Road to Tempe 2015: Fake Selfie Sunday

Note: Please see the update at the bottom of the post -IFC

It’s now 46 days until the Arizona IRONMAN 70.3, where Ragen claims she will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles, all in under 8-1/2 hours. Instead of enlightening us with training updates, Ragen has been watching movies and posting inspirational quotes and concocting a steady stream of excuses. What better way to cap off that elite effort than a few selfies of herself training hard to show all the haters? Ragen just introduced a new feature on her blog called Selfie Sunday, where she plans to post training selfies taken throughout the week every Sunday since she is absolutely definitely training very hard for Tempe.

Our favourite trained researcher did a bad job of stripping the EXIF data from her photos. Checking the dates and timestamps for the gallery, we can see they were taken on August 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, and 30. They’re presented completely out of order chronologically to imply more activity than they actually represent; when arranged correctly, everything appears to be OK until August 29, when Ragen apparently decided she needed to create a bunch of new selfies for Selfie Sunday. At 9:53 PM, Ragen poses for an “early morning run”. 11 minutes later, Ragen is suddenly in the middle of a swim. A minute after that, Ragen is just about to start a swim.

Moving on to August 30, Ragen is “back in the saddle” riding her bike at 9:16 AM. An hour later at 10:20 she has suddenly finished a 42 mile training ride. Ragen wants us to believe she biked 42 miles in one go, only three weeks after she was happy about riding a single block in traffic and doing some figure eights in a parking lot. It’s worth pointing out that as usual Ragen is merely implying she rode 42 miles before the photo was taken. With her usual slippery relationship with the truth, it’s possible she meant over the course of the selfies, or even her total mileage since she bought the bike.

For the benefit of our readers, we’ve arranged Ragen’s selfies from August 29 and 30 in the correct order with dates and timestamps.

2015:08:29 21:53:27

Ragen poses for an “early morning run” selfie at 9:53 PM.


2015:08:29 22:04:35

11 minutes later, Ragen has just finished a swim.


2015:08:29 22:05:49

A minute after the previous photo, Ragen is “getting ready to swim”. GPS data shows the camera was turned 120 degrees to the right since the previous photo. Note the identical specks of dust on her left shoulder.


2015:08:30 09:16:26

Ragen is back in the saddle the following morning, apparently 2-3 hours into a vigorous 42 mile training ride.


2015:08:30 10:20:30

An hour later, Ragen has moved half a mile and finished her “42 mile” ride, and is complaining about walking her bike up a 5% grade.


Fake Selfie Sunday may be a new low even for Ragen.

Note: Because of our commitment to fact checking, this post was temporarily removed to confirm some technical details about the metadata formatting in the images. After considerable investigation into the EXIF standard, as well as cross referencing with shadow angles and other available metadata fields, we remain confident in the timeline presented here. Ragen is free to supply evidence to the contrary, at which time we would be happy to issue a formal retraction and apology. We extend the same invitation to her for any other post on this blog.

Instead Ragen has posted an angry rebuttal on Facebook that addresses nothing about this post or anything else on Dances with Facts. She accuses her “haters” of not actually believing what they say about her, as well as hacking, doxxing, and sending her graphic rape and death threats as part of a “campaign of sustained harassment”. It remains a great mystery to us why all of Ragen’s “haters” choose to politely relay their messages through private channels nobody other than Ragen herself can view and confirm.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.35.57 PM

56 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: Fake Selfie Sunday

  1. This is awesome. Cannot wait to see what her explanation for this is…maybe like how she “forgot” to change her workout tracker from “run” to “bike,” she “forgot” to take pix during her “workout,” so she just used these “pre”-enactments she had conveniently taken days before to have on hand just in case?

  2. I love this blog. I mean, I knew there was something strange about the pictures, but didn’t have any proof that it was fake. Keep up the good work.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ragen is a joke, but I also checked the exif data: it shows not the date of the actual shot but only of the ‘latest change’. So one can easily argue, that the dates simply display the time when the pics were downloaded or scanned.

