Ragen’s Latest IM Update…

Now she is floating the idea that the reason she didn’t finish the swim is because maybe the Reddit trolls were stalking her.  Kicked her in the face.  Pulled her under water.  So let’s break it down…

Apparently, Ragen has never attempted an open water swim before the day of the IM.  If she had, she would have known that this is par for the course.  In fact, her very own swim coach, Ingrid, has open water swim classes about once a month.  And they practice dealing with those things.  Because that is what happens at the start of an open swim.  But she never did an open water swim before the half IM so she really wouldn’t have known.  Whatever.

She also throws out the idea that maybe the Reddit trolls messed with her timing chip.  We all saw the pics of her clipping on her timing chip to her cankle.  She posted them to facebook.  She also described how she took off the chip and threw it into the ‘pile’ of those that failed before her.  Wasn’t much of a pile.  We know because she posted that picture to Facebook too.  My point is that it was on her ankle from before the swim until after.  But apparently the trolls knew exactly how to hack into the IM tracking system.  And mess with the timing on Ragens chip.  But just hers.  Nobody else is complaining about the IM system being hacked and their timing chips being messed up.  Just Ragen.  Okay.

She goes on to complain about people taking pictures of her.  Again, blames it on Recdit.  If she had half of a clue, she would have known that the pictures were not from Reddit.  And, in fact, when they hit Reddit, they were immediately taken down.  Oh boy…

What she fails to mention is that she had a fucking camera crew following her around all morning.  She can’t have it both ways.  She can’t cry about people taking pictures of her when she had a damn camera on her all morning.  You can argue that she okayed the camera crew.  But then you need to ask…  did the people around her agree to be filmed?  Nope.  Did they sign waivers agreeing to be on film?  Nope.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, ask Ragen for proof.  Ask for copies of the waivers with some info redacted.  Something.  Anything.  It will never happen but hey – I would love for someone to finally prove us wrong.

She didn’t respect their privacy so what gives her the right to demand her privacy?  She is the one blogging about her elite athleticism and publicizing her journey to the IM and even asking people to help fund her journey.  But at the same time she is demanding that people respect her privacy?  While filming people without their permission?  She is a walking contradiction.

Road to Tempe 2015: Selfie-Gate

In response to last week’s post, Fake Selfie Sunday, people are continuing to question Ragen via her Facebook page about our “trained research”. People like Edward, who simply asked what’s up with all the selfie drama.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.45.50 AM

Ragen has created a convenient straw man argument by changing the issue and responding to something completely different. Nobody cares that she removed the GPS coordinates from her images. In fact, this blog has encouraged her to be more vigilant about not sharing sensitive personal information online on several occasions (yet she continues to do so with wanton abandon). The issue isn’t that Ragen removed the GPS coordinates, it’s that many of her “training selfies” were taken within minutes of one another. The proof is in the image metadata, which she didn’t manage to strip properly. And that is how we know she lied again.

It would take Ragen a minimal amount of effort to disprove our assertions about her fake selfies. Instead she deflects the conversation and talks about “haters”, “graphic threats of violence”, and “death threats”. I shouldn’t have to say this, but if someone is threatening to kill you you, go to the police, not your Facebook wall.

Ragen has made multiple allegations against us. We don’t care. Nor will we defend baseless accusations backed by no evidence whatsoever. We are simply calling Ragen out for her bullshit and lies. She calls that “hate”. We call it telling the truth.

I want to blog so bad about her last story…

But I can’t even process the disjointed dumbfuckery.  She blogged something about bringing her car to the shop. Eating a corrupt broccoli salad and a processed clam chowder. Was all up up in arms about the fact that the restaurant flat out said this:

We take freshly harvested broccoli and corrupt it with salty cashews, red onions, smoky bacon, and a sweet tangy dressing. It’s decadent, nutritious and delicious.

So the restaurant is basically saying – don’t kid yourself – this isn’t healthy.  But Ragen was pissed about that.

For the record – I did a reverse google image search and I searched that quote – Ragen’s blog is the only result.  That phrase has never been captured by google.  Nor has the image.  But let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Next, she goes on to be morally outraged about ‘processed foods.’  And drops this gem…

Processed food is one of those food moralizing buzzwords, but what does it actually mean?  I googled it as I ate my delicious cup of clam chowder with bacon.  Technically anything that changes food from its natural state – including cleaning, chopping, heating, cooling, etc could be considered processing.

