Road to Tempe 2015: Fake Selfie Sunday Returns

Apparently metadata isn’t Ragen’s only fake selfie problem. She appears to be confident completely removing her image metadata is enough to avoid a repeat of being caught faking sequences of selfies and intentionally attempting to hide the photo times. Unfortunately for Ragen, Reddit user kalequeen noticed one of this week’s selfies was suspiciously similar to another from last week. Upon closer examination, it’s obvious the photos were taken moments apart.

First, this shot from her late Selfie Sunday post on Monday, October 5, from the week(s) preceding October 4.

“Squinting in the morning sun”

Then, this shot from the last Selfie Sunday on Sunday, October 11.

“My photographer friends are wincing at this one”

The most obvious similarities are the location, orientation, time of day, angle of the sun, Ragen’s clothes and how they sit, etc. We might give her the benefit of the doubt and assume this is simply a common training time for her since the location appears in many of her selfies. That doesn’t hold up under further scrutiny, and the proof is in the details.

These bikes are in exactly the same location.


Cars and boats are identical.


The same person appears in both photos.


It’s clear Ragen took two selfies at the same time and used them to represent multiple training swims from multiple weeks. This is entirely in keeping with her previous efforts, and leads us to wonder how many of her other selfies are similarly manufactured now there is no image metadata present to incriminate or exonerate her. She wears the same clothes and posts the same boring angles of the same limited number of training locations every week, and we know she will happily lie about anything when she doesn’t think she will be caught.

In any case, the truth will out at Tempe in just five days on Sunday, October 18.

21 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: Fake Selfie Sunday Returns

  1. How lazy can you be if you can’t even take two photos in different places? Ragen is a compulsive liar and a narcissist and you’re doing gods work showing her true colours to the world.

    • She didn’t even have to move to a second location. She could have just turned 90 degrees left or right. A slight pivot….Even less effort than moving to a different location.

    • Taking multiple pictures from the one training session to review later – totally plausible. It’s even possible she inadvertently posted one from an old training session in error if she always trains in the same place in the same outfit, and I am sure this is what she would say if pressed on the issue.

      But I am long past giving Ragen the benefit of the doubt. I agree with the assessment that this is more deliberate falsehood on her part unless she openly admits the error and replaces the photo with a correct one – because surely she would have a similar but distinguishably different photo available, if she was able to make this error?

      Until then, it’s another blow to her credibility.

      • Since she’s using a program to strip the info from her photos before posting them, I would assume she would be more organized about her file handling (wasn’t organization one of her business ventures?). I am not convinced this was a simple mistake. I can’t even laugh at this. I’m just stunned she’s brought us all (both believers and non-believers) this far. 4 days…

  2. Maybe he just goes there at the same time everyday! And the same cars and boats are there because that’s when they always go diving/boating for some obscure reason! And maybe that splash left behind after whatever was in one picture moved is just an awe inspiring coincidence.

    Seriously. She couldn’t say least turn to the left or walk outside and take an actual picture on Sunday? She wouldn’t even have had to do any workouts, just literally saunter outside and take a snapshot

  3. Come on guys, leave her alone, it was OBVIOUSLY deja-vu! It’s not her fault, it was a glitch in the Matrix!! *KEK*

  4. This is some intense stalking of a girl you most likely do not even know personally. She isn’t a celebrity, she’s just a regular person who blogs and you are allowed to not agree with her blogs and move on but this is obsessive and disturbing. She isn’t hurting anybody, so why are you trying to take her down?

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