Road to Tempe 2015: The $1000 Doctor’s Appointment

Is this the “injury” Ragen will be using to take advantage of the IRONMAN full refund plan? Only time will tell. We note that for someone who claims she has Perfect Bloodwork™ and blood pressure, and is “in the top 5% in the country in strength, stamina, flexibility, and all medical markers of health”, Ragen seems to spend an awful lot of time at the doctor’s office. Perhaps her energy healer was too busy to see her?
Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.33.53 PM

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9 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: The $1000 Doctor’s Appointment

  1. People are calling her their heroine. I mean…why? Why is this woman doing this? What is the point…the end game? She obviously has a large enough following that if she chose to do something, anything, people would be behind her, so why lie? Does she not realize the number of lives she could possibly touch, change, inspire, just by posting the truth? “Hey guys, I slacked on my training. I took a bigger bite than I was ready to handle with the IM thing. Lesson learned.” I don’t even know the emotions I’m feeling. Hate, disgust, sorrow, pity….ugh.

  2. I read one of her blog posts from 2009 I think, about her going to the Dr. cause she was anemic. No one talks to their Dr. like that. Not only that, appointments just don’t go like that. A doctor would not test glucose levels unless the test was previously set up, because you have to be fasting to get an accurate reading of glucose. Ive had my glucose levels in the diabetic range just from chewing a piece of gum on the way to the Dr after 12 hours of fasting. Second, the doctor doesn’t just “come back” with the results. Even the best doctors, with labs on site, take hours to get results. And if she’s being an a$$hole to every Dr she sees, they can refuse services, so I doubt there are many left willing to see her. Word travels, even among doctors.

    And if this *is* a true story, and a Dr just walks in and demands she starts to lose weight, then she needs to be writing to the medical board, not on her blog, because that is someone who is dangerous to all patients, not just obese ones.

    • It’s kind of shocking to me how HAES authors (sadly, I’ve read more than one) perceive these doctors appointments. What I read as innocuous comments or dry medical advice, they take as fat shaming. Heh.
      I’m wondering what possible treatment she could be having at a local doctor’s office that would run her a grand…? I broke my toe once during a race, but didn’t realize it was broken until after the event. I went to the ER, got a painkiller injection and then had my toes reset…my insurance was billed like $750.
      I suppose it’s useless to speculate…but I do wonder what possible treatment at a doctor’s office could run that much.

  3. I just imagine medical appointments with Regan from the Doctor’s perspective….
    “So, still training for the iron man?” ‘….and not one single ounce lost.’
    “How are the knees?” ‘God woman! They are only bones!!’

    Any doctors out there? How DO you deal with a patient like this?

  4. She’s an incredible liar.

    First of all, it’s been illegal for health insurance providers to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions for years. Second, “obesity” or weight IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS and it’s not something health insurance checks…you want health insurance, you complete a few forms online (name, address, age, SSN, not really much else…I do it every year for my family coverage and there are literally NO personal or health history questions involved); you pay for it, you have it.

    Life insurance is a different story and, yes, a heavy person, a smoker, a professional circus performer, a person with a mental health hospitalization WILL pay higher premiums but CAN ABSOLUTELY purchase coverage.

    Health insurance, as I recall it for my entire adult life and that’s going back to the early 90s when I got outof college, is an across-the-board, no-questions-asked, everyone-gets-it-through-his-employer deal…I pay the same per week/paycheck for my employer-sponsored health insurance (a major, nationwide, decades-old, big name insurance) as does the 58 year old obese coworker who doesn’t wear his seatbelt, the 22 year old weekend binge drinker who lives on soda and candy, the 70 year old osteoporosis-riddled coworker who still works full time,etc. There is no discrimination, differentiation, financial punishment or denial of insurance; sorry, Ragen.

    OHHHHH, wait…the problem may be that Ragen has never had actual full time regular employment, unlike every other adult I know, so she CHOSE to forego buying private health insurance until the new laws made coverage more affordable, and then she CHOSE a plan with a lower premium that results in higher co-pays and has a long list of uncovered services, etc. So, as always, HER OWN CHOICE, HER OWN FAULT.

    • Yes and no.

      Health insurance prior to Obamacare could deny coverage or increase premiums for pre existing conditions. this would typically happen if you had a lapse in coverage.

      If you were covered through an employer, ended up leaving/losing that job and then got some other health insurance on the open market you would not really be denied although as a private plan you would be underwritten most likely at a more aggressive rate depending on your “health”. If you had a lapse in coverage for a certain period of time and then tried to get coverage you could be completely denied. Hence the importance of folks being on COBRA or getting another job with benefits or paying out of pocket for an underwritten plan. Prior to obamacare it was not unheard of for some claims to be basically recinded after the fact if the insurance company could try and figure out any way to NOT pay (your sprained ankle may have influenced your knee that needs to be replaced but you didn’t tell them about the sprain from ten years ago ergo they will now deny all coverage).

      For some (my mother was one) the expense of private insurance without an employer was either brutally expensive, covered very little, or not offered at all. My mother was very fortunate prior to Obamacare that she had been a veteran as countless plans refused to cover her without a ridiculous premium and very little coverage due to a past history of kidney cancer. After Obamacare her employer had to offer a basic plan for her so like many other people she is now covered through her employer. Pretty much any plan she was approved for prior to Obamacare would have had a very high monthly cost with ridiculous lifetime and annual maximums and a charter of conditions uncovered.

      Employer plans have always been different in terms of coverage without regards to pre existing conditions. Various reasons for this that on a mobile i don’t care to type out but basically it is another ball of wax.

      So as much as I dislike Ragen if she didn’t have employer sponsored coverage it is indeed factual she could have been denied coverage (a friend of mine who went back to law school and her school didn’t offer coverage was denied coverage due to her 60 lb overweight self and she was accepted for one plan that was 2x her COBRA payment) or it was so horrifically expensive she would not have been able to afford it.

      • Thanks for expanding on that comment. We are reasonably certain Ragen actually did have health insurance for a large portion of the time she claims she didn’t, based on comments on her old Livejournal. Maybe a topic for a future post.

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