Not only did she eat a morally corrupt broccoli salad, she is washing it down with a cup of clam chowder with bacon.  And claiming that if her clam chowder wasn’t processed, she would be eating raw milk, no butter, no cream, no bacon, no clams (unless they were fresh* and no salt or pepper.  And technically, the potatoes would be whole, the clams would be in the shell and everything would be room temperature.  Otherwise she would be eating processed foods.  It’s all or nothing, yo.

I really am speechless and I am just halfway through this shitshow.  Screw clam chowder.  Eat a damn clam.  On the shell.  Go dig for one.  Know what you are eating.  Know where your food comes from.  Practice sustainability.  Screw eating a broccoli salad.  Eat a fucking piece of broccoli.  It’s not about judgement.  It’s about knowing what you are putting into your body.  Knowing where your food comes from.  Food is energy.  No more, no less.

But I digress.  Let’s get back to Ragen.  Because Ragen wouldn’t blog if she didn’t have a villain.  In this case, it is in the form of a ‘gentleman who was with a small group at a nearby table.’  And than this conversation happened:




Sorry Ragen – unless you have this on video and have proof?  This didn’t happen.  You simply don’t seem to understand that nobody gives a shit.  Nobody cares.  And certainly not enough to argue with you about it.  All you are missing from this story is the hot waiter, the free dessert, people clapping and $100.

So just shut up.  Nobody is watching you.  Nobody cares what you eat.  Strangers don’t care if you live a healthy life or eat yourself into an early grave.  We are too wrapped up in our own lives to give you more than a pitiful, sorry glance.



Ragen is a hypocrite (again)

She blathers on and on and on about ‘The Underpants Rule.’  According to Ragen, The Underpants Rule states:

everyone is the boss of their own underpants so you get to choose for you and other people get to choose from them and it’s not your job to tell other people what to do. To illustrate, if you’re considering saying something that starts with

  • People should
  • Everyone ought to
  • What people need to do
  • We should all
  • Nobody should
  • You shouldn’t
  • blah blah things that have to do with underpants that aren’t yours blah blah

then there is a 99.9% chance that you are about to break The Underpants Rule.

But she posted this gem on facebook the other day

The solution, by the way, is not for me to become a different size – I’m not the problem, the choices are. The solution is for more clothes to be made in my size.

Can someone please enlighten me?  We are not supposed to say anything that hurts her feelings.  But she is perfectly within her rights to dictate to a business what they ‘need’ to do?  She has a right to demand that they carry clothes in her size, no matter the economic cost.  Or the cost to the business.  It is just something that they ‘need to do?’

No wonder this chick never graduated from college – she can’t even understand the basic principle of supply and demand.

I dun goofed…

So I blogged about Ragen’s Fat Activism Conference last week.  Ragen said it was so successful.  But, as I pointed out, she ‘forgot’ to do it again this year.

A few hours later, she posts a cryptic message to Facebook.  Saying that her haters ‘inspire her activism’ because every times she gets behind on a project, someone e-mails her to remind her to move forward with it.  So she can ‘do important work.’  Dumbass.

With that, today, she announced the 2015 Fat Activism Conference.  You heard it here second (Reddit broke the original story).  Best part – it’s a week before her 70.3 in Tempe.  How the fuck is she going to pull that off?

My guess is that she isn’t.  She is going to use the conference as a diversion to bow out of Tempe.  So guys, there is her excuse.  I handed it to her on a silver platter.

My bad.

80 Days until Tempe

No updates on the Ironfat blog in 22 days.

Ragen has been training for the past 15 months. In 15 months she could have lost over 130 pounds on a modest 1200 calories per day net intake and be in the best shape of her life. Instead she has committed to not losing weight and spent 15 months struggling to carry that 130 pounds of dead weight with her for every single pounding footstep and knee to the gut. 15 months is enough time to completely change your life, but Ragen has almost nothing to show for it.

80 days until Tempe, Ragen.  Just 80 short days.


Once again, Ragen Chastain, Trained Research, fails to actually research….

