My race report (yeah, I fibbed…but honestly didn’t mean to)

IMAZ 70.3 (I will always like Half-Ironman personally) is done. To get it out of the way I did not finish. I was about 15 minutes late for the lap 2 start of the run (they cut it off at 2:40AZ time, but I guess they were letting people through to about 2:45…I got there at about 3:10. I had a “good” race but far from a great race. I learned a ton and am more than ready to tackle training for the 70.3 at the Deuces Wild Triathlon Weekend coming in June. There’s also a local splash open water splash and dash in November which, weekend being free of family obligations, I will try to get in. As well as any other shorter races that are easy to get to between here and June. I think I’ve mentioned several times that I have already signed up to volunteer at the full Tempe IM in November and with that I have a full IM (which is a life long dream) to look forward to in November 2016. The comments on my last blog were so awesome that I am thinking of ways to do a more personal blog for the upcoming year.

So the race…


I opted to wear my wetsuit today which meant a much later starting time than I had anticipated. Not a huge deal but it did mean that my bike and swim would be pushed into the hotter portion of the afternoon. Swim started good but I was not feeling like I was getting enough air on my freestyle and panicked a bit. I though very seriously about swimming to the canal wall and getting out and calling it a day but I managed to get a hold of my breathing, switched to breast stroke and got myself together. I ended up doing a pretty even mix of breast and free through the swim which is not ideal but again my goal was to finish the race…according to my garmin swim time was 51:45. It’s not bad (I was shooting for 40) but has a lot of room for improvment and you can see how that 11:45 would have helped me later.


The bike course was much hillier than I expected in the last 6 miles of the loop which kind of threw me off a bit.  Overall, my bike was pretty dismal as I realized that my plan of about 85-95% indoor trainer rides was just not cutting it for this long course. My shifting was way off in and out of hills and at the 36 mile point my shoes were giving me horrendous blisters which had never happened even on the longer training rides on my indoor trainer. I was cramping in my quads, the blisters were growing by the second and I thought very hard about calling it a day on the second lap. But again, I stopped and composed myself and actually rode with my feet on top of my shoes for a while which seemed to relieve some of the blister pain. My quads cooled off and I more or less struggled through the last lap. I think my average pace went from something like 17.5mph to about 12 on the last lap. I finished the bike in a dismally slow 4:19. As you can see this is setting me up to need a heroic performance on the run.


But heroics were not the name of the game today…because of the blisters I could barley move forward. I tried splitting my run into even 5min run/walk  segments for the first 4ish miles but even with this I was averaging about about a thirteen minute mile when my normal running fun run pace is about 9:15. By the third or fourth aid station I just didn’t have anything left and my blistered feet were on absolute fire so I ran one minute, walked four, repeated for a while and eventually just walked. At the last turn around I asked a race volunteer how much time I had left and he said they were closing lap 2 at 2:40 and it was now 2:26 with about two miles to go. I made a decision that come hell or high water, pain or not I would make these last two miles the fastest I could and try to make the cut…I made it about…45 seconds and decided that maybe today just wasn’t to be but I pressed on with a small glimmer of hope that maybe they would extend the cut off time. No such luck and at the chute they guided me to a race course ref who, while being very polite and encouraging, pulled my ankle timer and highly suggested I go pack my stuff up in the transition area. According to Garmin, I did the 6.72  miles of the first lap in 1 hour 56 minutes which means I was going REALLY slow in that last few miles. I actually passed my family and my wife said I was very out of it so I really thought I was going at a 15 min/mile walking pace but apparently not.

So why was this “good?”

First of all, this was my first long course race and I was REALLY nervous going in. Finishing was a good goal but starting at all makes me happy.

Secondly, I got absolutely zero sleep on Saturday night. I am a terrible sleeper to begin with but when I’m stressed it gets REALLY bad. After tossing and turning all night long and realizing it was 4:30 and time to get up, nearly every fiber of my being wanted to say screw it and cuddle up with my wife for a day of room service and Cable TV. I forced myself to get up, get in the water and swim. I am very disappointed with the outcome today, but I am very happy with my choices.

Third, I knew I had not trained enough and my bad brain has been trying to talk me into an excuse for not racing for weeks. I didn’t listen when in a lot of situations, I might have.

