Road to Tempe 2016: IronFlop 5K 3.0

Update June 29: Dances with Facts commenter “Jumbo Shrimp” posted a reply below about coincidentally running into Ragen at this race, and many people have assumed she is a troll. We cannot confirm the details of her story, but she has provided convincing evidence she attended the race and walked the course with her husband as described.

The PRs keep on coming! Today Ragen finished the 2016 Long Beach Fat Boy 5K, a novelty race with weight divisions that promises “dozens and dozens” of free donuts at the finish line, chocolate milk, a free slice of pie, and a large selection of other baked goods from various vendors. She managed to achieve a new personal best of 1:01:45, shaving over 4 minutes off her previous time, coming close to achieving the average human walking speed of 5 km/h.

In keeping with her previous 5K attempt, Ragen claimed she was doing the race “just for fun”, and “partnered” with the owners of a plus-size fashion label and attempted to organize a team for her “Flying Rhinos” Fit Fatties off-shoot. Just like last time, only a single other person actually showed up to race with Ragen. Her friends Marilyn Wann and Jeanette DePatie were there for support. Marilyn Wann claimed she would “waddle” the race without registering, despite the race organizers making it clear she would not be welcome on the course. Notably absent were any of the “haters” who apparently stalk Ragen at all opportunities.

Ragen’s time is almost 10 minutes faster than her race partner, making it clear they did not race together and she was not the “caboose” slowing her down. Does 1:01:45 genuinely represent Ragen’s fitness level after over two years of intense daily marathon and IRONMAN training? Is it an acceptable “fun” time for a supposedly “elite” athlete who trains for 3-5 hours every single day? An athlete who claims that in 147 days she will be prepared to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run a full marathon in under 17 hours? It remains to be seen whether Ragen will make any meaningful race attempts before IRONMAN Arizona, but at this point she has not shown even the slightest hint of evidence she is able to run a 5K, let alone complete an IRONMAN.
Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.03.16 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.11.37 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.07.04 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.03.40 PM.png

23 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: IronFlop 5K 3.0

  1. Wow. Sounds like the Fat Boy 5K has a lot of trouble with fatties showing up unregistered and eating all the doughnuts.

  2. At this walking speed, 8.8 hours, over half of her 17 hour limit will be used on only the running portion of the IRONMAN.

    If she can maintain the average human swimming speed of 2 miles per hour, she can do the swimming portion in an hour and a half, giving her 6.7 hours remaining in which to bike the 112 miles. She will have to average about 16 miles an hour on the bike portion of the race to finish in time.

    She’s so doomed, and it’s so hilarious.

  3. That Wann woman is despicable. ‘Oh how dare they fat stereotype at the novelty race called FAT BOY 5k. But I’m still going to go over there and gorge on donuts and snacks while I “waddle” about. What fun!’

    The only people stereotyping fat people are people like you, you cow.

  4. Hey, I did this race today! And I spotted Ragen! But first, please, don’t hate on this race. The idea behind it is NOT the Ragen BS, it’s a family friendly walk/run intended to convey that you are literally never too fat to start exercising and puts itself out there as a race that’s friendly for entrants of all sizes including people who would probably be embarassed to run/walk in a regular race (like me, I’m definitely not skinny.) There were probably 350 people there and 90% of them were normal to slightly chubby. I saw only a few who were significantly overweight and they mostly weren’t the ones grabbing the doughnuts! The name and the doughnuts are just a fun idea to get people of all sizes to exercise and have fun. Neither the sponsors nor (most) of the participants are any kind of fat activists.

