’re wasting their time and money being lied to by this manipulative sociopath. In my opinion this is probably her biggest “offense”.

    There is no conspiracy and there is no crazy irrational hatred of fat people. Again, it’s just all about attitude. I had a few female friends in college who would probably be considered plus sized – I never heard them complain about their bodies or complain about food. I’ve never heard them complain about being stigmatized and not accepted because they were fat. I’ve never heard them claim that people were irrationally hostile towards them because they were fat. I’ve never heard them accuse any of the rest of us of “thin privilege”. They knew how to dress for their body type and they seemed to be content with their life – well as happy as you could be being a broke student. They were (and still are) friendly and positive – nobody had ever any problems with them.

    I guess my point is, if you’re truly happy with the way you look, more power to you. If you’re not happy, do something about it, just be aware it’ll take hard work.

    We (society in general) accept you for being fat, we do NOT however accept your attitude and your lies.

    Anyway, that’s my stupid ranty post. Thanks for keeping up with this blog.

  5. Sorry, Adam, but not necessarily. It is a common misconception that someone who has lost weight is a role model. I admit I only read one or two of the reddit stories, but the ones I stumbled on were short term loss.

    Unless someone has kept it off for 3-5 years, they are not a role model. Perhaps Reddit has some actual role models, but they are going to be a tiny percentage of the people on there. Most of the people who have kept it off for a year or two or less are probably just one more statistic, thin now, and about to be fat again soon.

    Not only are they not role models, they are probably a negative role model as their all-or-nothing obsession is sustainable for months or a year or two only. Most of these ‘success stories’ are in fact road map for losing it and gaining it all back again. I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve been a ‘success stories’ at least three times.

    Actual role models are people like this, at the NWCR, http://www.nwcr.ws/stories.htm. It’s not about giving it your all for a year. It’s about making changes for the rest of your life. And it’s hard, really hard. The stories that ‘glitter’ all over the internet are not the solution. They are the problem.

  6. I’m confused- who are you and why do you care so much? Maybe it’s just me but anyone who spends this amount of time and effort writing about someone else needs their head examined.

  7. I’m honestly intrigued by why you would spend this much time and energy doing this? What about your life and what you’re doing? Will you look back in 5 years and be… I spend my time – bashing on someone else? At the end of the day everyone has a choice on how they live their life, why does how she live her life impact on you so much? Also, the fact you keep yourself anonymous – why hide? What are you embarrassed about or ashamed about? Do people know this is how you spend your time? I honestly think, you need to do some deep reflection about who you are as a person.

  8. I got a rude awakening today. I’ve been a huge regan fan for the past four years. Honesty saw her as a hero. Tonight she posted something i had a difference of opinion on and well, that didn’t sit well. My original comment and the replies following were not ugly, not even the back and forth i had with her other followers that disagreed with me. I was corrected on a spelling error and i did get sassy but no way ugly(i didn’t even swear!) Regan proceeded to delete all of my replies and commented on my reply in such away that I would appear to be belligerent and a troll. I was shocked, felt like i was punched in the gut. When i called her on it she blocked me.

    • Your experience is unfortunately far from unique. Ragen operates in a “safe space” bubble on the internet where she is in complete control over every piece of content and can simply delete any criticism or twist it around to make herself look better. She takes advantage of this to pretend she has thousands of “trolls” sending her a constant stream of abuse that she selflessly deals with so nobody else has to see it. Meanwhile on platforms like Twitter where she can’t control the content, nobody cares about her.

      • A few of her followers still find me on Facebook and will let me know about myself. They have completly spun the story that i just got butt hurt that she didn’t agree with me and deleted me. No what I’m still pretty “butt hurt” over is that she manipulated my personal words to create a new narrative in which i am an ignorant bigot. It’s seriously disturbing. And troubling how just in my experience, was just so willing to follow her and support her without any investigation simply because she was saying exactly what i wanted to hear. I have seriously learned a lot about myself since this has all happened. I can’t stomach the idea of her ripping people off. She’s a conartist!

    • I agree that her followers can be really militant and aggressive. I got annihilated by one of them for making a slight typo too. It was ridiculous. Reagan could have jumped in and helped, but she didn’t . She seems to appeal to a really trigger-happy group that is angry. But when you have been marginalized your entire life for simply being a different size than people thing you should be, it is easy to be a little angry. We really need to all look at the way we treat each other. I just don’t understand the point of this website.

  9. It is literally ridiculous that you created, investigated and posted all this JUST to cast your passive- aggressive form of judgement on a human. No one gets mad at musicians who release their garbage and get people to buy it. If fundraising and crowdsourcing are her source of funds, why is that wrong? The woman didn’t claim to be God, all knowing, or even an accredited source for fitness information. Fat people should be fucking allowed to feel however the fuck they please. A person being fat isn’t hurting anyone but (possibly) themselves. Why don’t you spend some time demantling the ACTUAL HURTFUL shit out there that effects ALL of us? Like that asshat Donald Trump that people are following like obsessed justin beiber fans. You’re wasting your time trying to discredit someone who never claimed credit. She, like artists, musicians and motivational speakers, is just selling a thought. An idea. A dream. Because some people don’t have one. Assholes.

