IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona Schedule and Information

After 1-1/2 years of drama, the day has finally come. Today (Sunday, October 18) Ragen Chastain competes in IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona! Here is everything you need to know for race day. This post will be updated throughout the race tomorrow morning.


Forecasts are showing a high of around 90°F/32.2°C with mostly clear weather and the chance of brief thunderstorms during the day. We expect water temperatures in the mid to high 70s for the swim segment. Since Ragen will presumably not be going for any age group awards, she can wear her men’s 3XL wetsuit up to a maximum water temperature of 83.8°F/28.8°C.

Tempe Town Lake Water Temperature

Accuweather forecast for Tempe, AZ

Race Information

The race consists of three segments: a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run. Each competitor has 1:10 chip time to complete the swim segment. The bike cut-off is 5:30 after the final swim wave leaves, and the final cut-off is 8:30 chip time for each athlete. Transitions are included in the cut-offs for the next segment. Any athlete who fails to meet a segment cut-off will receive a DNF. There are also intermediate cut-offs in the bike and run portions, and the race staff reserve the right to remove any athlete from the course they deem incapable of completing a segment based on their location, time, and average speed.

Ragen’s bib number is 1045, and live athlete tracking with 13 bike splits and 8 run splits is available on the IRONMAN site. Please note that IRONMAN live tracking is known to be buggy, often not updating or giving weird results. Ragen is in wave 9 of the swim start (F 35-39), which leaves at 7:10 am. There is a timing mat at the swim entrance so we’ll know if she actually starts the race. Six waves of swimmers follow her wave and will have to pass her. Race results will be available on the official results page, and race photos will be posted on FinisherPix.


All times are in MST. Ragen’s cut-offs are approximate since it will be based on chip time, but it should be within a few minutes.

6:30 am – Race starts

7:45 am – Ragen’s swim wave leaves

8:55 am – Ragen’s swim cut-off

8:50 am – Final swim cut-off for all waves

11:20 am – Intermediate bike cut-off

1:15 pm – Bike cut-off

2:40 pm – Intermediate run cut-off

4:15 pm – Ragen’s race cut-off

4:15 pm – Race ends


0610 MST

I’ve just been informed that due to high water temperatures, all athletes who elect to wear their wetsuits will start together at 0745.

0640 MST

Ragen has her timing chip and athlete number painted.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.37.54 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.38.09 AM

0712 MST

Athletes from the first swim wave are coming in. The first finisher took 30:14!

0726 MST

Someone is at the helm of Ragen’s Facebook account deleting replies asking about the 11:45 start.

0745 MST

Ragen’s swim wave should be entering the water right now!

0758 MST

Ragen was apparently spotted starting the swim at 0745.

0820 MST

Ragen’s original swim wave cut-off, and the half-way point for her revised 0855 cut-off. The tracker has been a bit buggy, so we can probably expect a delay at 0855.

0835 MST

Tracker for the original swim wave still hasn’t updated, so expect a 15-20 minute delay after the revised 0855 cut-off.

0855 MST

Ragen’s swim cut-off. Now we await the tracker update.

0858 MST

The tracking data has finally updated for Ragen’s original swim wave, only 38 minutes late. 68/105 made it through.

0900 MST

Someone at the event confirms she made it out of the water.

0924 MST

Ragen is apparently standing around crying with a camera crew now.



0935 MST

Ragen is rolling out with Julianne. DNF. 14451860149591003 MST

Another photo of Ragen and Julianne being interviewed pre-race.


1029 MST

Update from Ragen!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 1.28.40 PM

1225 MST

We’re investigating the rumours of a boat rescue, but I’m fairly certain they’re based a troll comment about Ragen only finishing “1/3 of the race”. Ragen’s friend has posted photos of her finishing the swim. It’s certainly possible she was towed to shore, but I suspect she did actually get to the finish under her own power.





96 thoughts on “IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona Schedule and Information

  1. Found this video of the Tempe swim start from 2013. It looks like they just bob in the water until the gun goes off. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse. You lose the forward momentum of running into the water and are starting from a dead start, but some of the other videos I saw, it is down right scary seeing all those people storm the water. Regardless, I don’t see this playing out well. Especially if a bird freaked her out.

    It looks like this is how they get out of the water, so not so much being “fished” out. I was imagining more of them being hauled up a wall of some sort.

    • Even without the initial splashing into the water, that start looks intense. Ragen is going to be an errant buoy for everyone else to maneuver around.