How to improve?

Maybe hire a coach. My plan was really me reading internet sites and magnifying what I have done in the past for short course races. I don’t think this works as there is a whole level of discipline and knowledge required for long course that I was just not aware of.

Don’t neglect the bike. My bad bike lead to a bad run which lead to a DNF. Get the right shoes.

More open water practice. I was surprised out how much the feeling of sucking bad air led me to panic. I have been shot at, had rockets lobbed at my deployed base more times than I can count, been in car crashes, and attacked by a rutting moose in Alaska. In all those situations I’ve never been one to panic so I need to get over this feeling because it was a time and brain power killer.

Get ambien. If I can’t sleep, turn to Dr Feelgood.

Lose goddamn weight. I went into this race at 6’0 and 245. That is way to fat and it absolutely held me back on the bike. I know for certain I was generating more power than some of the smaller women who were zooming by me on the bike, but a significant portion of that power output was dedicated to getting and keeping me moving.  I love food, maybe to the point of it being a problem (it is so fortunate that I also love running because I don’t even want to think about how much I would weigh if I didn’t burn 500-1000 calories running very regularly). Whatever it takes, I need to find a way to get this under control.

Now what everyone really wants to hear.

Yes I saw Ragen. I am going to be very honest, that had I not known who she was, she never would have stuck out to me. There are some heavier triathletes of both sexes and Ragen did not stand out from any of these people. But guess what none of these other people did that Ragen did to make her stand out? Have a fucking camera crew cause a goddamn menace in the swim corral. There was a camera crew following her and Julianne (who incidentally, seemed like a very sweet person and was constantly smiling at the strangers around her) around most of the morning and they were bumping into people and asking athletes to move so they could get better shots of Ragen looking pensive and deep in thought before the day of her big race. I thought maybe they were there for the larger race but they stayed right with Ragen the entire time I saw her. True to my word, I avoided her and separated myself as best I could but even with that, the sound guy bumped into me twice. I have not caught up on the drama but have heard from some people that Ragen missed her swim time, I can only wonder if it was because the camera crew forced her to be at the back of the start…and that if she focused on the race instead of making a statement or spectacle that she would have completed the swim.

I have also heard that Ragen is accusing her “stalkers of showing up in person.” Ragen..since we know your drones report back to you, if you DARE call me a stalker, know that I moved away from you and your circus as best I could. Call me a stalker? Lets compare race results and training RESULTS. Lets compare the number of people we knew and/or met at that race…you know, being social. To add further, my phone was in the transition area after it closed at 6:30 and have no pics of you, nor would I have taken any. Ragan’s film crew however, pointed the camera directly at me and other people several times. If any shot of me ends up in her ego stroking bullshit, she can count on the fact that I will hire a lawyer and start with a cease and desist and then take it as far as it needs to. I signed an agreement with WTC to be in any of thier promo shots, but I never, ever, ever gave her or her film crew permission to feature me in anything she or they produce. And to the drones reporting back to her, this was a live, first hand account of Ragen’s behavior, is it really so hard to see that this whole fiasco has nothing to do with promoting the rights of fat people and has everything to do with Ragen’s ego. There were fat people all over that course today, myself included…yet the camera was on the one who didn’t finish the swim.

Monday edit: The comments on this thread have been awesome (for the most part, a couple of you seem to think that I am Ragen…I guess thats what this site gets for being the number one google hit). But really and truly thank you very much for all the tips and advice…especially with the sleep stuff. It’s something I’ve just gotten used to but at this point I need to start trying something, not just for racing and training, but being sleep deprived sucks in general.

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  1. Keep up the strong training. With a power meter, trainer pro, and a lot of motivation, you can lose those pounds and keep that power, which will turn you into a monster on the bike.

  2. That is amazing, and congrats! Seriously, I’m right there with you. Small arms fire, convoys, IEDs, incoming mortars….pffft. But swimming anything more than leisurely? No effing way. So like you said, more practice! I really do admire you, though. I could probably hack the bike and run with enough training but the swim is something I feel like I’d never be able to do. And its not that I can’t swim or am afraid, I just don’t think I’d ever be able to go a distance.

