Road to Tempe 2015: 20 Busy Days, Still No Training Updates

It’s now 20 days until the Arizona IRONMAN 70.3 in Tempe, AZ, where Ragen claims she will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles, all in under 8-1/2 hours.

Since our last major update, Ragen has posted almost nothing about her training. She posted a single Selfie Sunday update two weeks ago where she was extremely careful to not take multiple photos on the same day and repeat the mistakes of her first two efforts. She still couldn’t resist describing a late night run as a pre-dawn run, since it apparently sounds more impressive to her if she gets up early to run. Other than that, she has been hard at work with “activism” rather than training for the major endurance event she is registered for in under three weeks.

Earlier this month, Ragen told an Icelandic newspaper she believes she may become a literal martyr for fat acceptance one day. She spent 10 days of the last two weeks out of the country, starting with an appearance at the Weight Stigma Conference (more on that in a future post), followed by holidays in Ireland, a paid appearance at an HAES event in London, then more holidays in Ireland. She has now missed two Fake Selfie Sunday updates in a row, despite promising selfies from Iceland to her Facebook followers. She also hasn’t posted the promised update about her open water swimming and “56 mile” bike ride. In fact, she was so inactive online recently that for several days, Dances with Facts was actually ranked higher than her own blog in Google search results.

In a crucial stage of training, Ragen has spent 10 days traveling around foreign countries, with only a single vague mention of a “run” in Iceland. She is presently preparing for the Fat Activism Conference on October 9-11. A few days later, she flies across the country to Virginia Vermont for a speaking engagement at Castleton University on Thursday, October 15. On Friday, she flies straight to Tempe while her scooter-bound girlfriend makes the six hour drive from California with all her IM gear alone. The event is on the Sunday.

What do we really know at this point, less than three weeks from Tempe? Still almost nothing. Over the last 1-1/2 years, Ragen has posted a stream of vague, useless “training updates” about her glacial training progress, inability to ride a bike, inability to run, and lack of open water swimming experience. She owns a GPS watch that is clearly visible in her fake selfies, but refuses to share any details of her pacing, distances, or routes, first claiming this is “proprietary information”, then claiming she needs to protect herself from the numerous mysterious “haters” who want to rape and murder her.

At the same time as concocting a last-minute perfect storm of excuses about her impending failure to start or DNF, Ragen has casually thrown in a few training numbers that show truly implausible progress to pretend she is suddenly ready for the 70.3. The photos in the Icelandic newspaper article show she hasn’t lost any weight during her 1-1/2 years of intense marathon and IRONMAN training, allaying any fears she might have to explain herself to her followers, but making it clear she is still too heavy to have any chance of finishing a half-IM.

20 days until Tempe.


23 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: 20 Busy Days, Still No Training Updates

    • There is live tracking from the timing mats online, and I believe there will be web cams at the transition points. Bib numbers were released a couple weeks ago, so we can see if she crosses the starting mat even if she DNFs before the end of the swim.

  1. My god, the delusions involved are obscene. I’ve competed in a variety of endurance races. It’s all about the training regimen, particularly before your first few events. You can’t hope to have a chance in hell, unless you prepare almost single-mindedly for months.

    The swim alone, in open water, is a monster undertaking, however let’s assume the benefit of buoyancy to make it possible for RC. But, the half-century is serious, serious shit, after an exhausting swim, and the final half-marathon often annihilates even super well-prepared athletes.

    Disregarding RC’s weight, the idea that RC can stroll into a 70.3 IM, with as little prep as she has done, is simple predation on her supporters. I’m stunned that she is so cavalier about ruthlessly misleading her audience.

    This is sociopathic behavior.

  2. I love how she links back to her own blog, like she did research to prove that weight loss is impossible, or whatever other crazy point she’s trying to prove. I clicked on them, hoping to see scholarly articles with research over periods of time. But nope, just back to her own blog, with old entries. Like she’s an expert.

    And the part about appreciating her body…I’ve come to learn when you really appreciate something, you don’t scream from the roof tops waiting for someone else to notice/comment/argue with you. Because you don’t NEED external validation. You just go on about your day. So, to me (and in my opinion only), this whole “I’m fat and love myself and you should love me but so many people hate me” deal is because she does really hate herself. So she’s either trying to get enough people to externally validate that hate, or give her love, because she doesn’t love herself. It’s just a shame because somehow, this insane person has a real following that she could help, yet she is too self absorbed to do so.

  3. In the latest photograph her helmet is not clipped under her chin.

    But more than that: it’s perfectly straight. Not like its ever been used.