  10. I wasn’t going to comment until I read yours. If you’re going to compare her to anything it should be a con artist; they also sell ideas. And why care about this blog so much?

    Anyone worth their salt know if you want something to go away, you ignore it

  11. Dear the creator of this blog. I know you don’t realize this, but you one very creepy person. I bet you spy on your neighbors with binoculars. How about you get a life?

    • I applaud anyone who works to reveal fraud and people who lie. There are a lot of them these days either leeching off others as parasites or on the public dole…endlessly. No one seems to care to monitor any of these things, no one in government monitors any of the public assistance programs, they’re rife with fraud, corruption and abuse. Where’s the public outrage when that type of thing happens? There seems to be very little of it.

      For those critical of the individual who created / maintains this website shame on you. Everyone should be interested in the truth, especially when it involves panhandling via crowdfunding websites etc.

      I can think of a lot of other things that constitute a much bigger waste of time, let me list a few: reality TV (of any kind), dancing with the stars (oh please), national / international news (that never covers anything of consequence) and in general ALL the TV shows today save for a very few.

      So, if you’re criticizing the website owner / operator of what they’re commenting about BUT then going and parking your fat arse on a couch somewhere and watching ‘waste of time’ TV and stuffing your face then you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

      • If you read the places where this self-proclaimed “authority” has conducted speaking engagements, and what the feedback is, it’s somewhere between depressing and scary. People these days are so willing and able to externalize blame for all of their problems. These days, every obese person has that “mysterious body stores all calories” problem. Strange… they all work out EVERY DAY (laugh) and stick to a calorie plan (laugh) but *somehow* just keep putting on the pounds. Every time I see an obese person in a minivan with blown-out shocks and sagging springs at the drive through their total comes to $40. I used to assume they were feeding 4 other people at home, but really? They’re going to scarf back MULTIPLE COMBOS… food where a single combo ruins your diet for the entire day. Two or three large double-bacon cheese burgers have a weeks worth of trans fat and salt in it. I just don’t believe these people. They’re lying about how much they eat and lying about how active they are. They’d rather lie and be fat and unhealthy and cling on to that “genetics” rationalization. Now, we get this piece of work, calling herself a “BIG” success story ATHLETE. Yeah, I jumped 12″ off the ground yesterday so now I’m an astronaut. Baby steps I guess.

        These people are killing emotional pain with food, and killing themselves in the process.

        Am I against fat shaming? Well, when did shaming ever help anyone?

        But I am TOTALLY against fat acceptance. I can accept that 0.01% of obese people have health issues that they simply can’t overcome and 99.99% of obese people lie to themselves that they are in the 0.01%.

        I don’t have to “accept” that 4000 calories a day worth of crap food with no activity is a healthy lifestyle. It’s not.

        Fat acceptance needs to die.
        The Healthy At Every Size myth is a lie and also needs to die.

  12. I used to read this blog all the time back when it would get linked to reddit. Every now and then I think ” hey, I wonder what is going on with that lady who lies to her fans and promotes unhealthy lifestyles? ”

    Then I come here and catch up. Thanks.

  13. I can dead-lift 50 pounds. I’m an *ultra-light-weight Olympic ultra-weightlifter*. In one day, I train 6 hours and eat 400 calories, and I still gain weight – about a pound a day. That’s how ferociously my body stores everything I eat, or even smell. If you’re not feeling very sorry for me at this point, you’re a really bad mean person. You’re probably one of these privileged “healthy weight” people who’s body burns calories when you do stuff. You’re just mean. Even with that 6 hours of vigorous training (selfie-taking) my body is just a big gelatinous fat storage machine. It’s amazing I even have the energy to train for 6 hours considering my body stores as fat 6 times the number of calories I put into it. No wonder just breathing causes me to work up a sweat! With my body storing everything, I have no energy! Good thing math doesn’t apply to things like calories and weight, because NONE of this would make any sense!

    It feels good to be connected with reality and knowing that this is just the way it is for me. Self acceptance is KEY. Maybe one day you can be as BIG of a success as ME! I feel so good about myself, teaching others the TRUTH about how some people’s body’s just store all calories as fat. These people need to be like me… train daily really hard, eat next to nothing, and just keep doing sports slower and slower until you’re not even moving anymore.

  14. Is there any proof of the speaking engagements at the prestigious institutions and companies that she allegedly has been hired by? If she’s had so many speaking engagements as she’s claimed, surely SOMEBODY would be so impressed (or irate) that they would upload it to YouTube. Also, if you’re a public speaker, wouldn’t you want to upload some of your own speaking engagements? I’m truly stumped by this. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given the other evidence of her inconsistencies…

  15. I’m not a big lover of Reagan Chastain, but I don’t like that you are anonymously annihilating her. At least she reveals her true identity. That’s more than you do. I have a feeling you just don’t like that a fat woman dares to even exist in this world. I have a feeling you just don’t like a woman speaking her mind. I have my doubts about Reagan too, but if I’m going to slam someone, I”m not going to hide behind a computer screen and not revel who I am. Something about this doesn’t add up

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