A Rude Awakening

A reader recently left a comment that will probably resonate with anyone who has ever attempted to interact with Ragen. As we all know, Ragen operates in a “safe space” on the internet where she is in complete control over the content. This allows her to simply delete any criticism or dissenting opinions under the guise of protecting her readers from “trolls”. It also means she can make up stories about receiving thousands of death threats and hate messages, despite the fact she is a virtual nobody on platforms like Twitter where she can’t control what other people say.

In this case, Ragen selectively removed a series of comments to make it appear as if a poster were a racist, “as an example of exactly what not to do, and to preserve the work of those who tried to educate her”. Ragen has written a number of times about how she edits or deletes blog comments then blocks people so they can’t defend themselves, and she does exactly the same thing on Facebook when faced with any kind of criticism. This person was a diehard Ragen fan who had been following her enthusiastically for several years. The moment she stepped out of line, Ragen threw her under a bus. This has become a regular pattern for Ragen – many readers will be familiar with the fate of Twistie, her #1 blog commenter. The problem for anyone who falls afoul of Ragen is that she is not interested in any kind of debate or dissent; she wants unconditional praise and adulation, and above all else money to fuel her unemployed “activist” lifestyle. The only people Ragen really cares about are the ones who give her money. This from the person who recently claimed she is frequently called upon to engage in public debate and defend her outspoken views.

Here’s what happens if you disagree with Ragen Chastain.

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12 thoughts on “A Rude Awakening

  1. Well, Twistie also needed to focus full time on slowly killing her husband, so that may not be the IM Champ’s fault…

    • Twistie was a Ragen follower for years, in fact not only a follower but probably a paying member of dances with fat. Ragen liked her so much that she mentioned Twistie by name in several seminars and radio interviews. She said some stuff about there being a fat holocaust (not too different from what Ragen herself has said) and just like that she was never heard from again.

      • Ragen banned Twistie for taking her own post about “eradicating” fat people a step by saying it was actually genocide. She then threw Twistie under a bus in the comments and edited her blog post to say she wasn’t talking about genocide. This is the last time Twistie has been seen online anywhere, so it must have rattled her quite a bit being dumped by Ragen.


  2. “I call her on it, unfriend her and then she blocks me”

    Well… Yes. You indicated you disagreed with someone and then unfriended them. That’s pretty much an indicator you don’t want to continue the conversation. Don’t do things like that and then complain someone decided they didn’t want you around right back.

    Having said that, I’m absolutely positive they would’ve been blocked just for disagreeing anyhow. RC thinks everyone is entitled to her opinion and gracefully allows any and all who mindlessly follow and adore her every word to keep right on doing do. Deviating from that tact isn’t allowed.

      • Do you mind expounding on that? I made a very mild comment some time back about wearing sunscreen on an old DWF post – Ragen looked s little sunburnt & I had just had a basal cell carcinoma excised from my nose… This comment never saw the light of day & shortly after that I found this blog, so mine eyes were opened! Ragen wants nothing but undiluted admiration from her fangirls, but at least she didn’t sic em on me…

  3. She is a deadly cancer. Both with her health status and her shitty personality and attitude.

    I can’t wait to see her not even finish the swim portion of the Ironman. I’ll be laughing as I hear about it.

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