Road to Tempe 2016: Fat Boy 5K DQ

Update: Ragen has officially been disqualified.


It would appear that Ragen’s course cutting at the recent Fat Boy 5K in Long Beach has now resulted in disqualification and the removal of her finish time from the official results. It is unclear what precipitated this decision since Ragen has yet to address the race and allegations of cheating in any way. It has now been almost two weeks since her last IronFat update. It seems unlikely Ragen reported herself to the race officials as would be customary for a runner accidentally cutting the course, especially since she is clearly wearing a falsely obtained finisher medal when she crosses the finish line the wrong way.

To clarify any ambiguity over what Ragen is actually wearing when she crosses the finish line, this sequence of photos shows her pre-race without a medal, then crossing the finish line and post-race wearing a medal. Medals were handed out by volunteers as participants crossed the finish line, so Ragen actually obtained one before “finishing” backwards and wore it across the line for her photo op.

Ragen pre-race, not wearing medal.
Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.12.36 PM
Ragen crosses the finish line backwards wearing a finisher medal.
Ragen post-race wearing a finisher medal.

Ragen’s official race results now show “missing data” for her finish time, and her number 179 has been removed from the overall results.


Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.04.54 PM.png

It remains to be seen whether Ragen will address this issue, and whether it will have any impact on her IRONMAN training or IRONMAN Arizona entry in November. She had a similar scandal last year when she was caught clearly faking her training selfies in “Fake Selfie Sunday”. Her only response was to distract attention with a Facebook tirade about mysterious “haters” attempting to hack and doxx her and send graphic rape and death threats as part of a “campaign of sustained harassment”.


39 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: Fat Boy 5K DQ

  1. When I first found Ragen, I was thrilled. I know what it’s like to be fat and to be made fun of and thousands of other things that she claimed happened to her. But then i found your site, and was saddened but you had the facts to back up your claims. I unsubbed to Dances with Fat. And now, I’m unsubbing from this blog. Thank you for opening my eyes, but it’s made me very sad that someone who is looked up to is a cheater and a liar and one of the persons who give fit Fat peoople a Bad name.

    • Sorry to hear that. We have mentioned a few inspirational fat athletes with genuine accomplishments on the blog, like Jayne Williams of “Slow Fat Triathlete”, but I would definitely like to add some more resources like this. One of my biggest problems with Ragen is that she is stealing the limelight from genuinely inspirational athletes that other fat people could look to for inspiration.

    • There’s no such thing as “fit fat people”. The appearance of our bodies are a reflection of our level of fitness. All fat people are unfit and unhealthy.

  2. In that last picture, three out of the four of them figuratively stole from the Ronald McDonald House in Long Beach by banditing the course. While it probably amounts to less than $20 that the race org would have contributed from their combined entires, it goes a long way to demonstrate the mindset and menatality that participating as a way of making a statement (and being an total pain the as in the case of Marilyn Wann) is far more important than charity.

  3. She won’t address it. She’s been flooding her Facebook page with trivialities to push the race further down and away from everyone’s memory.

  4. if she does address it i have a feeling it will go along the lines of her asking race officials to remove her information. something about haters, stalkers, rapists, blah blah blah. i think a statement from race officials will be the only clear answer as to why it was taken down.

  5. I decided to look at her Facebook page (for maybe the second time ever). There is nothing about this 5k posted. I assumed she would have talked about it there. So, did she post and then delete everything? Or maybe stuff set to “friends only”?

    • She announced it back at the beginning of June. Marilyn Wann posted a “race report” about how she bandited the race and then berated several race officials for not being fat positive enough, but Ragen has remained completely silent and deleted all references to our post.

      • > Ragen has remained completely silent and deleted all references to our post.

        There’s been some debate as to whether ragen cheated intentionally or obliviously. Any opinion? She was clearly proud of her finish when Jeanette took her photos. Perhaps she was alerted to the anomaly by race officials after, thus why we had no race report? Or was there direct intent to skip part of the course?

      • I’m reluctant to speculate since we try to focus on the facts here. It’s possible she was confused by the course since you have to walk past the finish line to do the loop around the park. However, there were volunteers at the turn directing race participants, and she actually took a medal from a volunteer and put it on before crossing the finish line for her victory pose. There was also a race participant who crossed the finish line in the correct direction right after her. Plus Ragen and Jeanette were the only people who took the wrong turn. In any case, she could have immediately owned up to the error and posted on Facebook, but instead she has remained completely silent as more and and more details emerge. Nobody took our eyewitness report from “Jumbo Shrimp” seriously until video evidence proved she was being completely truthful.

      • Thanks for the detailed response, I understand your reluctance to speculate; it keeps the blog on point. This detail is one of those things I suppose we’ll never really now. I wonder what the future of ironfat holds.

  6. If you look her up in the results page, in the upper right corner where it says No Data in orange/yellow box, it now says Disqualified, so it’s an official DQ.

    • Well, there’s or answer then. She’ll pretend it never happened. The easiest way out. What a shocker.

  7. Good grief! Cutting short a lousy 3 mile run? C’mon! Why?

    Weren’t there markers along the course to guide the participants or folks ahead of her that she could have followed?

    • The course was marked and there were volunteers at the turn. Ragen and Jeanette are the only race participants who took a wrong turn there. Also remember she took a medal from a volunteer and THEN passed over the finish line the wrong way, while watching another race participant with a bib coming the other way. She had numerous opportunities to correct her mistake before finishing, and even own up to it after the fact.