    • Hey! 1-time Ironman, 7-time half ironman and Team GB Triathlete here. You’re right, stationary starts are difficult – especially for people who have done most of their swimming in a pool and are used to kicking off a wall. As for the mass start – it can be scary but most beginners will choose to seed themselves at the back where it’s a lot calmer. You always have to watch out for the fast people in the wave behind though…

    • This just reminded me when I was 8 months pregnant (with a bit too much pregnancy weight), I went (leisure) swimming for an hour or so. When I pulled myself out of the water, standing on the concrete I felt TWICE as heavy as when I went in. It took me a while to get my balance. I can’t imagine what it must be like to float at 300+ lbs for an hour or so and then have to return to gravity with all that weight – after exertion too!

  2. A question for swimmers. Given that Ragen’s wetsuit isn’t a swimming suit, would she be better with or without it? I’ve never worn a wetsuit, so don’t know.

    • The buoyancy and possibly the warmth will be helpful, the restriction in arm movement will be a nightmare. Overall she is probably better off *with* it, but only in the same way you’re better off doing the Tour de France on a unicycle than on foot.

  3. I’ve done my time conversions from mst to bst and will be following all afternoon. Can’t believe it’s actually happening. Hope she stays safe but also that she doesn’t cause any accidents for others. Good luck to the anonymous blogger and anyone else taking part. Have fun!

  4. That video of them starting is really cool. I really do wish her and all the competitors well. I especially hope she doesn’t serve as an obstacle or hazard to everyone else.

  5. Her comment about the ‘unexpected’ issues facing her wound me up a bit:

    “This kind of unexpected stuff is an expected part of the sport”

    Bullshit. Getting an injury or a puncture or being unable to train because you’re ill is an expected part of the sport, sure. But when I did my Ironman I spent weeks beforehand reading the online guide obsessively to understand exactly how transitions worked, watching YouTube videos about how to set up my bike, etc. Ironman make a lot of detailed information available and unless they literally changed their plans on the day, there’s no excuse for going into a race this important and not even understanding how the basic administration will work.

  6. I am so excited for her! I expect her to be hauled out of the water after 400m or so but wow. Should be an amazing day. Staying up as late as I can here in Perth to cheer her on!

    • I’m excited. There’s a small part of me that wonders if we’re all wrong and she can actually complete this… I think it’s that part of me that cannot understand how anyone could go into something like this unless they knew, based on previous performance, that they were at least theoretically capable of achieving the necessary times in each discipline.

      • @TrueChick
        Maybe! I’d almost be impressed if she’d been trolling us this whole time.
        I have this money-making idea of finding a decent runner who has never done a race before, getting them to do a few really slow marathons to establish themselves as useless, then subtly cheat in one and get a decent time and brag about it noisily, get called out on SlowTwitch or somewhere, wait until the inevitable ‘$100,000 challenge to run a 3:30 marathon’ or whatever, then nail it and pocket the money.
        I can’t be the only one who’s thought of this… 🙂

  7. Is there a reason you are using MST when we are in daylight savings time?

    Arizona doesn’t change it’s clocks, so I think technically it is in PDT at the moment.

    • Pedantic pedant is pedantic: Arizona is in the Mountain time zone, as I’m sure you know. Its choice not to use Daylight Saving Time (other than Navajoland) doesn’t change that. AZ stays on Mountain Standard Time year round…

      As a practical matter, AZ is effectively on Pacific time during the DST months, but strictly speaking, it remains on MST.

  8. It’s like the IronFat Season Finale :*(

    Ragen’s adventures aren’t going to get interesting again until this summer.

  9. “0900 MST

    Someone at the event confirms she made it out of the water.”

    She managed to not get DQ’d in the swim?

    “0924 MST

    Ragen is apparently standing around crying with a camera crew now.”

    …..Or maybe she totally did get DQ’d in the swim, and the camera crew is on hand to record the resulting meltdown?

    • I swear this is better than xmas…

      The “elite athleticism” bragging and HAES love i can handle, but stealing from people who actually support you means i have no shame in enjoying this massive failure.

    • It’s hard to confirm, based on this, what her time was, or by how much she went over the time. The person who confirmed she was out at 9 also trolled reddit about her being on her way to the bikes.

  10. Pictures have surfaced of her already changed into normal clothing. I want to know if she was fished out of the water. Her results are still not updated yet.

  11. Copy of my comment from the reddit thread –

    Someone says it looked like she was getting on her bike?

    I would be so impressed with her powers of manipulation if she does the following:

    If she “completes the race” on her own – NO tracking, NO verification… she can say that she finished and say any time she wants to say and there is no way of knowing if she’s being honest.

    BUT IT WOULD BE SO INSPIRATIONAL!!! Fighting to complete against all odds! Finishing even without getting a medal or t-shirt or whatever she was going to get! Fighting against the fatphobics of the world who said she wouldn’t complete the course!

