[UPDATE 2] Road to Tempe 2015: IronFlop Officially Begins

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Update: No further information from Ragen, and the drones are starting to get agitated!

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Update 2: Turns out they were haters. Ragen accidentally replied, then deleted the entire comment thread. She’s definitely back online because she’s deleting comments from anyone who asks whether she made it to Phoenix, haters or not.


46 thoughts on “[UPDATE 2] Road to Tempe 2015: IronFlop Officially Begins

  1. The most awesome thing ever would be if she were in reality a super clever troll (she’s not) and had been *actually training* for this for a year and lost 100 pounds in the meantime. Her posting about the flight being delayed would be a killer way to get everyone who hates her all riled up, waiting for the flop to happen. Then she gets there and freaking nails everything and finishes in time.

    In fantasy land, that would be amazing. I would have mad respect for her.

    But we live in the real world.

    • I actually had the same thought! I would gladly accept an “In Your Face!” moment. But I’m already prepared for the let down 😦

      • That’s the thing that Ragen doesn’t get: most people here would be really happy to see her succeed. If she had been doing real training all along. I secretly hope that she’s being deliberately vague and that it’s possible to do everything at the fitness level she appears to be in the Iceland photo. This seems rather unlikely.

        She won’t, but I would have been delighted to be proven wrong. Instead, it becomes another example of what lazy shitlords all of us fat people are.

        Next time register for a 5K fun run, Ragen. Or fun brisk walk. Don’t become a leader if you can’t fucking lead.

  2. Talk about anticlimactic. After all the time I’ve spent wondering how the Ironman situation would go, it might end with “ah well, missed my flight”. Never would have expected such a meager excuse (although honestly I probably should have).
    But hey, it’s not the 18th just yet…

  3. Rutland, VT has a small municipal airport mainly serviced by two hopper airlines running to Logan. The closest flight fitting the timeline was delayed just over 2 hours and would have missed a BOS-PHX flight.
    There is a later flight by the same airline BOS-PHX, but there’s no way to tell if it was sold out.
    Personally, I was so nervous before my Sprint Tri’s I wouldn’t have left anything to chance, nevermind cross country airline travel before an HIM, bu…

  4. This may sound stupid but is there a way to check flight delays etc, just to verify? God forbid having to check Ragen’s claims but you never know…

    • it seems the delays are legit but it’s fair to question Ragen scheduling a conference across the country days before her monumental event. That was pretty dumb.

      • Exactly.

        Seeing as this ironman was the hot topic for months and months, why not give it the importance it deserves and leave nothing to chance. “Proper planning prevents poor performance.”

        Or, is this the start of an excuse revolving around how mighty important her work is and how she had to “sacrifice” the Ironman competition so as to attend a conference?

  5. I really want her on the start line, rested, with all her equipment and ready to fail on her own merits with no chance to make excuses to why the elite athlete failed. Or, you know what? I actually want her to do this, I want her to have been honest about her training and for her to make it.

  6. In the comments she assures one of her supporters: “The full ironman is next November, this is just a halfway test.”

    Just a progress check. No biggie. Perfectly fine if she doesn’t actually do it.

    • This sums up her attitude perfectly: she’s not even half-assing this, she’s no-assing it. She has no respect for people with real goals and genuine work ethic – she’s taking up a slot that would have been used by a person who would show up and try, and still expects accolades for thinking about doing it. She never even intended to show up to the half IM.

      • I still think she’ll start, that way she can add “Ironman competitor” to her resume for speaking engagements. If she gets in the water, then it’s not a lie – just not exactly truth either. It will be just like her marathon or college education.

      • I was thinking about that as well. Like, she spins this into her being a do-gooder. She gets there and there is some guy there or lady, and she’s dying of cancer or the toenail, and this was her dying wish, to compete, but she was diagnosed too late, and it was sold out, so, out of desperation, she came anyway, to watch, possibly volunteer, and cheer everyone on. She meets this person, her poor toenail ravaged with cancer, and she just hands over all her gear and her number and lets this poor dying person run the race and die happy. So, she’s a hero still, because she “trained” and showed up and didn’t compete.

  7. Albany NY is a 2 hour drive from Rutland, VT. Logistically, the 2 hour drive to be at a (somewhat) major airport in order to assure you get a flight before a major event is well worth it. Logan is a 3 hour drive. When your flight is delayed or whatever, and you’re going to miss a connection, the airline will do just about anything, including booking you on a different airline. In addition, anyone who flies often knows how to make sure these things don’t happen, especially if you HAVE to be somewhere. One would imagine they would have a back up plan, and possibly even a back up to the back up.

    Now, even if she does make it, there will be a never ending string of excuses. The airline lost her bag, she didn’t get enough rest, because she missed the flight the hotel gave her room away….its a done deal.

  8. Personally, I don’t believe she missed her flight. I believe her flight is really scheduled for tomorrow, and she posted this for her haters to chomp on.

