Road to Tempe 2016: Another 5K

In keeping with her promise to participate in a number of smaller events leading up to the full IRONMAN in Tempe this November, Ragen has committed to another 5K. This follows the 5K she never showed up for in March, and her last 5K in April where she triumphantly knocked a few minutes off her 1:09:50 personal record and finished in 1:05:51, still not quite managing to maintain the average human walking speed of 5 km/h.

On June 26, Ragen will be competing in the Fat Boy 5K, an event that promises “dozens and dozens” of free donuts at the finish line, as well as chocolate milk, a free slice of pie for all competitors, and numerous other baked goods from assorted vendors. As with her previous 5K, she has “partnered” with JustCurves, a manufacturer of plus-size clothing, and will be walking the race as slowly as possible to avoid any kind of public record of her performance after over two years of 3-5 hours of intense daily training for a marathon and IRONMAN.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.37.57 PM.png

In exactly 5 months and 13 days, Ragen plans to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run a full marathon, all in under 17 hours at IRONMAN Arizona in Tempe, AZ on November 20, 2016. She has yet to demonstrate any kind of aptitude for swimming, biking, or running, either through her “training” blog or her performance at timed events. It remains to be seen whether she will make any effort to participate in any meaningful events before November 20, or whether she will continue her pattern of not showing up whenever there is any reasonable expectation she will have to do more than walk slowly. In the coming weeks, we will be posting more about Ragen’s “training updates” as well as all the little tidbits she has dropped in interviews since our last serious update in December. We will also provide whatever coverage is possible for her 5K later this month.

5 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: Another 5K

  1. Oh boy. She’s plain out telling us she’s not even going to try to run. There is no way she will even start the Ironman.

  2. I came across Ragen for the first time after a podcast (I cannot remember which one though). First she sounded REALLY impressive. You know, big girl, coming across difficulties, but still chasing her dreams, standing up against bullies etc etc. Somehow, I was not 100% clear on everything she said but I still signed up for her email updates. The more she updated, the more I was feeling ‘not clear’ and ‘hmmm something smells here’.
    Quick google check led me to your site. First, I really thought that you guys were a bunch of weirdoes (sorry!) stalking and bashing someone for no reason. But being a marathon runner and wanting to complete an IM myself, what she is claiming did not feel right. And the so-called vague updates she is giving. What exactly she is sharing – NOTHING. When you look at other IM or running blogs, you can see some actual data, proper progress and accomplishments. Her IM blog is nothing other than a combination of her whines, empty training updates and non-sense selfies…
    Eventually, I started seeing the truth more and what you guys are actually trying to do.

    I am thinking all the effort that I put into my athletic goals, then the injuries I go through and then even the more effort I had to put… And all the social sacrifices I had to make (I am not complaining by the way, it is just fact. And it is just a matter of choice. But you need to sacrifice some other stuff in your life to be able to achieve sth as major as an IM. A day has 24 hours in the end and you cannot change it).

    Then look at Ragen. Man! Oh God. I should not be angry about someone who is thousand of miles away from me but still…

    I just want to be wrong in the end, I want everyone in this blog to be wrong. Because I just do not want to believe that someone like Ragen who lies her face off, makes money out of something that is very important for me exists…

    • I wanted to be wrong for the 70.3 Ironflop last year. I sincerely believe the majority of her “haters” felt the same way when they tuned in on race day. We wanted to be wrong. I still want to be wrong, but I don’t think that’s going to happen this November. I would recommend following Marilia Brocchetto – a recovering fat logician who has lost 100 lbs and is training for a triathlon this summer (she just completed an OLY).

      Ragen is purposefully maintaining her weight because she thinks she’s going to beat incredible odds but it’s just not possible at her size. She doesn’t even have to “focus” on weightloss. If she just followed a nutrition plan from one of her many coaches, she would dump the weight effortlessly and greatly improve her performance (not to mention her health, which if you follow her Workout Wednesday, she’s always sick or sleeping like shit). If she lost weight, even incidentally, her followers would turn on her 😦 Such is the life of a Fat Advocate.

  3. And so we ever so slowly proceed to Ragen’s next horrible fatshaming at the hands of those evil denizens of THE REDDITS. What after the inevitable flop? More BLOC? Crowdfunding to have the house made handicap accessible for the hapless Julianne?Jeanette finally has enough and severs all business ties with our heroine? Will this even warrant a megathread? Or will the haters cause her to withdraw, fearing, as she does, the totally credible death threats this white privileged unemployed citizen gets on the daily? I just can’t wait.

  4. Yay, you guys are back up and running (or walking below average speed) with this blog again. While I’m all for insightful discussions of body image and legitimate prejudice in access to or treatment of public health concerns, it is impossible to have such discussions with HAES followers/supporters and their ilk. I resent people trying to make me out to be a bigot simply because I think the ever increasing number of overweight/obese people is concerning and that preventative health measures should be addressed socially and politically. I appreciate your blog keeping it real!

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