    There will be some excuse as to why she didn’t get the swim done in time and then she’ll have this inspirational underdog story of a woman DETERMINED NOT TO GIVE UP!

    *eye roll* oooohhh boy.

      • True. I just like how the blog owner comes from a place of truth instead of making fun of her. I very much want Regan’s supporters to see the light and by keeping this blog nothing but the facts it becomes that much harder for people to ignore.

      • I think it is! Why be like Ragen? The nicer her detractors are as they point out her insanity, the worse she looks & the more reasonable & believable her “haters” seem.

  12. I feel miserable for this person, and who knows how many more people like her. However, on the bright side, she flat out says she can’t believe anything she says anymore.

    I hope they all wake up and decide to be healthy, even if that doesn’t mean losing weight as their main goal.

    • I think the commenter was a troll tbh… but there’s a good chance her followers could feel this way, especially believing ragen had put in the work for this.

      • Uh, do you even follow that guy? He’s as delusional as Ragen, maybe more so. Here are his “race” results:

        He says he weighs 305lbs yet looks exactly the same today as he did years ago when he said he was heavier. There is no way he weighs less than 400lbs, none. From people that I know that know him from CX he’s not exactly someone you want to hang with, much less be inspired by. His weekly, and often weekly, meltdowns are really bizarre.

    • Well fat&fit is a delusion and she just proved it to all her supporters.
      Loosing weight may seem hard but in no way is it impossible to do – no condition can beat the laws of thermodynamics if you eat less than your body burns you will loose weight.
      And HAES is just ridiculous…

  13. People talk to camera crews when they don’t finish? That just seems bizarre to me. Unless she was setting up some future story about how she was assaulted and they tried to kill her and yada yada

    • The camera crew may have flagged her of their own free will. Can you blame them?

      She’s probably at least 200 pounds heavier than the next heaviest woman competing; if I were running a camera crew, you bet your ass I’d want to talk to her, if only out of morbid curiosity.

  14. Health at Every Size was initially all about making healthy decisions where you’re at right now. That includes life altering ones and ones that may eventually lead to weight loss. Health at Every Size really shouldn’t have ever become “You’re a size so you’re healthy”. That’s actually an entirely different thing. And yeah. Pretty sure that person crying about her DNF is just a troll

    • I fucking HATE how she makes HAES look like a complete joke. It’s a great thing…it just has really shitty representatives!

  15. Of course it was a total disaster you moron. You didn’t train for it or even attempt to lose weight so you could succeed! Geez she makes me ragey!

  16. Its so funny to follow her Facebook and see every ever so slightly critical comment dissapearing – btw some say she got pulled out of the water by a lifeboat (she says she was 2 min over time) – any confirmation on this?

  17. Looking at the photo of Ragen crying there is a clock in background showing 9:01am meaning at the very latest she was out of the water in an hour and 16 minutes, she says she was 2 minutes over the cutoff which implies she did her swim in something like an hour and 12 minutes. Interestingly Ragen’s time is still showing as 00:00 on the IRONMAN results page but another competitor has a swim time of an hour and 17 minutes. If Ragen had completed the swim then surely her time would be showing and even if she had completed it in an hour and 16 then she would have been able to continue as the other competitor has clearly been allowed to. I think it’s more likely that she actually didn’t complete the swim phase at all and therefore didn’t go over the timing matt resulting in no time being logged.

  18. There *is* a pic of her climbing the ladder but I still think, due to the lack of any time on her tracker, that she had to be carried back to shore.

    • rescue boats do not have to put people back on a dock/land they can just drop them off near shore if they’re composed enough to make it back.

  19. These are all really bullshit rumors. There’s no proof a lifeboat was involved. She has no finish time – which may mean she did not finish, or it may mean she was past the cutoff on the final wave (no permission to continue), so she never went as far as the timing mats. Or the mats had been turned off right at the final cutoff.

    Without more evidence, this is all we can say right now. The rest is just really stupid speculation.

  20. Ragen’s friend Kelrick posted Facebook pics of Ragen in the water approaching the ladder and also of a pile of cut-off ankle trackers. According to Ragen, the trackers are removed for all over-time competitors in the last wave before they could step on the mat. This would cause her finish time to permanently read 00:00. The overtime numbers we’re seeing for other DNF competitors are possibly from earlier waves.

    This makes her 1:12:00 claim plausible, especially since her breath was recovered enough to talk to the camera crew by the official clock time of 9:01:48. I’ll personally suspect she’s lying and she was more than two minutes over, but she clearly was within seven minutes over.

      • As another anon points out upthread, we don’t know yet whether a rescue boat was involved that just dropped her off in the water near the ladder once 1:10:00 had passed. I also haven’t looked for independent corroboration that final wave DNF ankle trackers were removed by officials before the competitor could step on the mat.

