Ragen’s Latest IM Update…

Now she is floating the idea that the reason she didn’t finish the swim is because maybe the Reddit trolls were stalking her.  Kicked her in the face.  Pulled her under water.  So let’s break it down…

Apparently, Ragen has never attempted an open water swim before the day of the IM.  If she had, she would have known that this is par for the course.  In fact, her very own swim coach, Ingrid, has open water swim classes about once a month.  And they practice dealing with those things.  Because that is what happens at the start of an open swim.  But she never did an open water swim before the half IM so she really wouldn’t have known.  Whatever.

She also throws out the idea that maybe the Reddit trolls messed with her timing chip.  We all saw the pics of her clipping on her timing chip to her cankle.  She posted them to facebook.  She also described how she took off the chip and threw it into the ‘pile’ of those that failed before her.  Wasn’t much of a pile.  We know because she posted that picture to Facebook too.  My point is that it was on her ankle from before the swim until after.  But apparently the trolls knew exactly how to hack into the IM tracking system.  And mess with the timing on Ragens chip.  But just hers.  Nobody else is complaining about the IM system being hacked and their timing chips being messed up.  Just Ragen.  Okay.

She goes on to complain about people taking pictures of her.  Again, blames it on Recdit.  If she had half of a clue, she would have known that the pictures were not from Reddit.  And, in fact, when they hit Reddit, they were immediately taken down.  Oh boy…

What she fails to mention is that she had a fucking camera crew following her around all morning.  She can’t have it both ways.  She can’t cry about people taking pictures of her when she had a damn camera on her all morning.  You can argue that she okayed the camera crew.  But then you need to ask…  did the people around her agree to be filmed?  Nope.  Did they sign waivers agreeing to be on film?  Nope.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, ask Ragen for proof.  Ask for copies of the waivers with some info redacted.  Something.  Anything.  It will never happen but hey – I would love for someone to finally prove us wrong.

She didn’t respect their privacy so what gives her the right to demand her privacy?  She is the one blogging about her elite athleticism and publicizing her journey to the IM and even asking people to help fund her journey.  But at the same time she is demanding that people respect her privacy?  While filming people without their permission?  She is a walking contradiction.

13 thoughts on “Ragen’s Latest IM Update…

  1. People were going to take pictures of her regardless, because the camera crew was there and that makes people think you might be important somehow. Not to mention that Ragen is not exactly difficult to spot. There might have been more fat people but she posted pictures of herself before, and Julianne is kinda hard to miss.

    And I’m sure that story about an evil Redditor troll going undercover as a fellow athelete to sabotage her is 100% legit. Because god forbid someone try to talk to you and tells you about how he learned to swim at a social atheletic event.

  2. Wow. To have cowardice that deep in her bones is truly something. In my opinion, she dug herself probably the deepest hole possible.
    -On a side note, and I know you have already mentioned this, but I really hope that this isn’t you playing victim and victimizer (Whether both blogs are you or you’re her friend). I really look up to you. I’m not a heavy guy or anything, I just like that you commit in life. I will always find that to be the most respectable thing in a person.
    I do understand what the appeal would be, honestly. No publicity is bad publicity, I get it, and this would be a good way to get your name out. It’d be extremely easy for you to fuel your own fire given the absurdity of the character. I’m not going to ask for proof or even go out of my way to find it if it’s already on this website. I don’t think I want to know. We already know Ragen is a liar, so no matter how much proof you do bring of your independence from her schemes, I would never really know whether the evidence absolves you.
    Sorry if I sound like a conspiracy dipshit right now, but if Ragen is fueling her own rage campaign, that’s probably the most fucked up thing she would have done so far. I’m sure you’ve heard of the feminists that would log into different accounts and threaten themselves to get credibility, only to be caught because of stupid mistakes like forgetting to switch accounts when threatening or slandering themselves. Though, that was pretty funny. Or if this IS all fake, at least make the reveal grandiose. Least you could do.

