Throwback Wednesday: July 11, 2003

Ragen has been mysteriously ill for the last few weeks, and IronFat updates have ground to a halt. The regular pity party about trolls and haters continues on Dances with Fat. Until things pick up, we will be plumbing the depths of Ragen’s old LiveJournal again for more little tidbits from her past. We’ve also taken a page from Ragen’s book and decided to not feel constrained by labels like the correct day of the week for a post.

In today’s throwback from 2003, Ragen the 27 year old queer rights activist tells us about the one person she would kill if she could get away with it.

3) If you could kill one person and get away with it, who would it be and how would you do it?
I will be good I will be good I will be good. I would kill George W. Bush. I would hire a well hung gay man to sodomize him to death–Legally :).



9 thoughts on “Throwback Wednesday: July 11, 2003

  1. The desire to rape someone to death is not something a normal person would think/say – I don’t care who the intended “victim” is, that’s just fucked up.

    Also, how can you be a queer rights activist and use a “well hung gay man” as a tool?

    Gross. Just gross.

    • How can you be a social justice activist and advocate for sexual assault as punishment for disagreeing with you? And think it’s funny while you’re at it?

      Stay classy Ragen. What a peach you are.

  2. She sucked her wife’s love of life down to nothing, and then “had to leave her”. Yeah, sounds pretty much like narc: “I’ve broken you to bits, why aren’t you worshipping me anymore? You’re so boring now!” What I wouldn’t give for an interview with the ex about her experience with Ragen.

    • That’s what I noticed too. I felt a minor (and figurative) punch in the gut when I read that… I can totally see my potentially-narcissistic ex saying the exact same thing about our marriage.

    • 99%, it’s just not physically possible fo her, unless she takes the next two years to truly train and lose weight. I’m just curious to see what her excuse will be.

      • Ragen has known all along it’s not physically possible. She never planned to finish the race because she gets all the credit for just showing up. After her inevitable swim DNF in November she will play the oppression olympics and cry about stalkers and haters again, then we have another year until her 2017 “attempt”. After she DNFs that she will probably come up with another excuse to drop out of further attempts. Then she is a triathlete and IRONMAN competitor for life on her resume despite never having the slightest hope of finishing a race she entered. It’s all about the meaningless achievements.

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