    As far as blisters, think back to the military days. What did you do for long road marches? Whatever that was, would that be an option? Even if it may take a little longer in transition? The duct tape and baby powder method always worked for me.

    I hope you find a great training plan, and possibly someone to train with. Word to the wise though. If you do not regularly take Ambien, I would not suggest taking it the night before something like this. You will most likely be a zombie in the morning (if you’re able to get up at all when the alarm goes off). Maybe melatonin or an OTC sleep aid? Ambien and I are kind of lovers and there are days when even I get up, and within a few hours, I’m back in bed.

    • LOL…long road marches…I was in the Air Force. One time in my cadet version of basic training our bus broke down and we had the idea to march the 8ish miles from the range to main base. The leadership had about 30 air conditioned vans checked out in no time to make sure we didn’t “get hurt.”

      The ambien I’d have to try again…I was aircrew in the military and didn’t take even though they wanted us to use it. Maybe with more time and less pressure I can try it again…the melatonin is a great idea as well that I need to try.

      • I use melatonin off and on (used to use it regularly when I started a new job and had to get my sleep schedule back under control) and I will happily vouch for it. I use a single 5mg tablet about an hour before I want to be asleep and I’m usually asleep well before then.

        I know you didn’t get the result you wanted, but out of the two people I know of that did this race today, you are the one who is truly an inspiration. Best of luck in your next races!! -JP

      • Oh, well then, the duct tape method. So once you know where your hot spots are, you cover those with duct tape (wrap all the way around your foot if you have to) then powder the edges of the tape with the baby powder so it doesn’t stick to your socks. I like this better than the moleskin that some people swear by. Also, I always found that wearing a pair of nylon socks (like your dress socks) under your real socks stops with some of the friction. I even knew guys that would wear knee high pantyhose under their boot socks.

        Between these 2 things, I’ve gotten through 12 mile marches in full gear with a 75 pound ruck with only one blister. And usually, I get tons. I don’t know how feasible this would be in a transition area, though.

      • Definitely try the melatonin. I also get pretty decent results with a single benadryl (the real stuff that you have to go to the counter and present ID to buy). It’s just enough to make me sleepy w/out making me a groggy, non-functional mess the next day.

        Thanks for the update and I’d absolutely follow a more personal training blog if you were to start one!

      • Please, please exercise extreme caution with Ambien. It can cause blackouts where you THINK you’re asleep but you’re actually walking around, talking to people, and you appear fully awake. I can’t stress this enough: that pill is DANGEROUS. I cannot believe there hasn’t been a major class action lawsuit leading to it being completely banned.

        Peter Buck of R.E.M. was on Ambien on a flight when he became violent and ended up in court over it; he has no memory of the event. Other people gain massive amounts of weight (100lbs+) because they go to “sleep”, get up, make food, eat it, clean up, and go back to bed without realizing what they’ve done. Others have had marriages break down because they drove to casinos in the dead of night and gambled away their savings. People have sex with total strangers and don’t remember afterwards, because it’s like living in a waking dream. My elderly aunt woke up and started ironing clothes at 4am.

        On the less life-threatening end of things, a friend of mine took Ambien for a year and had no adverse effects that she knows of, but as soon as she stopped taking it, she had horrific nightmares. The nightmares referenced things that had happened a year previously, almost in perfect chronological order. She was having “retroactive nightmares” because her subconscious hadn’t processed things at the time they happened; she wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

        As for me, I very nearly lost my life, but I’d prefer not to go into details about it. It was horrifically traumatic.

        Anyone who reads this: please avoid Ambien. Take melatonin, take a small hot whiskey, take any other medication that you have *experience* with, but unless you can be kept in a locked room under supervision, avoid Ambien at all costs.

        themalefatactivist, good luck with your next race. It sounds like you gave it a ton of heart, and you learned a lot of things to put to good use. Take care of yourself, recover, and then put all your energy back into the next effort!

  3. Great report! Good to hear you gave it a good go. At the very least, you’ve experienced something amazing and know what you need to target to for the next race!

    I can cycle and I can run… but I could never do the swimming segment. Open water scares me. I like my feet on solid ground – I get anxious when I can’t stop and put my feet down on the ground.

    I understand how you’d be creeped out by the possibility of Ragen going nutso on you for supposedly “stalking”. She’s unreasonable by nature, so best to stay as far out of her crosshairs as possible.