  9. I feel like at this point when the excuse for a DNF is ” after a bunch of cross-country travel and delayed flights, I just wasn’t feeling my best and didn’t make it in time for the cut-off.” it’s going to be a let down. I think everyone was hoping for more drama.

    Maybe there will be a whole “I tried to get them to let me keep riding on the closed course, but they were mean to me because of my fat. But, I made one volunteer cry she was so inspired.” to spice things up a bit

    • I don’t think it will be that easy because then the blame would mostly rest on her for just not feeling up to it. There will most likely be another missed flight (possibly this time cause they say she’s too fat and would have to buy another seat but the plane is full) or a problem with the rental car or some bs. At the end of the day, that’s all it is…bs

      • she’s laid a lot of breadcrumbs to this version of events, though – constantly down-talking the importance of this race, calling it just practice for the real race, and really barely talking about it on Facebook or other social media. She’s been setting the 70.3 as a whole lot of no big deal, so that when she fails she can just say “oh well, I didn’t want to hurt myself. I still have a whole year till the big event”! The sedentary fat ladies who follow her think exercise is terrifying and highly prioritize “taking care of themselves,” which they would define as lots of naps and ice cream.

  10. I legitimately feel pity for Ragen and her followers.

    Although I’m still disgusted at Ragen’s countless money-grabbing attempts, she’s a perfect example of someone living in a false reality, perpetually validated by people just like her. Instead of thinking introspectively at what makes them unhappy, they project their fear and anger on general society.

    I’m not in perfect shape, and I sure as hell couldn’t do an Ironman. But I’ve lost over 80 pounds; I know the hard work and self-discipline it takes to change yourself and create a new, healthy lifestyle. I feel so much better about myself and the world around me. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.

    If Ragen would stop pointing fingers at society for wanting her to be healthy, and instead focus on herself, I know she’d be a much happier person. Ragen, I know you read this blog, I hope you realize you can still turn around your habits. Using your overly-glorified sense of pride to leech money off of your followers is wrong.

    I’ve been lurking for a while now, but I just want to say thanks to the writers on this blog and the community here. I wish everyone participating in Ironman good luck!

  11. How anticlimactic! I always felt like she would just DNS though and not even attempt to follow through with the whole charade.

    I’m actually entered to run a fairly large 10k on Saturday, worked hard all summer and had a great great training cycle ultimately targeting this one race.

    About a 3 weeks ago some life circumstances came up that seriously derailed my training. My fitness fell off peak and I was so frustrated I basically decided I would DNS this race.

    Then I came across this whole ironfat thing with ragen and it helped pushed me to go and run the race even if I’m not at the fitness level I would like to be.

    I refused to DNS as long as I’m physically able. I won’t run the competitive time I wanted to, but still stand a reasonable chance for a new PR and I will have done a whole lot better than ragen. LOL

    • Three weeks? That’s just a long taper. You may be a little too fresh and down just a little from your peak, but the hay is already in the barn. You’ll do fine!

  12. If she misses this race it will be easy to see how serious she is as an athlete. If one has truly trained for an event like the 70.3 Ironman, and missed it due to non-injury reasons, then that athlete will find an event, as close as possible to the original event, as a replacement.

    I think Ragen is a fraud and she gives real athletes a bad name. If missing a flight is her excuse, she should lose all of her credibility

  13. very true. Same goes for the IM next year. As far as I know, she hasn’t registered to volunteer at IMAZ in November, meaning that her chances for actually being able to register for the 2016 event is practially nil. But—there are many IM within driving distance for her that she could do as an alternative—-for example, Vineman, or Palm Springs (neither IM branded but still 140.6 miles)…or Coeur D’alene, which IS an IM brand and drivable. Someone who really wants the glory of competing in an ironman-distance race would find one of these very viable alternatives.

    • I don’t understand what the big deal is. At some point, she has to realize that someone is going to see through her bs if she registers for and either fails to start or fails to finish enough races, and stop thinking so highly of her. So while she talks a big game, the believers are gonna start falling off. I’ve learned that people will only give you so much lee-way before calling you out.

      She’d honestly be better off doing something like a Spartan race. She could do a Spartan Sprint, which are 2.5-4 miles usually, have about 25 obstacles, and, since there is no one on the course to keep her honest (and she has no integrity), she could skip EVERY obstacle, finish in like, 2 hours, say she did the obstacles, and tell all her “haters” to eat it.

      And while a Spartan finisher may not have the same glory as an IM title, it’s still not a shabby title, especially for a 350+ person.

  14. Huh, it’s weird. A bunch of the comments on that post are “you didn’t tell us you were coming to AZ!”

    Why not? Why not tell her friends/fans that she’ll be in their area? Unless she has about zero intentions of actually leaving her hotel room while there. Or maybe she just got a ticket to the Phoenix airport and then intended to immediately get on another plane to CA. That way, she could say that she was in Phoenix.

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