    • There is also a GPS stamp on these if you dig in that may more closely reveal the time and location of the shot. I looked at the early morning run one and it is stamped at just before 5am. If she did any mods like cropping I think that would also change the last modified time stamp.
      Not saying Regan isn’t full of shit, but just make sure you’re right or it makes it too easy for people to dismiss this as a hate site vs exposing a sick person who manipulates truth and influences vulnerable people.

      • Exactly. The early morning run and the swimming pics could be legit when she returned from the run before 5 am and then changed into the swimming gear. That would just leave the 2nd swimming pic as kind of bogus.

        Also the bike ride is probably legit, she could have taken the first selfie during a break on her way back, and the sidewalk shot after the finished the ride.

      • I kind of agree, it’s not foolproof, there’s no solid, absolute proof. Maybe I’m a sucker and I just want to believe, but with regards to the swimming ones, the time discrepancy could just be that she took a bunch of selfies at once, and then just uploaded the ones she liked. The bike shit might just be an exaggeration, like she didn’t really ride 42 miles, but did ride an hour or so?

      • No no. I also analyzed the data. It’s 5pm UTC which of course was around ten pm her time.

        My hesitation with the data was unfortunately an Apple bug blog where someone mentioned that the last edited time would change the GPS time as well, and you really needed to see the originally taken time, which was unavailable in her exif data.

        That said however, these don’t look edited, and I’m a photographer if that matters. Secondly it’s clear to me that in early morning run that’s just a hallway light behind her. Furthermore as an avid cyclist there is zero chance she did a 42 mile ride as she implied.

        So yes I think these were 100% faked. I just wish an Apple engineer would weigh in.

      • Glad you feel confident about the time stamps. I felt like the selfies are definitely staged, but since she messed with the exif data to remove the location data (which she should do) it made the rest of the metadata a little odd.
        Regardless, these photos reveal sad facts like less than 2 months from an Ironman half she’s bitching about a sloping hill and is still doing laps in a pool and not apparently in open water. I am 100% sure if she’s been anywhere near open water for a swim we would have heard all about it, just like the figure 8s.

  4. The GPS time stamps for the early morning run and the swimming pics are the following:

    early-morning-run.jpg GPS Date Time 2015:08:30 04:53:27.25Z

    getting-ready-to-swim.jpg GPS Date Time 2015:08:30 05:05:49.44Z

    another-swim-done.jpg GPS Date Time 2015:08:30 05:04:35.43Z

    Where do you get the 10pm times from?

    • Those are zulu times – hence the Z. Zulu time is also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or universal time. So the stamp reflects the time in Greenwich, England. Move that forward or backward the appropriate number of hours plus or minus DST and you get local time.

  5. I am really trying to avoid this Ragen stuff…I really am. She’s a big rock against which I have beaten myself against for long enough. However, Ragen we know you read this blog so some questions?

    1. Why are you intimating that 50 days out from a major race you are still riding on a sidewalk? I’ve ridden in SoCal (not Long Beach) and the coastal drivers have always been very accommodating to cyclists? Were you treating the man and boy walking down that sidewalk with the same respect you are going to treat the rest of the competitors in Tempe?

    2. I trust Ironfactchecker because he has always been very diligent with his fact checking…but…lets say he is wrong about the meta data, why are these selfies? If you aren’t afraid to appear in pictures why not get Julianne to take a pic as you are starting a run or coming back in? Why not have her drive next to you on the PCH and get an action shot on the bike? Why not have your TI coach take a shot of you from the pool deck?

    3. I truly want to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are taking this race seriously but a long time ago you passed a threshold where the “whys?” and “what ifs” and the constant need to talk around things, avoid questions, not be revealing about training (and I’m not even say lying here) just starts to add up to a whole lot of nothing…and thats not good for you.

    • I live in Long Beach and I know exactly where she is in that picture (but I will not say where out of her safety concerns). There is a local bike/run path that is very popular in that location. Running/biking from one end to another is about six miles. I know this because I tried running there in prep for the OC half marathon and I could not get enough miles in unless I kept going back and forth.

    • I live in Long Beach and I know exactly where she is in that picture. There is a local bike/run path that is very popular in that location. Running/biking from one end to another is about six miles. I know this because I tried running there in prep for the OC half marathon and I could not get enough miles in unless I kept going back and forth.