    I’m certainly interested in following a training blog that’s done properly. Not really interested in something like Ragen’s one that is only full of selfies and stories and no hard data.

  4. Yo!!! You’ve inspired me to try one of these. Lose the weight and ffs next time there is NO QUIT in you. NONE. My success in bike races has always been constantly asking myself IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT? Transfer that to everything.

    That said. Did Ragen get pulled from the water? Or did she actually swim one hour sixteen min, which I find incredibly hard to believe…..

    • I honestly don’t know…I am postive she started but I was out of the water about 21 minutes before she was (thats a humblebrag…talking about my 4:15 bike wasn’t–to the person who made the comment below–) so I never saw her again on Sunday. In fact, the only glimpse I had that something had gone wrong is that I never saw her on the bike and with the way the course was, I saw the same people over and over.

      Seriously…do it…I’m sore as hell today but all I want to do is race again.

    • Not necessarily. A number of people elsewhere commented that the ‘swim’ time is counted when you get out of transition onto the bike (although they also give you a breakdown of your transition time, so that doesn’t entirely make sense), so if they stop you at the point of exiting the water because you didn’t meet the cut-off, then you might not get a swim time.

      To be honest, I’ve seen nothing to suggest that events didn’t transpire as Ragen claims: she completed the swim but took too long and was pulled off the race upon exiting the water.

      • Except now it has surfaced that Ragen received a DNS, not a DNF. I don’t know what she did exactly, but she didn’t compete in an IRONMAN

      • To the poster “John”. Surfaced where? Is she writing about it (not that I’d expect her to). We’ve gotten a few different stories over here but to my knowledge no one backs them up. Some sort of proof would be nice

      • I’m not seeing any sign that she DNSd. Her official results are blank, but I honestly don’t know enough to know what that implies either way. On the other hand, there are photos of her getting into the water, swimming, and getting out of the water. So, as I said, until I see any other evidence I’m happy enough assuming that she is telling the truth about her performance.

      • She is listed in the race results on the ironman website as ‘DNS’. How one squares that with the photos of her in the water I’m not sure.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for updating us. This was your first race? You did great & have a good foundation for what needs to improve in your training. Next time will be better.

  6. For someone concerned about getting doxed, you’ve humble bragged out a lot of personal identifying information. And everyone will know who you are if you decide to file a lawsuit.

      • Hate hysterical reactions to benign things. No real harm is done to OP by a camera panning over them, or someone accidentally bumping into them. Everyone will certainly know ITs identity if they file a frivolous lawsuit instead of just shutting the fuck up.

  7. Also a horrible sleeper (especially in hotels) and former Air Force I’ve found that the best dose of Melatonin for me is in the 5mg fast dissolve tabs. I’d seen only 3mg tablets before, and they weren’t quite enough and took longer to work. I also got a blue filter app for my Kindle if I was reading at night, and once I take the Melatonin, try to turn off everything and relax. I can’t imagine doing that swim at all. Just looking at the photos makes me freak out. And I’ve biked and run, but trying to do all that after no sleep and a long swim? I have to admit I wouldn’t even train for a triathlon — one thing at a time! You did a great job doing ANY of this.

      • I really like the Natrol liquid version. They also make pills and gummies and are available in a lot of pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. where I live. I find that the liquid metabolizes faster, which is good if your problem is falling asleep in the first place. The dosage is pretty low.

      • The generic brand has always worked fine for me. Its in a green bottle with a yellow label and from what I can tell, you can get them at any walmart or walgreens.

      • Avoid the kind with b-6 in it. B-6 is important for establishing your sleep cycle but for some it’s a huge upper. Makes me super super awake. If you want b-6 take it in the morning. Take straight melatonin with nothing else in it.

  8. You’re awesome and grats on doing so well. Concerning sleep: I just took Ambien for six years straight and have been able to transition to doxylamine succinate (Unisom or Kirkland sleep aid – two pills). So far – fingers crossed – it has worked almost as well, and I don’t black out and order random things on Amazon. Melatonin helps some people, sadly it never did too much for me, but I’m happily shocked to find something OTC that works (my insomnia is hardcore).

