Road to Tempe 2015: Surprise Last Minute IronFat Update!

Ragen just snuck in one last IronFat update before the big day tomorrow. She humbly admits she “may not” finish the race, and excuses and red herrings abound. Apparently she doesn’t just have to worry about harassment, doxxing, assassins, and rapists, because there were three separate “letter-writing campaigns” against her. Of course the race officials saw through her haters’ ludicrous claims and recognized what an elite athlete she is, so no worries about that. Onwards to race day!


14 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: Surprise Last Minute IronFat Update!

  1. Getting to the start line is a big deal for anyone. I’m actually proud of her for hopefully toeing the line tomorrow morning. Of course, I’m also pissed because she has no chance in hell, and will be able to say she’s an Ironman Competitor. As a 3-time half-Ironman finisher myself (and a back-of-the-pack one at that) I know how much freaking work I put in every day swimming, biking and running. It’s a mockery she’s making of people who are actually passionate about this. Still, I’m glad she’s there, and this didn’t end with a DNS or a no-show by her or the bike…..

  2. Since I’m sure she reads this blog, as she reads FL on reddit:

    Ok Ragen, here it is. This is your chance. Except in the most bitter and vindictive of us, some part of us is rooting for you to do this. We’re mostly Americans; we love a good underdog story. Now get out there and prove that that’s who you are.

    Or if our better instincts and faculties are totally right and you are a malignant narcissist interested only in yourself and duping money out of everyone around you, then use this failure as a chance to own up to something for once in your goddamn life, and end this bullshit charade. You’re not an athlete. You’re not an activist. You’re not a businesswoman. You’re not a researcher. You’re a morbidly obese college drop out; start at the bottom and rebuild from there.

  3. Her trophy for showing up is the ability to tell others she showed up. It doesn’t matter if she passes out at the starting line. She went to Ironman 70.3 Arizona and tried. She will be praised for her “efforts” by anyone who subscribes to fat acceptance and that is IMO all she cares about.

    All of this because it’s easier to lie to oneself than it is to put in the effort to eat right and lose weight.

    Laziness disguised as hard work.

    • That’s exactly it. People say “At least she showed up.” And tomorrow they will say “At least she tried.” She could have done no training at all and it wouldn’t matter because this race had no qualifier. All she had to do was sign up, buy some gear, and get on a plane. And now all she has to do is get her body in the water.

      “At least she tried.” I think “trying” at a high-level event when you are totally unprepared is worse than not trying for it all. Especially in cases like this where unprepared title-whores like Ragen can be hinderance or even a danger to others. Ragen should have started smaller; there’s nothing admirable about what she’s doing here.

  4. Why is an elite athlete who was doing 56 mile bike rides and 13 mile runs just a couple of weeks ago now saying she “may not finish” the race? Ragen, you’re an elite athlete and your training has gone perfectly – how could it possibly go wrong?!

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