        However, as thoroughly as I doubt every word Ragen writes, without proof of a rescue boat I’m going to assume she actually swam the entire way in a time between 1:10:01 and 1:16:48. Even at the higher estimate, she did better than I expected. Of course, the bar I set for Ragen was so low that even Julianne’s mobility scooter could have jumped over it.

    • Crap, I can no longer find where the claim was made that ankle trackers were removed before last wave DNFs could cross the mat, resulting in the 00:00 time. Good thing I’m not a trained researcher.

      • The claim that DNFs from the last wave don’t get times other than 00:00 came from an /r/fatlogic user in the IM thread, not from Ragen’s facebook:

        “I’ve volunteered in swim starts for 70.3’s. They let you finish the swim but a race official meets you just as you get out of the water and takes your timing chip. You don’t cross any timing mats and you won’t have any official data from Ironman. So if you DNF the swim it generally looks like you didn’t start because there is no athlete data.”

  21. She’s claiming to have been “stalked” via FB
    “I see my trolls have gone from cyberstalking me to actually stalking me in real life. Charming.”

    Does she have nothing better to do now that worry about who’s posting what?

  22. I don’t really believe she made 72 minutes, but if it were so I’d be really sad. A failure on cycling would have forced much more of a reality check, since that’s the area where physics are going to get in the way almost as much as her own lack of fitness.

    • To elaborate on my own comment: nearly finishing the swim means she won’t learn anything, won’t change anything and will not finish the swim next time.

    • She didn’t say she did 72 minutes. We all know how she likes to use slippery language. She said she ‘finished’ 2 minutes after the cut off. That could just mean she stopped swimming 2 minutes after the cut off. The other option is that she is flat out lying (as she does if she thinks no one is looking), but I also find it hard to believe she genuinely finished in 72 minutes

  23. One thing that does cast some doubt on her 72 minutes claim – that’s 1 mph. Her 12:20 marathon comes out at 2.1mph. If she can move almost half as fast in water as she can on land, then she’s the only human being that can do that.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. If she’s serious about completing a full IM in a year, then she’ll want to enter several shorter triathlons in the meantime. She didn’t get as far as doing a transition, so she’s still had no meaningful experience of a triathlon, aside from the massed start. Perhaps this will be a wakeup call and she’ll see just how far away she is from her stated goal, and get serious.
    If we instead see sparse and questionably-authentic training reports, and a long speaking tour about her triumph in getting into a lake and moving around a bit in a completely elite fashion, then it becomes impossible to believe that she ever intended to do an Ironman and not merely talk about doing one.

    • I wish there was a way to upvote you, and I hope R herself will read your comment. Unless she does something different, this is all just talk.

      Heavier athletes than her had a far better showing. She can’t claim “elite” any more.

  24. I’ve been wondering for a while if Ragen is just a con artist or if she’s actually delusional. I’ve been leaning more and more towards con artist, but this Iron Man debacle has changed my mind somewhat. The fact she actually tried to do the swim, then burst into tears when she didn’t succeed suggests to me that she honestly believed she was capable of this.

    We know she was lying about her training with the fake selfies. We know she was scheduling travel when she should have been training. And we can make an educated guess that her lack of real info about her progress meant that she wasn’t really making any.

    But even with all of that, she still tried to do it and was still shocked and disappointed enough about not succeeding that she cried. That seems so very, very delusional.

    Which gets me thinking that maybe she really does see herself as an national dance champion (in a more meaningful way that her titles would suggest), she really does believe she’s a professional clarinetist, she honestly sees herself as an elite athlete and she genuinely believes she’s been an immensely successful business woman.

    I really just saw her whole shtick as a money making con, but with her actually seeming to believe she could do this, I’m really leaning towards some kind of serious mental illness.

    If that’s the case, I sincerely hope she gets the help and treatment she needs before she seriously hurts herself.

  25. It’s incredible, she is already selling her failure as a heroine story having saved the life of another woman (which indirectly is supposed to explain her not making it in time). Her being seriously in delusion AND a con woman is no contradiction and I feel way more sorry for the victims of her false tales than for herself.

  26. She’s actually indicated that no, she didn’t save the woman’s life and no, she probably still wouldn’t have made the cut off. She’s pretty clear and “didn’t train hard enough”. But that post did read with some pretty heavily laced excuses as well.

    • Don’t worry, there are several updates in the works, but replying to that wall of stalker oppression she posted on Saturday is our top priority and taking longer than expected. Nobody on this blog has done anything remotely illegal, despite the contentions of her followers that we are “terrorists” and equivalent to church bombers and anti-black lynch mobs. They are a lovely bunch, aren’t they?

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