    • Thank you very much for the compliment! I’ve tried the unisom type aids before and amazingly, I seem to be able to power right through them and keep myself awake, which then makes the next day just miserable. I think I might have a similar reaction as you did to the melatonin.

  9. Congrats on the solid attempt. Blisters are my personal demon as well, so you have my sympathies.

    Having seen Julianne smiling at everyone, can you confirm if she is/is not on oxygen? She’s obviously using a scooter and she’s not facing the camera in any pictures, so I cannot be sure, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of tank or portable oxygenator with her.


    • No, no oxygen that I saw. She had a very generous smile and seemed to be a nice person. She appeared much older in her face than her age (35ish?) would indicate.

  10. I am so proud of you! I know you’ve had a lot of physical issues interfering with your training, yet you trained as best you could, and did what you could on race day. Amazing! I’d love to follow a personal blog, should you choose to do one.

  11. Way to go fatass. How will you excuse yourself out of this one? You DIDN’T EVEN FINISH THE FUCKING SWIM. Lose weight or kill yourself.

    • I’m not Ragen would be the official explanation! But having said that, I was in the starting coral about 20-30 people ahead of Ragen as we went in the water. I am pretty confident she started. I don’t have an explanation for the DNS.

  12. Congratulations! At least you did what you could for the training you put in. Now you know what to expect and train better for your next IM. People like you are more inspirational than anyone like Ragen. You actually put forth some effort and trained for this. You didn’t half-ass it and fake your training.

  13. So this is why Ragen moderates her comments. She also does it to eliminate questions, reason, and constructive criticism, but she really does get this fun stuff, too. Huh.

  14. I’m not a trained researcher, obviously but I can’t find anywhere they specify people are “DNS”. I’m guessing the people who are claiming that are basically reading the ” 000″ times on the official results page and assuming that’s the same as a DNS. It’s not. That simply means no times were recorded which if the cut off works like someone mentioned earlier, she wouldn’t have anything to record. That’s not a DNS. Unless maybe you guys can find it. I think you’re just getting some of the more dim-witted of Reagan’s trolls.

  15. You gave it a genuine shot, much respect! Even though you DNF don’t consider it a failure as such. At least now you know where you need to improve and what to expect at your next event.

    Also, I’d like to commend you on ignoring the defeatist voice inside you that kept trying to dissuade you from trying. That voice is precisely why so many people fail in life, or at least, don’t succeed as much as they’d like. Shutting that negative voice down and replacing it with “I AM DOING THIS” is one of the keys to success in life, whether fitness related or otherwise.

    Well done!

  16. Yup, so, she didn’t make it in time because someone kicked her in the face, pulled her under, grabbed her arm, she threw up, she stopped to save a woman having a panic attack in the water….all those reasons. Had THOSE things not happened to her, she totally would have made it. Then she stayed to encourage everyone around her. Jesus. So, DNF is not her fault at all, and she’s still a hero because of ya know, just existing. I think I need to go puke

    • I see a very honest and open account of failure, with lots of acknowledgment that she was underprepared. Never thought I’d say it, but respect to Ragen for that.

      • Agreed, somewhat. She accepted responsibility for not being prepared and didn’t blame anyone else. At first, I could not believe she was so honest about the welcoming environment but then I realized that this was a public event and she could easily be called out for making up stuff. She really didn’t have much of a choice.

      • Ragen admitting to being underprepared for a difficult endurance event is no more significant than Ragen admitting that the sky is blue or that water is wet…it is an obvious fact that was clear to everyone that she is not capable of any activity more difficult than, let’s say, walking a 20-minute mile. Now, when Ragen acknowledges that “health” and “obesity” are mutually exclusive and she comes clean about the absolute bullshit claims and completely fabricated personal history she’s been spewing for years, I’ll be impressed. Probably will happen around the same time Halley’s Comet reappears.

      • Honest? Not even slightly. She was admitting the obvious, but only reluctantly. And all those stories about those poor other women crying and quitting and being saved from drowning by Ragen who was just sooo brave for going through with this? Utter fucking lies.
        Come on, people train years for this and they all knew better than Ragen what they were getting into. It disgusts me the way she paints other participants to make herself look better.

  17. Didn’t she say this was only halfway point and she’ll be ready for full IM next year? How will she get entered into a full without qualifying.? Has anyone investigated that? Will she have her own IronHam(c) event or something?