      • Seems like a new low. Why not just own up to the error and give back the medal? It’s just a three mile race- not worth the effort to cheat to complete.

        And hey, I can understand getting confused along the course (assuming that’s what happened). For whatever reason, I have managed to lose my way along a marked course. Guess I’m a bit map-challenged. So I’d probably be one of those who would likely cross the finish line the wrong way. But then I’d just let them know I screwed up (and not take a finisher’s medal). And I’ll know to do differently the next time.


  8. I can imagine that she never thought she would get caught. This is the first 5K I’ve seen that has a video finish (that can be publicly viewed, anyway) for every participant. Most likely, she had no idea she was being filmed. If the entire video shows she never went through the Finish the correct way, there can be no arguing on Ragen’s part. Regardless of whether this is cheating or a wrong turn, it’s still a DQ. And if she made a course mistake, she took a finisher’s medal anyway, which looks to me as if she wanted the world to look like she finished (which is cheating.)

  9. Honestly what shocked me most regarding this whole affair was watching the video. Seeing her walking that slowly in, walking with such a stiff gait, was just sad.

    If you compare this with the dancing videos, where she was quite light on her feet … her fitness has do much deteriorated during this whole Ironman stunt, it’s hard to see how she possibly can uphold that she’s doing anything at all in terms of training.

    • “walking with such a stiff gait”

      Uh-oh. I haven’t seen the video, but this doesn’t sound good. Maybe she’s injured herself.

      Or, she’s not doing things to maintain her flexibility. Athletes who put in the amount of training that Regan claims to do, find it necessary to follow a program of foam rolling and/or receive regular massages to keep the body flexible, to reduce muscle soreness and most importantly, to maintain full range of motion. Her stiff gait may be a sign she’s lost flexibility from all the work she’s doing. Not good.

      I just did a quick scan of the Ironfat blog. She’s doing strength training -which is fine. I see nothing regarding a flexibility program (did I miss something?). It is especially important to have a flexibility program when strength training.

      Also, I see some recent entries where she’s doing a strength workout AFTER doing a long cardio-type workout. I realize that the goal here is endurance, so the cardio workouts are paramount. But regularly doing a strength workout after a long, hard cardio workout can lead to injury from already exhausted muscles-especially if the weights lifted are very heavy. Strength training should be scheduled away from cardio workouts to preserve muscle mass and allow for the body to recover properly. I won’t go into proper eating to aid in muscle recovery – which may be one reason she isn’t improving her run times. Not enough protein consumed to build necessary muscle. I question the wisdom of her coach on these aspects of her training.

  10. This is something we all would have predicted but that she so stupidly cheated in such an obvious way and the fact that her gait is so painful looking shows me that she indeed has been trying to train and stay fat. What a foolish and self destructive effort. Why on earth did she ever decide to do the Ironman? Could she have been deluded enough to think she could finish? The questions this woman raises never cease.

    • I’ve been wondering about this ever since the first time she announced she was doing an Ironman. I guess that sounds impressive to her? but it’s become pretty clear she just wants bragging rights without doing any of the work. And she’s picked up a few enablers who are happy to help her maintain the fiction that she can finish even short races with something resembling a competitive time. For shame.

  11. Cross finish line. Get medal. Nothing else matters.

    Correction. Get medal. Cross finish line. Nothing else matters.

  12. I thought it was enough that she was posting such slow 5K results, on the occasions she actually participated in them, given that she’s supposedly training for an IronMan. But to straight-up cheat on one…it’s just remarkable. Is she really so lazy or in such poor shape that she can’t be bothered to just walk the flipping 3.1 miles? It’s not like she got something extra for cutting. All I can assume is that she really, really doesn’t give a _fuck_ about being an athlete or an inspiration or anything admirable at all. It’s 100% blog traffic and money. I hope for her sake that she’s getting that, I guess?

  13. Hey all, she posted about this today in her “Ironfat” blog. Yes, totally blaming the haters for having to deal, she got confused about the park loop, AND had bad blisters causing pain (from her training of course) and the awkward gait.good thing there were excuses, right? >>rolling eyes<<
    For clarity I also once followed her due to her passion towards rights for all… And then when I once commented (without judgement) on a post about the gator incident at Disney, I was accused of being a racist, called out for not checking my facts, and generally given a lot of crap. (I had pointed out that people got angry about a gorilla being killed and yet we're all about killing multiple gators–)
    Needless to say she deleted me and allowed the people who talked carp at me to stay put, though I never got angry or judgemental….So yeah. Sorry, just needed to share.

    • She’s nuts, just ignore her. She has treated other supporters like that for ever daring to question her, or even asking a normal question that sounded too critical. It’s not you.

      Anyway, what I read in Ragen’s latest blog is that she’s basically backing out of the Iron Man:

      “In order to try to deal with my fear of not finishing I made the decision that if I don’t finish this year, I’ll try at least one more time. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to finish this year, I really don’t want to do another year of this”

      Yeah, cos god forfid if a miracle happens and you finish it, people would stop giving you money.

      • In the same post, she mentioned that her times are not improving. Another sign she’s not training properly. She’s not doing all she could to recover between sessions. Training for Ironman takes a lot more than just doing some endurance work.
        I hope she reconsiders some of the training advice she’d been given in the past and does get it together to actually compete in an Ironman.

  14. I just noticed that her knees are closed together then her feet in one of the photos posted above. Isn’t that a sign of a serious problem?

    • This blog is not dedicated to tracking the course cutting of a 5k walker. This blog is dedicated to exposing RC and all of her bogus claims.

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