It boggles my mind that one person, as accomplished as she claims to be, can actually be so damn stupid.

In her latest Ironfat blog, she discusses the ‘Hey Fat Girl” story about running.  As per Ragen:

There are places where friction happens, one of which is an article in which a thin person wrote about his experience watching a fat person run around the Westview track.  This started making the rounds a year ago, but it simply will. not. die. and gets posted in at least one group I’m in every month or so.

Okay.  But the story has been around for THREE years.  Here is the link to the original story.  Yup – 2012.  But Ragen says it’s only been a year.  Whatever.  She then goes on to say:

In this piece the writer uses negative language to describe the person’s body and movement, makes assumptions about everything from the person’s behavior (“Each lap you run, you’re paying off the debt of another midnight snack, another dessert, another beer”), to the intentions of their exercise (“You’ve started a journey that lasts a lifetime, and you’ve started it at least 12 days before your New Year’s resolution kicks in”), to their inner monologue (“Let’s go, feet. Shut up, legs. F**k off, fat.”)


Again, please read the original post.   What the fuck is she even quoting?   The post had absolutely NOTHING to do with shaming anyone.  It was in inspirational story from one friend to another that took on a life of it’s own.  But Ragen uses the bastardized version to prove that everyone is just out to fat shame.  Here is the story behind that post.

After the six years in college Ragen spent studying ‘trained researching,’ it’s seems that they forgot to teach her how to google.   If that were me, I would demand a refund.

Side note:  Dan lost over 80 pounds since 2012.  Just two more years before he permanently breaks his metabolism, gains it all back and reaches his set true point.  Sorry Dan.

You can’t out run a bad diet…

Ragen never shuts up about how ‘diets don’t work.’  She cites a bunch of shady studies that, more times than not, actually disproves her point.  But nobody reads those studies.  So she is pretty safe in doing that.

With all of her talk about ‘diet’s don’t work,’ let’s take a look at Ragen’s diet.  Ragen has been adamant in not publishing any sort of food log.  And rudely responding to people that ask about her diet.

But then there is this (click on the image to get a bigger image…)

ragens diet


She ordered $48 worth of food for two people and is complaining about two $3 hot dogs.  From a place she touts as having ‘cheap food.’  Think about it.  $48 worth of food.  Two $3 hot dogs.  So what did she spend the other $42 on?   Two people.  At a place where the most expensive entree is the large “BBQ Rib Dinner” for $13.95.

While not definitive, I am pretty sure that we can agree that Ragen diet is pretty fucked up.

The bike ride that never happened…

5/17 – Ragen posts “First Blood on the Bike
TL:DR –  she fell off in the parking lot


5_17_first blood


5/27 –  Ragen posts “Waking Up From My Bikemare
TL:DR –  getting a bike is hard when you are fat.  And expensive.

5_27 - bikemare


6/1 – Ragen posts “Getting Back on the Horse
TL:DR –  She wiped out 7 out of ten times.  She didn’t actually ride the bike anywhere.  She was just practicing starting and stopping.


6_1 back on the horse



6/3 – She blogs about running – not relevant to this story so no screen shots.

6/8 – She posts “Taking to Flight.”
TL:DR – Just read it.

5_31 taking to flight

Her triumphant story about her very first bike ride.  Four miles.  She only fell once.  She cut her time with every lap.  She encountered headwinds.  And overcame them.  Her chain fell off and a car full of guys stopped to help her.  Once again, Ragen beat all of the odds and is excelling at athletics.  Because hey – she is an elite athlete and all.  But there is just one problem with this post (aside from the fact that nobody gave her $100)….

Look at the date.  It was written the day before she blogged about falling off the bike 7 out of 10 times just trying to start and stop.  This ‘triumphant bike ride’ story didn’t get posted to her blog until 6/8.  So why the discrepancy in dates?

Here’s the thing…  if you write a blog, save it as a draft and publish it later, WordPress uses the date that the post was written, not the date that it was published.  If you make any edits to the post, WordPress will change the date of the draft to reflect the last time it was edited.

This tells us that Ragen had her ‘triumphant’ bike ride story written and ready to go on 5/31.  And she just waited a week to post it.  But in the meantime, she posts a sob story about falling off of a bike 70% of the time.

Is there ANYTHING honest about her?