    I live in the area and we were doing the race anyway (walking). I heard Ragen was going and it was funny, I doubted I would see her since A) it’s a popular run with hundreds of people in it and B) I’ve never actually met her/seen her in real life and don’t recognize people very readily. Of course she was literally the FIRST person I saw. She was there with the group pictured above and when we lined up to start her group was not far from my husband and I (we started at the very the back as we are walkers, slower than most to boot, and prefer to avoid the crowd). We were about 50 feet behind her and her friends for the 1st 15 minutes and I could hear her like I was standing right next to her, talking about how she ran another 5K on her own earlier that morning at 4:30 AM. Oooookay whatever….My husband who doesn’t know anything about her at all and doesn’t read this blog was like…..can we please get away from this obnoxious woman. We speeded up to a fast walk (they were going at a strolling pace) and left her way behind, and I amused him and myself for the next 30 minutes explaining the bizarro world of Ragen Chastain to him. At this point he was half thinking I was making it up and was looking to see her again as he was curious now that he had heard her story from me. He couldn’t really believe she claimed to be an elite athlete and was planning to do an Iron Man. As we continued on through the 5K at a medium-fast walk interspersed with jogging, we did not see her again and I assumed she was way behind us with her friends. The only people who passed us during the race were a couple of serious, very fit runners who apparently joined the race late and zoomed by, and later a determined woman who was pretty big but obviously pretty fit (not Ragen) as she chugged along at a good pace and left us walking in her dust. Other than that everyone was either way ahead of us (fast walkers/runners) or way behind (slow walkers). We were pretty much on our own which is how we like it.

    The last quarter mile of the course has some turns and as we rounded the corner and had a view of the finish area we were both VERY surprised to see Ragen Chastain ahead of us by about 5 minutes…. She was just crossing the finish line and taking a picture to celebrate. My husband was like WHAAAT…..and we were both completely puzzled as we had not seen her pass us at any point along the way. Weird!! She must have been going so incredibly fast when she passed us that we couldn’t even see her.

    We had fun and we did not have any doughnuts or bagels as they’re not good for our diets but we did enjoy free samples of kombucha, flavored water and protein bars.

  5. A 5k that welcomes everyone and doesn’t make people feel bad for 1+ hours is actually an awesome idea. Walking with friends or your kids is a really fun thing to do, barring an injury or illness or whatever, even if you are slower or need an assistive device or whatever. So good on encouraging that without judgement. Don’t make people feel bad, that’s what gets people avoiding excercise.

    Doing something you hate and don’t even try to do well and saying you’re better than people who work hard at it and put in all their time and effort and are all passionate about and stuff is still a crummy thing to do.

  6. Why on earth anyone cheat in order end up with that time? I’m not saying it didn’t happen (and I don’t know that it did either) but IF it did, why?! Just.. Why?! I’ve done a 5k. I’m NOT thin. My dad, who is also heavy and has had double knee replacement surgery twice (first time they put in defective joints), has done a 5K. My older brother, who is a runner, ran little laps around us before taking off into the wild, blue yonder and waiting for us at the finish line. My point being, we managed her time even given all I just described. Actually, slightly better. I can’t fathom the mindset that a) thinks she’s ready to do anything except sign up for another 5K or who would b) think that time was worth cheating for.

  7. I’m not saying she cheated. Anything is possible and maybe she passed us without us noticing. I do think we it’s odd we didn’t see her go by us. Frankly it would be hard to miss her and not just because she is large.

  8. I am more inclined to believe everything she does is for the film/video she will try to sell. Remember the camera crews following her at IronManateeAZ flopfest 2015? The sequel is coming. My two cents.

    • Oddly enough that whole 70.3 camera crew saga was actually a last minute thing. She was contacted by a casting director a couple days before the race and obviously jumped at the opportunity. There was a post by another competitor at the race on a big triathlon Facebook group about the odd behaviour of the camera crew and how desperate they were for Ragen to finish the swim. As far as I’m aware, nothing has come of that “documentary” yet. Not to mention the secret person who was supposed to be filming her cancelled 5K back in March for yet another documentary. That was supposedly put off until later this year. Maybe she will break 60 minutes before Tempe after all…

  9. She did good! I predicted that she would improve by 90 seconds, and she managed 4 minutes. Unless it was achieved by cutting a corner somewhere.

    • And that kind of incremental progress would be a good thing if she weren’t trying to sell herself as someone who can finish an Ironman on time.

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