    • You don’t need to qualify for any IM events other than the championships. You pay your money and you show up. For IMAZ the situation is different because it’s so popular it sells out before open registration. Ragen needs to either volunteer this year and take advantage of priority registration for volunteers, or commit to raise $5000 for a charity entry. No word on whether she has registered to volunteer, and we’ll probably be hearing excuses or money begging next year.

      • What is her obsession with AZ? Doesn’t she live in CA? Aren’t there IMs there (or elsewhere in the country/world) she could easily sign up for without all the difficulty of the IMAZ? Or do all IMs sell out super quick? And why is AZ so popular? Sorry, I have no idea about this stuff.

      • I believe it’s a combination of having family in the area and IMAZ generally being regarded as one of the slightly easier IM courses (that is relatively speaking, of course). She may also be banking on not being able to actually register for 2016.

  18. After reading Ragan’s account of the horrifying swim portion, I am amazed you are still alive and not under some serious medication for PTSD. I forgot I was reading about an ironman competition and thought it was a first hand account of a swarm of Nazi U boats sinking a merchant fleet in the dark, frigid waters of the North Atlantic. Swimmers fleeing in terror towards the shore, towards the rescue Kayaks, clinging to buoys in terror and trying to pull Ragan down to the icy depths of a warm water Arizona lake…. Luckily, she along kept her head, and remained brave and steadfast in the face of such calamity. Why didn’t you include any of that in your narrative? I guess shitlords are impervious to the suffering and total fear of others happening all around them.

    I like how she vomited repeatedly, went into dehydration mode (and starvation probably), had he hamstring lock up with cramps that would not go away, swallowed several gallons of water, fought off drowning competitors, clung to buoys, but was still not ready to concede that a lack of fitness had anything to do with her abject failure, because “I wasn’t even tired!”

    Keep up the good work man, and seriously I hope you re-think the ambien. Been there done that, and I know you can get pretty desperate when not sleeping, but Ambien causes more problems than it helps, and you are not even sleeping in the sense that you need to recover, but your brain is shut off (mostly) so you think you are.

    • Yeah and how she seemed to think that despite the ‘horrific’ swim, the cramps, the ‘possible concussion’, the vomiting, and the dehydration, that she was still expecting to bike 50+ miles and run a half marathon within the time limit. ROFLMAO. This is why she should have done the smaller tri’s ahead of time. And yet her supporters are still supporting her with “well at least you know what to expect at the full iron man next year! Way to get a race under your belt!” Yeah, like she didn’t have the opportunity to do any other triathlons BEFORE the half. Gah. The collective stupidity makes me sad for the internet.

  19. This may be in the realm of obvious, but have you been tested for sleep apnea? A lot of people have it, yet go undiagnosed because the questions asked are things like “Do you snore?” Well, if you live/sleep alone or your partner is a heavy sleeper, you may not know this (unless you record yourself).

    Some other things you could try are those breathe right strips, and/or a humidifier in your room, possibly with some essential oils mixed in to help you relax.

    • Yes, I actually have…on my exit from the Air Force. I actually have what’s called “sleep hypopnea” but it’s listed on my VA paperwork as “not clinically signifigant.” I actually should probably have it looked into further now that I’m in the VA post discharge VA scramble. My issues seem to be more mental where my mind bounces around like a pinball game. Either way, it’s probably time to see a professional but explore lots of home remedy options.

      • Oh, I have that too. Like, the moment I lay down everything that I’ve ever said to anybody comes back and starts replaying in my head. Feel free to email me if you want any tips.

  20. So apparently you’re a “stalker” according to Ragen.,05oDlGz,rIWda4Y

    “Other friends of mine who were there saw some of the people taking pictures and told me later that they got their faces on film. Apparently the stalkers saw this because they immediately started threatening lawsuits if their faces appeared anywhere. (They’re not just the presidents of the “Dish it out but can’t take it” club, they’re also clients.)”

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I saw it this morning and forwarded it to my co-author. Ragen makes some serious allegations and her followers are calling for blood. We’re preparing a reply, but she pulled out all the stops for the oppression olympics this time, so there is a huge mountain of shit to wade through.

