Road to Tempe 2015: 15 Days, Ragen’s Open Water Panic Attack

In just over two weeks, Ragen claims she will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles, all in under 8-1/2 hours at IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona in Tempe, AZ. At the moment she is busy preparing for the Fat Activism Conference running from October 9-11. So busy she has started deleting and reposting blog posts again. A few days later, she flies across the country to speak at Castleton University on October 15. On October 16, she flies straight to Tempe while her disabled 500 pound girlfriend makes the six hour drive there with Ragen’s IM gear by herself. The race starts first thing in the morning on October 18, and Ragen’s participation depends on coordinating all her last-minute excuses.

Yesterday Ragen finally posted the fabled open water swim update. She opens with a rant about “trolls” who supposedly criticize minor technicalities in her writing because they have nothing legitimate to say. This is a common technique Ragen uses to deflect criticism without actually addressing it. A textbook example is her straw man response to Fake Selfie Sunday. Meanwhile she has yet to address the missing financial disclosure for her billboards project.

In the update, we learn that on Thursday night, Ragen decided to go for a solo open water swim on an empty beach after sunset. At some point during the swim, a bird caught a fish near her and she had a panic attack. Moments later, lifeguards showed up to kick her off the beach because it was closed. Ragen considers this an inspirational victory because she didn’t immediately freak out and swim to the beach.

The truth, of course, is that this incident merely demonstrates Ragen’s lack of preparation for the IRONMAN. She claims to have plenty of experience with open water swimming, yet doesn’t know the beach closes at sunset. Furthermore, she doesn’t even realize how dangerous it is to swim alone after sunset on a completely empty beach. She implies this swim took place at the ocean, but she was most likely swimming at Newport Dunes, which is under a kilometre at its widest and shallow enough to touch the bottom for much of the swimming area. A minor incident like this was enough to induce a serious panic attack, but in 15 days she will supposedly be competing in an endurance event that starts with a continuous wave of swimmers chopping up the water and jostling and swimming over each other.

At this point Ragen is as ready as she will ever be to compete in the IRONMAN. Over the next two weeks she will taper down her training to prepare for the race day. Nobody cares if Ragen posts “Inspiration Thursday” on a Friday, but as usual Ragen is so caught up in her own nonsense that she can’t see the glaring issue right in front of her face.

15 days until Tempe.


17 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: 15 Days, Ragen’s Open Water Panic Attack

      • DNS. 3 days ago she posted this on FB:

        “U.S. Medical system: at the doctor, have filled out 7 forms, not one asked a single medical question, but I’ve confirmed 6 times that I know I’ll have to pay for this if my insurance doesn’t pay.”

        Then in the comments added that the visit would have been over $1000 if she were uninsured.

        Sounds to me like she’s lining up her unforeseen illness/injury.

  1. Saw that. So even if she worms her way out of this one, what about the 2016 IM that she’s supposedly doing? Is she going to DNS for that one, too?

  2. She’ll grift her followers and use the ‘future ironman’ title to snag interviews and appearances until then. It’s working out for her, I’m sure she’ll keep extending until she comes up with another ‘project to nowhere’ scheme.

      • After her 12:20 “marathon”, I don’t know why she didn’t dial it back and start out with some 5ks and progress from there. Why on earth would she go straight for an Ironman?! It doesn’t make any sense. It’s completely irrational – no reasonable person would do this. That’s why I’m convinced it’s just a scheme. All she has to do is take some fake selfies and post vague training details and inauthentic anecdotes on her blog… it’s so sad. I would route for her if she was sincere (and rational). Instead, she insults real athletes AND creates imaginary impossible odds that could very well discourage her followers from engaging in physical activity. It’s sick. Sick sick sick. I’m so glad this blog is here to expose her and I hope that it helps others see Ragen for what she is.

      • Even C25K would be a great start. The last time Ragen posted anything meaningful about”running”, her average pace was still nomal human walking pace.

        Finishing C25K doesn’t get you quoted in the NY Times and interviewed for Women’s Running magazine so you can pick up more paid speaking engagements, though. After the “marathon” Ragen had to go to the next level; IronFat is apparently very successful and will last her more than two years.

  3. Don’t any fact-checkers work at Women’s Running and the NY Times? I can’t believe they wouldn’t have the common sense to call b.s. on the spot. I run 500 miles a year, easily, and I know that if I started training now, I probably wouldn’t be ready to seriously take on an IM in 2016. But people are willing to believe her story when she has so obviously not trained, has complained about the sports that real athletes love, and claimed that everyone along the way has fat shamed her?
    Her delusions are sad, but it’s even more disappointing that mainstream media doesn’t bother to fact check her befor they praise her.

  4. This is so mind boggling. My BMI is 19 and I really struggled with the first 5K I completed. 10 months later I ran a 10K and was over the moon. An Ironman? Half, whole, whatever…too challenging in my opinion.

  5. I started doing sprint triathlons last year, and haven’t done any races over an Olympic distance yet. That being said, my first triathlon was the hardest because it’s your first time figuring out transition. Transition is no joke, and she’s going to get herself thrown out if she slows down the real athletes in that space. Tri’s aren’t about helping a newbie, or being nice- it’s an individual competition that you alone are supposed to be competing in. I can’t wait to read her complaints about the “lack of compassion” or “fat hatred” by other athletes, when they refuse to help her out on the swim/bike course and she’s unprepared and freaking out. I already know she’s going to start attacking the triathlons community for being fat-haters when she fails to finish, like somehow triathlons are a group sport and she was the lone outcast. You want the warm fuzzies after a race? Do a walk-a-thon or a fun run. You want to earn serious athletic respect? Do an Iron Man, but just know no one uses that as their starting race.

  6. I’m also struggling to understand her logic in scheduling events the same week as the IM. Again, if she had done any race before, she would understand that setting up and being comfortable in a new city is critical, and relying on someone else to bring everything required for a triathlon (and there is A LOT of gear you use) is just… Unbelievable. I’m starting to think that her Gf will “conveniently” leave a critical piece of equipment behind… Like her wetsuit, and Regan will have to “unfortunately” withdraw from the race at the last minute.

    But thank you for this blog. I’m in no way a hard-core triathlete, but I don’t appreciate how she has been acting like anyone can do any triathlon, and it’s no big deal. Traveling to races is hard, and she’s in for a rude awakening very shortly.

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