    • Are you asking if this is Ragen? Fueling her own hate by writing this blog? That would actually be pretty funny. To be honest, that would be a brilliant move on her part. But Ragen is nothing but short sighted and lazy. She goes for the short con. The quick money grab. She has the attention span of a gnat. So instead of controlling the hate, she twists the truth to fit her own victim narrative.

      Let’s not forget that this is the person the blogged about her own psychic powers back in ’05. And used the power of her own sexuality to shield people from reading her mind.


      Full disclosure, I am not a doctor nor have I treated her. But I am pretty confident in saying that she is both delusional and batshit crazy. Again – not an official diagnosis. But I am 99.9% sure that she isn’t right in the head.

      Further, if she were such a great psychic, she would have seen this coming….

      • If she actually is delusional and batshit crazy. Why poke fun at her? Do we poke fun at schizophrenic, mentally unstable or otherwise mental people?

      • Because this is the internet and she’s a fraud. No official dx, remember: just her own extensive trail of lies and money grubbing.

      • At a certain point we do have to stop calling her actions a mental illness. She’s just a bad person.
        Do you guys remember bad people?
        They used to be everywhere pre-2005; however, now they’re all just “mentally ill.”
        It’s a real shame where society is headed when people have to wonder if they should limit their comedic values based on whether a person has a mental illness or not.
        I have a strong disdain for people whose sole purpose is to censor comedy. You would be surprised how many of these people go to comedy shows for nothing other than berating the comic.
        For instance, the other day I poked fun at a local shooter, just some throw away joke off the top of my head (I live in Portland, Oregon, so stuff tends to lean on the PC side of things) and was battered by a spatter of people saying, “You shouldn’t make fun of a person that is mentally ill”, followed by other trite comments, but the one that stuck out to me most was, “What if someone in his situation were around, you would put us all at risk,” to which I responded with “Do you mean literally falling for terrorism?” before I left that crowd of half-shaven heads and dyed hair, high-fiving myself on the way out.
        Imagine if they felt the same way about Hitler. That’d be a good three hours of my stand-up routine thrown right out of the window.

  3. What is really triggering me about this is that there actually are fat athletes that are an inspiration. I

    s it logical to pretend that your weight has no impact on your health or sports performance? No, it’s idiotic. Can you enjoy athletics, see improvement and enrich your life at whatever size you happen to be.? Absolutely.

    The concept that fat people can, and should, enjoy sports like everyone else is solid. Ragen is just not a good spokeswoman for it.

    Here are a few actual inspirations:

    Krista Henderson, fat bicyclist and trainer: http://fitisafeministissue.com/2014/10/15/big-women-on-bikes/

    Krista’s Web site with many other awesome fat women athletes: http://www.borntoreignathletics.com

    Laura Backus, fat athlete who actually completed a half ironman:


      • Jayne has accepted and embraced the changes that came to her body from the hard and serious amount of work she has done.This is NOT the case with Ragen because she has NOT done the work. At the end of the day, Ragen’s performance proved she’s a fraud and that morbid obesity isn’t healthy and cant be. She used this event to co-opt the Ironman name and pad her resume. The rest of her complaining is just fluff. If there was any reality to the threats and “stalking” the police would be helping her. Her behavior is disgraceful.

    • thanks for posting these. ragen does a huge disservice to fat active people with her outrageous fails. it has even made me skeptical of fat people’s physical capacity at times (I am ashamed to admit). I’m glad these people are representing without the sensationalist bullshit and hyper vigilance… but ragen is smart; she knows haters, scandals and danger will keep the focus on her, and will keep the money coming in.

      in the meantime, she’s okay with making a total mockery of athletes of EVERY size.

      thanks for exposing her without stooping to her scummy ways.

  4. p.s. I wanted to post the above to start a new thread on the whole concept of people who are ACTUAL inspirations. However, I either don’t have thread-starting powers or I am just not seeing how to do it. If the powers that be here like the idea, feel free to make a thread for it. I think it would be great to also talk about the people that do have something useful to say about fat athletes.

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