[UPDATE] Road to Tempe 2015: Yet Another IronFlop

In exactly 14 days on October 18, Ragen claims she will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles, all in under 8-1/2 hours at the IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona in Tempe, AZ.

Ragen has a long history of signing up for athletic events and not showing up. Back in June, she did an audio interview with “Body Positive Yoga” in which she claimed she would enter “several smaller events” before the IRONMAN on October 18. This has never been mentioned again, and one of the chief criticisms of her training has always been her lack of actual race experience participating in smaller events like sprint tris or duathlons.

It has just come to our attention that Ragen registered for the Long Beach Triathlon on August 16. She is listed under the Athena Super Sprint category in the starters list. She is conspicuously absent from the results and did not even receive a 0:00:00 chip time, which means she never showed up for the race.
Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 5.44.01 PM

The Super Sprint distance is one of the easiest organized triathlon events, with a 1/4 mile swim, 7 mile bike, and 1.5 mile run. It would have been an excellent training opportunity to get some race experience. Instead Ragen didn’t even bother to show up, and then pretended it never happened, adding another event to her long list of athletic dropouts.


Since publishing this post, we’ve further learned that not only did Ragen drop out of the Long Beach Triathlon, she doubled down and also dropped out of the Newport Beach Triathlon that took place today (October 4).



Needless to say, it does not bode well for Tempe in two weeks.

39 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Road to Tempe 2015: Yet Another IronFlop

  1. She just cannot do this right, can she? It’s beyond me why she wouldn’t realize that everything is public. Maybe she will be stupid enough to use the plane delay as an excuse for not showing up in Tempe.

  2. I love following this story!

    I think Ragen should have a movie done about her, something along the lines of “Windy City Heat.” She’s perfect for it.

  3. WOW. So… it looks like they have a NO REFUND – NO EXCEPTION policy on both of those races. Wonder who foot the bill for Ragen’s no-show?

  4. She is me of the most delusional human beings in history. She does nothing but fabricate stories, lie about accomplishents, give out erroneous (& often dangerous) advice, and is just pathetic. I detest this person, yet I can’t look away fro the train wreck she has created!!

  5. I was curious about this, and I did a Google search for her name and Athlinks to see if anything came up. I did notice that she did the Hollywood Half 5k in 2013, coming in at 1:09:50, which means a 22:28/mile pace. For a 5k. How could any human being possibly go from doing a 5k in well over an hour to a Half Ironman in 2 and a half years? Granted, it’s much speedier than her 28 minute per mile pace for the Seattle Marathon, but how on Earth could she register for these things knowing she can’t even start, much less finish in a decent time. Must be nice to have that much money to throw around.

    • It’s called delusion: if she tells herself and everybody that she’s an elite athlete enough times, she’ll actually start to believe it.

    • But… So…her one mile time is my entire 5K time? I walk a mile in about 12-13 min. And that’s without really trying. (Alternate event for Army pt test) I wouldn’t call myself an athlete, never mind ‘elite’. Hell, I think I can walk faster than a 28 min mile with my 5 year old in tow. Yet she continues to insist she trains for these??

    • That’s completely normal for Ragen’s Facebook wall. You can see one of her followers actually tattled on you rather than reading the link or questioning her about it.

      To be clear, we don’t advocate attempting to engage Ragen in any of her “spaces” like Facebook or her blog comments. She has made it very clear she has no interest in responding to criticism in a meaningful way. Making comments on her Facebook wall is not productive because they will be removed immediately and simply give her more fodder for her “hater” delusions.

  6. I am new to this site/topic so apologize if my question is incorrect or outdated but after learning abt ragen last night I researched many of her posts/claims and came across one where she references when she was in ‘basic training’ her ‘cadet officer…’ Has anyone seen this or does anyone know what she’s referencing? She once again seems to be using creative wording to lead people to believe she was in the mil. By avoiding blatant lying by stating when I was in basic training with the…(insert branch here). The term basic training is never used in any other context than basic mil. Training. And whenever someone states when they were in basic training with no further explanation on what type of basic training they are referring to it’s automatically stipulated they are referring to basic mil. Training. Has anyone else seen this or know anything abt. This claim?

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