Road to Tempe 2016: New 5K PR!

As expected, Ragen did indeed walk the Hollywood Half 5K as part of a publicity promotion with Just Curves, a small plus-size fashion label. This is the same event where she achieved her previous 5K PR of 1:09:50 back in 2013. Today Ragen finally managed to beat that time, shaving a few minutes off to set a new personal best of 1:05:51. Truly an elite effort for a professional athlete in the top 5% of the country in fitness who plans to finish an IRONMAN in just over 7 months. Since Ragen intentionally walked this event as slowly as possible, it hopefully gives no insight into her last 2 years of intense daily training. It remains to be seen whether she will actually show up and make a real effort in any smaller events before November, unlike her 5K in March and two super sprint triathlons last year.

Update: Based on Facebook posts and race results, it would appear the entire Flying Rhinos team effort consisted of Ragen and a single other Fit Fatties member. The two other people who confirmed on Facebook did not show up. There was no “caboose” team, it was just Ragen and the other “fit fatty” going at their own pace together. It remains a mystery which one of them was setting the elite pace.

47 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: New 5K PR!

  1. B-b-but my walking pace would finish it in 50 minutes… She’s not only not trying to do well, it seems she’s trying to do poorly

  2. Maybe she crawled the last mile as some sort of statement about intersectional oppression? Or something. Just out of curiosity, can someone who’s trained for an Ironman or similar say what type of races or training events you would typically do several months after you participated in a half and 7 months prior to a full tri? I’m assuming it’s not leisurely strolling a 5k.

      • I can’t read treadmills that well, sorry. Can you tell me how long you ran for and at what speed?

      • Renny, looks like he ran 3.129 miles (top right) in 31:26 (top left). I’m assuming miles just because if that was km he’d be barely faster than Regan.

      • Thanks, Jimmy. Yea, there’s a lot of talk about 5k and runs and jogs and walks. I was getting confused as a non-runner, yet fit, person. I’m looking forward to her IronMan and the new slew of excuses she’ll come up with next time.

  3. The level of delusion in thinking that she’s in anyway prepared for this upcoming Ironman is rather worrying. I know that in her world her results in he race don’t matter and that she would scoff at my next statement but if she puts any kind of effort into the Ironman she really is risking a cardiac event if some sort. Again, I’m left with question: Why? There are other at athletes who actually enjoy the sport and can finish. She could have chosen anything else. The contrarian nature of this woman is thing to behold

    • However her DNS, DNF, or DQ plays out, you can rest assured you will never hear her utter anything resembling “I was unprepared/unqualified.”

    • And then if she survives said cardiac event, it’ll be the Ironmans fault for being too hard for fatties which is discrimination or some shit and try suing them.

      • A DNR is an order to medical personnel not to resuscitate you if you do go into cardiac arrest. A person with a DNR doesn’t have to worry about anything if they have a cardiac event, because they’re probably dead.

        I get the pun theme. Just being pedantic.

        Also, I waddled a 5K at my all-time high weight (45 BMI or so) and came in ten minutes faster than Ragen. It made me realize that I dislike racing, so I stopped doing it, instead of tripling down to not make a point like she is.

  4. Pathetic. And honestly, I find it disgusting that adults get a damn medal for failing to walk 5km at a human pace.

  5. It’s not a “real” medal. They give them to all the finishers. It’s just part of the swag you get at most 5k’s, just like the t-shirt. You are paying for it with your entry fee. My friends and I always take pictures showing off our medals after we do a 5K (and we’ve done several). It’s kind of a joke with us. So it’s amusing that she felt the need to say “crossed finish line, got medals” like it’s something special.

  6. I think Ragen is deplorable, but I found myself wincing a little at this post.

    The 5K isn’t the colossal lie and ridiculous publicity stunt that her IronMan was. It looks to me like she got out there with a friend, completed the event, and even shaved a tad off her previous time. While hardly the mark of the “elite” she claims to be, should we credit her for at least showing up, doing the 5K, and even improving a little?

    In all honesty, I’m hoping that this 5K sparked a little love somewhere in her, maybe even a little competitive fire, enough to make her seek out another event and see it through to the end…and maybe then she’ll fall in love with fitness and competition for real and stop all this lying. Or maybe I should stop having hope for a narcissist.