    • ah, so this is how she spins it to begin her next year of grifting for an Ironman she won’t finish. it amazes me how people lap that shit up. wonder if her camera crew got these creepy terrorist exchanges? gee I hope so.

  21. Ah. Pretty much as expected. Having failed in public and having no other outlet, she was forced to admit failure. Now comes the inevitable narcissistic tantrum where she makes it clear why this wasn’t her fault and accuses others of sabatoge while ensuring she gets to be the absolute center of positive attention again.

    Mentioned a while ago she wouldn’t be above implying and/or outright claiming an “attack” of some kind with that Martyr for fat acceptance crap.

    I’ve dealt with people with personality disorders a few times. Have fun with that. They never give up and never surrender to rationality. Ever.

    Just know people do see what she’s doing and what she is and have respect for you guys.

  22. Oh my is she delusional. I wish I had the ignorance to live in such a fantasy world where people are stalking me and taking pictures outside of my hotel window.

    So the crazy thing to me (well, one of the many) is this…You post pictures A B and C to your FB. 10 minutes later they are making their way all over the internet, along with screenshots of your FB and all the comments. Ummm….if this bothers you so much why isn’t your FB private? Or friends only? There are tons of legit “pubic figures” on FB who make their pages private. Hell, I’m a little no one from a tiny town, and my FB was private when I had it. I didn’t want ppl seeing my kids or where I lived, so on. If she didn’t like the attention, she’d change her privacy settings.

    My fave part of her rant though, is how someone knew who she was and recognized her in a wet suit and swim cap….seriously? Pretty sure anyone could have recognized her, especially after all the damn selfies she posted of herself….get this…IN THE EFFING WET SUIT AND SWIM CAP!!!!!!!!!

    Again, someday I hope to reach a level of delusion that comes even close to hers. I wonder if she rode her unicorn home as it farted out rainbows.

  23. I’m the anonymous who’s been posting the comments about it being an honest account, taking responsibility for her own failure, and so on.

    I take it back. She’s mad. It’s all the fault of the haters. Obviously.

    • Don’t feel bad anon, I want to believe in the basic goodness of people too. But there are some really rotten people out there. People like Ragen.

  24. It is unfortunate she can’t view this solely as a learning experience. Instead she turns it into yet another avenue to make up tales to enhance her mantra of victimhood. For someone who encourages obese persons to get out there and live in spite of the abuses heaped on them, she sure enjoys playing the victim. I was hoping she’d discover a new-found respect for those who do successfully complete these IM events. Nope!

    There were other participants who DNS’d, DNF’d. Don’t know how many of these didn’t train as one should for this event or had complications that prevented them from finishing (case of food poisoning, equipment issue, etc.). Don’t know how many of those kept an on-line blog of their training exploits. There may have been more than one entrant who seriously underestimated the training necessary to compete. Yet, how many of them claim stalkers and other nefarious acts against them? I’m betting zero.

    I am astonished that anyone whose training sessions didn’t cover multiple events (biking + running for example) or many hours at a time could ever fathom competing. It is not the domain of the skinny people who accomplish this feat; it is the domain of the well-trained. She thumbed her nose at this and had the audacity to place blame on others (e.g. the panicked woman, stalkers) for her lack of proper training and ultimate failure to complete the event. Shame on her!

  25. You can’t sue someone for filming in a PUBLIC area, FYI. You just sound fucking stupid when you say you’re going to take that to court. Uh, good luck? I could shove a camera in your face in a public area all I wanted to, police wouldn’t do anything. Just found out about this girl, and wasn’t going to comment until I read the stupidity that was “but the camera crew filmed me! D,:”

    God, Americans sue over the dumbest of shit.

    • Angry, angry…but I said nothing about “suing.” As I’m reading the Arizona law you can demand to have your image masked in any production that doesn’t compensate you. I’m happy to be corrected if you know better.

  26. Credo proprio che sia vecchio perché oramai la politica stessa, quella in cui lui poera è vecchia quanto le idee, anzi, le ideologie dalle quali proviene. Il M5S, che doveva essere la ventata fresca dopo un’estate torrida non ha portato alcun ristoro, è sempre la solita noiosa, anacronistica, tradizionale solfa di me8#8#z217;estate&z&230;

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