  4. “she hasn’t lost any weight during her 1-1/2 years of intense marathon and IRONMAN training” This to me is the clincher, the absolute proof positive that she cannot be training for this event. NO changes to her body? NONE?!? The photo from the Icelandic newspaper shows she is possibly even larger than she was a few years ago.
    Fascinating, but like watching a trainwreck.

  5. I left a comment last night asking if she had ever done any bricks, but it was waiting for “moderation” and still isn’t there. I think I already know the answer.

  6. I am filled w/unreasoning rage viewing yesterday’s “56 mile ride” photo… Do you notice how the loose ends of the chin strap on her helmet are dangling free, as crisp & clean as if ABSOLUTELY UNUSED?!?
    I looked back through the previous selfies & found another one which was similar… There is NO WAY she did as much as ride around a parking lot with the loose ends of those straps whipping around & slapping her in the face or on her neck.
    I believe she just took the thing out of its package.

    • Her shirt is bone dry. Bone. Dry. Not even a bib of sweat. Her pony tail is completely dry too! I look like a walking rorschach when I leave an air-conditioned gym after 1 hr workout. I was drenched after a recent 6 mile hike in the shade… and I *barely* dried out during the hour long drive home. Sweat does not dry that fast.

      I’m still wondering why she’s never complained of stabbing ass pains or sore wrists. I’m doubting she’s even training at all.

      I swear, if I had the entire rational world against me, I would be damned to set myself up for failure. How long will she be able to continue to maneuver out of these incredible feats?

  7. Re: this new 56 mile ride post:

    I’ve logged many cycling miles on bike paths and I’ve never had someone ask me how far I was riding but she has two people ask in a single ride.

    People don’t say “have a nice ride” as they pass each other because at speed there is hardly enough time to give a little wave.

    The verbal exchange when the 3 guys pass her could not have happened because by the time she finished speaking they would have been too far past her to hear and/or respond.

    She indicates that after talking to the “nice guys” that SHE rode away from them. Come on. These guys roll up alongside her (believable) but then she rides away from them.

    It’s also cool that she found a loop that allowed her to leave the parking lot, ride X number of loops and return to the parking lot at 55.95 miles.

  8. One other thing I wanted to mention. I had to pull out of an IM one year because I strained my back hauling my wife’s kayak out of her car before I was about to take my final long training swim. I didn’t attend the race, but my timing chip/number/etc ended up with someone who did the swim and bike portions but never left for the run (training perhaps?). Amusingly, the splits were about what I was expecting. This was over 10 years ago so maybe they have controls in place now to make sure that sort of thing doesn’t happen. But if you see Ragen with some killer swim and bike splits, you’ll now what happened.

  9. I’m sorry, but the following convo on her blog about the supposed 50-mile bike ride is sooooo obviously made up, it’s not even funny:

    Dude: “How far are are you going”
    Me: “I’m 33 into 56”
    Dude: “Minutes?”
    Me: (rolling my eyes) “Miles”
    Dude: “No way, prove it!”
    Me: (Knowing that they knew damn well that I was out here for more than 30 minutes because they had first passed me 21 miles ago) “I’m actually fine with you thinking I’m a liar, that’s no problem at all.”
    Dude: “Aw don’t be mad, we’re just kidding we know you’ve been out here a while.”
    Me: “Whatever, have a good ride.”

    I’m big into marathons, and I know the athletic community well enough to say that we don’t talk to each other that way.

    • Whenever Ragen posts a tale of human interaction it erases any doubt about how fake the story is. She just has no idea how normal people interact. She really doesn’t leave the echo chamber much at all. Plus she always thinks she’s coming out of these tales a hero when really, if it actually happened as she describes, she’s just being an asshole.

  10. The one thing that stands out to me — no saddle pain. She complains about everything else but not once has she mentioned her ass hurting as she gets accustomed to riding on a bicycle seat. I ride about 5K miles a year but don’t rise in the winter. Every spring, I know I have 3 to 4 weeks of acclimation to the bike saddle and it can get painful.

    To me, this is the one thing that screams out that shes making all of this up.

    • I was thinking that. There are some things that just go with certain activities. Even riding a recumbent bike for 30-60 min I have pain. Throw in actual riding on a path with bumps and divots and turns and that would be multiplied. But of course her excuse would be she has an amazing magical pair of padded shorts (not to mention all her natural padding) that makes her impervious to this pain. But there are other things. Catching your calf in the chain, calluses on your hands from the handle bars, headaches from the helmet after 50 miles, irritation from the helmet strap under your chin. These may be things an experienced rider doesn’t have, but a newbie would.

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