  6. It is really, really important when posting these that you guys indeed be absolutely sure. One of her main stays in all her rants is that people do horrible things to her for no other reason than that they have randomly decided they “hate fat people.” If you’re absolutely positive these are what you say, then good job! But if there’s any chance you’re wrong then you are indeed sinking to precisely the low that Ragen claims her “haters” sink to. (I would agree it’s odd all these haters are so polite and leave messages where only she can see them though….)

    • Actually, it isn’t all that important. Even if he was 100% wrong on the time of the selfies there are other suspicious things about them. Namely, why are they all face photos, why are there no photos of her actually on the bike, in the pool, running? Why is she wearing her sports bra in the pool or her swimsuit while she is running? And all of that aside, there is, well, this *entire blog of evidence* that Ragen is full of shit. This isn’t a legal case.

      The truth will out in only 46 days, regardless.

      • Correct. It’s not a legal case. Nor is it a blog that wishes to be known for posting things which aren’t true in an effort to discredit someone they claim routinely fails to tell the truth. So yes, accuracy is important. Which is why the author states they removed it, checked their facts are correct and reposted. Presumably if they didn’t feel strongly about accuracy they wouldn’t have done that.

  7. I would like to point out that she appears to be wearing her black sports bra in her swimming pictures (also based on her other “workout selfies”, she alwas wears it underneath her tops; notice the same elastic detail around the neckline and the straps in ‘another-swim-done.jpg’ and ’42-more-miles-in-the-bike-bank.jpg’, for example).
    I find it hard to think that she would swim in her sports bra, or that she would run in her swimsuit.

  8. Oh, there’s still plenty of uncertainty. In fact I’m the one who posted the other day to fatlogic about her exif data proving she was full of shit. That post had garnered 40 points and a ton of comments in an hour but I obliterated it because above all I want to be factually accurate. I couldn’t know from my data that I was right, so I deleted it. Not spreading misinformation is important to me.

    So here’s the thing. The edited timestamp and the GPS / UTC (Zulu time zone) time stamps are identical. Ok. Well then she didn’t edit them or move them. Right?

    Not necessarily at all. In fact according to this may not be true at all. And instead whenever she exported them the GPS time changed as well.

    I’d need an Apple engineer to disprove this but in good conscience I couldn’t let the lost stay up if it was based on a potential error.

    Now I really hope she didn’t fake them, because I only wish she’d do this and live it and lose a ton of weight. I wish her no harm and I hope she is telling the trut

    But if she isn’t, there is very little I hate worse than lying. And she deserves whatever negative attention that should arise if she’s lying. I personally don’t think she’s capable of riding 42 miles So she just mean total, fwiw.

  9. Nice job on the fact-checking. This blog always delivers!

    Anyone care to take a stab at the reflection in her goggles? I thought that it might be in her own bathroom, but it’s really hard to tell. Just seems really cluttered for a swimming pool. Unless it’s in the lockers? Anyone here good with the Unsharp Mask filter?

    • Just zooming in on the goggle images, and it does look like a bathroom, maybe even a kitchen. the “another swim done” goggle reflection looks like a sink, possibly part of the shower door, some stuff on the counter. But I could be wrong, wish I had something better than Chrome’s zoom.

    • Agreed. I can see what looks like a bathroom vanity in the goggle reflection.

      And I look way worse (hot and sweaty) after my work outs than she does after a 42 mile bike trek.

      • This is why It’s so obvious that all her “training” is faked.
        She looks like she just got off the couch in all those selfies, not a drop of sweat, not flushed in the face, none of the unavoidable endurance athlete tan lines.

        Shameful display, and it’s great that someone is bringing attention to it. People like her make a mockery of some of the amazing and very real weight loss/training journeys out there. GPS files or it didn’t happen

        It will be interesting to see if she actually starts in this race because she really has no chance of making the cut offs, it’s a straight up matter of physiology. If she does start I just hope she doesn’t seriously hurt herself or worse.

  10. **** BOOM…. mic drop!!! *****

    Your move Ragen, you lying, sad, pathetic bitch.
    Next time, do some more of that ‘elite researching’ and
    learn how metadata and timestamps work, you dumb skank.

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