29 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2016: IronFlop 5K

    • I am strangely disappointed, and not because I wanted to see her suck or fail. Getting out and being among other athletes somewhere other than triathlon and the Fit Fatties Forum would be really good for her. Either it would be beneficial to interact in real life, or shake her delusions loose. Either way.

  1. I’m sure it’s because she’s running one of the 5Ks in the very city she lives in. I’m sure. Really, she’s going to surprise us all. With her elite athleticism.

  2. She can’t register for a 5K near her. Then she would have no excuse to not show up. By registering for things far away, there can always be a last-minute problem. It is still early on the west coast. There is still plenty of time for her to do a 5K TODAY, but she won’t.

  3. I don’t know why you guys make fun or comment her. She has clearly some sort of mental illness for doing this for so long.

    • Because she has followers who believe in her that she is causing harm to and stealing money from by promoting herself the way she does. There are two outcomes here: she turns herself around, actually becomes a respectable athlete and admits HAES is nonsense fat people say to make themselves feel better; OR she admits failure, stops asking for handouts, and stops promoting her harmful way of life.
      While she continues to lie, cheat and steal every word she puts online deserves to be scrutinised until she is exposed.

  4. Just wasting money left and right.
    But at least it’s her money….
    or her fatty supporter’s money…
    which they get from the government…
    which is really our taxes…
    which is basically our money…
    which is MY money…
    FUCK YOU Ragin Shitstain!!!!!!!!

    • I’m trying to figure out what the hell you’re saying here. Is it that most fat people are on welfare? Collect disability for our debilitating fatness? Most of us have, you know, jobs.

      • Yes, I did. Translated from free-verse poetry to English, what I read was:

        “[Ragen is] just wasting money left and right [on these race registrations.] But at least it’s her money, or her fatty supporters’ money, which they get from the government [welfare or disability] and therefore the taxpayers.”

        What did I miss?

      • Have you seen the size that Julianne manatee (Ragin Shitstains’ gf)? She must be like 600lbs. and is always riding a scooty-puff, has no job, and is obviously disabled. Makes me wonder how much cash she’s milking every month from my paycheck.

        Also, with Ragin being the liar and manipulator she is, I’m guessing besides taking money from her cronies she might also be on disability, hence, taking my money.

        BOOM…. in YOUR FACE!!!!

      • Yes, she is very large, but it doesn’t logically follow that she doesn’t work or is on disability. If she is, the amount of your personal money that goes to pay for Ragen’s race entry fees is almost incomprehensibly ysmall. She probably raised it all by grifting donations for something else, anyway.

        I don’t take government spending on individual residents personally, especially people who are already pretty poor. Well, the US food stamp program (SNAP) annoys me since it means the government buys a lot of crap food at retail prices, but that’s still at least trying to alleviate suffering.

  5. I was wondering the same thing. Most of the time simply being fat isn’t even something you could try and get disability for. The vast majority of fat people go to work and collect a paycheck just like well… thin people.

    • Yeah, but I’d say most regular fat people aren’t the HAES proponents. True HAES ‘believers’ always seem to be these fat women who spend all day online or take a few college classes, and live on disability or with their parents because they are almost too fat to walk and have a million self-diagnosed mental disorders. And yet they have time to dye their hair and buy fatkinis. That’s the image they are projecting, anyway.

      As opposed to normal fat people who are just living their lives.

      • That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it, though? The people who have time to jabber online all day are the ones without jobs. The ones who are living their lives are off living their lives.

        It’s odd how the image of HAES has shifted. What HAES was supposed to be was “live your life, watch to make sure your roasted broccoli in the oven doesn’t burn instead of watching the scale.” I don’t think you’re far off as far as some of the most active people in online fat acceptance activism overall go.

  6. @BMI 42: Yeah, it’s a shame really. HAES could be something good, but it’s been taken over by people who have just taken it way too far, and involved all kinds of other controversial stuff. And of course there’s Ragen, trying to make a quick buck out of it.

    • I wonder sometimes what kind of hate mail Linda Bacon, who wrote the original book, gets. The one-star Amazon reviews for her book clearly are written by people who have had contact with online HAES proponents and have not necessarily read the book.

      Ragen’s shenanigans make fat people look flaky and lazy while she claims to be working hard to prove the opposite.

      • I wonder if her birth name is bacon, or she earned it by having cholesterol over 500.

        Why exercise when you can sit in front of a computer and tell the world how healthy you are, despite not being able to see your toes.

        I think it is very important for fat people to feel good about their current weight rather than self improvement, because if we can convince the world to become and stay fat, planet sized people will blend in better.

        Definitely based on a close reading of the book.

  7. Well I’m going to offer Ragen thanks – due to her leading-from-the-rear example, I’ll do a 5K Thurs, bad feet & all, just bcz I CAN!!!
    There’s an officially timed event in town, since I have a funeral to attend I may not make it, but guess what?!? You can do the distance ALL BY YOURSELF… Granted, you’ll just have to take my word for the time I claim, but I PROMISE I can do it in under an hour.
    (another random crazy-making fact – received my latest issue of O magazine, featuring 10 women including O herself on their way to achieving their “best body” – and right after their profiles & the nutritionist’s notes was recipes for chocolate chip cookies! not low-carb ones, either!)

    • Dunno why I couldn’t post comment earlier from PC terminal?
      Anyway, I pounded out a slow 5K on treadmil in roughly 50 min… (couldn’t get exact time bcz TM cut me off several times for “Exceeding maximum heart rate” – but I hadn’t entered my age, just my weight? Go figure.)
      I offer thanks to Ragen for inspiring me to be as many degrees opposite HER example as humanly possible.

  8. She’s a terribly delusional woman who projects her own negative beliefs and attitudes onto society. She’s angry and filled with malice and spite. Her lousy attitude is what makes people dislike her.

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