Road to Tempe 2016: IronFlop 2.0 Begins

In a surprise move echoing last year’s performance, Ragen flew from Los Angeles to Phoenix, AZ early this morning. She took the opportunity to post a rant on Facebook about clearly oversized chairs with arms at the airport and has not officially confirmed she plans to race on Sunday. Thanks to a keen-eyed blog reader who was coincidentally checking in at the same time, Dances with Facts has received definitive photo confirmation Ragen is checked in as of 9:55AM MST and also registered for 2017. We note again that Ragen has not confirmed she will actually be racing, and may simply have flown to Tempe to take advantage of pre-race registration for 2017 and a non-refundable flight. This post will be updated throughout the day if further information becomes available, and the detailed event information will be posted tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 12.12.07 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 12.18.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 12.47.28 PM.png

20 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: IronFlop 2.0 Begins

  1. Steps in water and becomes IM Competitor and can officially add to resume. The End.

    Also, those chairs are huge. They’re practically benches. How gargantuan must one’s ass be to not fit in one of those? Jesus tits.

  2. I love how she used the “myspace angle” to make the chairs look smaller than they are. Those are perfectly wide chairs for all but the most extreme outliers of both size and gluttony.

  3. Chairs already look ridiculous when I sit in them because they are so huge… Guess next step is for me to sit in a kings throne or couch. Pretty soon all seating will just have to be benches so they can accommodate everyone. But I’m sure there will be something wrong with that too. Ughhhh

  4. Yes, Ragen; they remodeled all the airport terminals with smaller chairs as a jab to fat people. Oh, excuse me; those with “larger bodies.”

  5. You know that once Ragen reads this blog post she’ll be convinced that you’re stalking her. There’s no way that Ragen will believe that it was a coincidence that a DancesWithFacts reader checked in at the same time as her and took a picture. Sounds like as good a reason as any to drop out for fear of stalkers.

  6. It was me. It was a strange coincidence indeed! I did a double take. Site admin has my real name and can verify my name on the start list for Sunday as well as my 6 prior ironman finishes. So, not a stalker. I signed up at the race last year. As for Ragen, yeah, she’ll still call me a stalker. I will look forget bike at bike check in tomorrow. We are in the same age group.

  7. Oh hey, frequent traveler here; have visited LAX many, many times over the past 4 years. Those chairs held me and my friend’s 2 teenagers (sat together and posed for a pic before I left.) Low hanging fruit, Ragen; you can do better. Wasn’t there some bystander at the airport who saw you walking on those decimated knees and cheered you on only to be schooled by you with a valuable life lesson or some shit?

  8. “…literally no options for people with larger bodies.”

    Except for the whole “losing weight by eating portions designed for humans and not hippos.” Nope, literally no other options.

    Damn delusional, narcissistic, attention-whoring sow…

    • So….the floor is too small for them to sit, too? I mean, cause I regularly sit on the floor at airports just cause the chairs are so uncomfortable.

      • Past a certain point of obesity a person’s knees and hips make it impossible for them to get up off the floor without struggling. Would not look good if she could barely stand back up the day before she’s supposed to participate in an Ironman.

    • I assume Julianne did the same as last year and drove to Tempe with Ragen’s bike and other gear. Since Julianne is scooter-bound, on oxygen, and is much larger than even Ragen herself, getting her, plus all the baggage, through an airport and onto a plane would be a nightmare. It’s only a 5-6 hour drive to Tempe, and if she has a friend along to help with pumping gas, etc., it should be a safe, easy trip.

  9. Any time plans for this weekend? Registration close by……..
    First and last swim waves loading time…… T1 cut off times…….etc??

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