    Anyway. :-/ At least she did it this time. :-/

    • I’m sorry if this post comes off as mean spirited to you. Please keep in mind if it were anyone else, nobody from this blog would be snarking on them. Any kind of physical activity is commendable. However, this isn’t a random fat lady walking a 5K; this is Ragen Chastain, elite professional athlete in the top 5% of the country in strength stamina and flexibility, national dance champion, marathoner, and soon-to-be IRONMAN. Ragen Chastain, who has spent the last two years training for 3-5 hours/day with several professional trainers. Ragen Chastain, who was ready for a half-IRONMAN last November, but somehow has never broken a 20 minute mile pace in any event on record. At this point Ragen no longer deserves credit simply for showing up and putting in the minimum effort possible. This 5K was absolutely intended to be a publicity stunt for her where she could blame her pace on her friends, except nobody showed up, The lady she walked with didn’t even buy one of her Flying Rhinos t-shirts, and she barely knew Ragen before Saturday.

      • I know you’re right, and I’ve been following your blog for a long time. I still just have this glimmer of hope…maybe if she keeps walking 5Ks and getting a little faster each time, just maybe she’ll turn over a new leaf…
        A snowball’s chance in hell of a hope, I know.
        Whatever. Maybe when the endorphins wear off from my race today, I’ll stop with the wishful thinking. 🙂

      • Oh, and no need to apologize, you didn’t come off as mean-spirited at all. It was more that the post itself gave me pause because as much as I can’t stand this chick, at least this time she went out and did what she said she would do. I get caught in the middle of hating what Ragen is all about and yet wanting to encourage every athlete who tries.

    • In many large races, you won’t cross the start line until quite a while after the race has officially started. The time between you crossing the finish line and the actual start of the race is the gun time. The time between you crossing the *start* line and the finish line is the chip time (typically provided by an RFID chip attached to the bib). In this case, it means Ragen crossed the start line 32 minutes or so after the race officially started.

      • Thank you for the reply. It still does not seem like that large a race to me, with about 1800 people (but I admit, I don’t know that much) – not like the NYC marathon. I was asking about this difference as there was an article in the NY Times recently regarding cheating in some races, and I wonder about this. I guess they could have held up slower groups to let more serious people off first, but the serious people would be done in half an hour.

  7. Last spring I ran a local 5K at which the final two folks to cross the finish line were a 96 year old woman and her 72 year old son, who completed the course in under 60 minutes. Ragen is a disgrace to fitness and to humanity.

  8. +21 min miles? How the actual heck is that even possible? Seriously. Can someone video a treadmill session at a 21 min mile pace and upload to youtube?

    • Um, I’m not gonna videotape anything, but the gait of very obese people tends to slow down the forward progress resulting in 21+ minute mile pace. This is especially true when there’s low muscle tone/development. It has to do with “balance and body control”. There tends to be more of a side-to-side “waddle” instead of an entirely forward gait. Hence, the very slow pace.

      Might read this:

    • You also lose some time if you stop and rest. I don’t know whether Ragen and her non-team did, but sitting down is a good way to lose time… and momentum once you get up and start moving again. Thigh friction probably also slows a person down, though I haven’t studied this.

      I did a 5K while heavier than I am now, and it was fun, but I came in behind people three times my age. Under an hour, though.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but at that pace wouldnt it take her 16+ hours to complete the running portion of a full Iron Man? Not even counting the swim portion of the triathlon wouldn’t she have to ride her bicycle at an average speed of 112+ miles an hour just to make the time cut off? If she weighs 270lbs (only figure I could find,) at that speed she would have roughly the same kinetic energy as a car traveling 30 miles an hour right?

  10. Hey guys,

    My 8 y/o niece just completed her first 5k today in 45:45. Does this make her a prodigy, considering Ragen is in the top 5% of athleticism in the world?

    • Sorry, there is new material in the pipeline, but we obviously haven’t been posting regularly about her training “progress” like last year. It’s mostly because this time around she is sticking to her formulaic training updates that contain no meaningful info, and close-up selfies of her face late at night with all identifying information carefully stripped to prevent being caught lying yet again. Despite her contention in recent radio interviews that we are her “special snowflake” and desperately blog every time she writes anything, of course.

      We will be doing a big IronFat update soon, but if you’re interested in the details of her regular little non-updates, you might like to check out /r/ragenchastain/ on reddit.

  11. […] Of note, Marilyn Wann can be seen crossing the finish line around the one hour mark in the video, which means she did not walk with Ragen and slow her down. Extrapolating Ragen’s incorrect finish time to the correct distance gives an estimated true finish time of approximately 1:05:20, approximately the same as her last 5K in April. […]

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