August: Another Month of Reposts

Ragen is apparently extremely busy training for her IRONMAN. So busy she still doesn’t have time to write new content for her blog. In July we noted 35% of new Dances with Fat posts were direct reposts of old content. In August, Ragen upped her game and increased that to a full 45%, or 10 of 22 posts for the entire month. It was actually above 50% until she padded out the end of the month with two low effort pieces complaining about George Takei’s “bigotry”. These reposts are old blog content from 2010-2013 that she surreptitiously deletes and then presents as new content almost word-for-word, without any kind of acknowledgement.

Ragen was on the defensive on Facebook after our previous exposé of her reposting habits. She claims these reposts are simply “repurposed” or “re-worked” content, or things she reposts on a regular schedule like her “underpants rule” post.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.16.58 AM

Last week she even asked her Facebook followers for blog post ideas, then promptly made yet another repost instead.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.24.41 AM

We want to note there is nothing unusual about reusing blog content, especially when a blogger acknowledges they are reposting something. Ragen is being extremely deceptive about this practice, trying to pretend she’s re-purposing old content or occasionally reposting an important piece. The most damning clue that Ragen has something to hide is that she deletes the original post and all the comments on it before making minor edits to her language and presenting it as new content.

The fact that Ragen regularly self-plagiarizes herself and lacks integrity should come as no surprise given everything we know about her, but in the grand scheme of things it’s unlikely anyone really cares (least of all her followers). The real issue is that in the footer of every Dances with Fat post, she asks her readers to commit to “subscribing” for $120/year to help pay for blog content. To justify this, she claims she writes a new blog post almost every single day, which takes her “at least two hours”. If this doesn’t rise to the level of fraud, then it’s at least incredibly unethical. That’s just par for course with Ragen, though.

We’ve compiled a list of every post Ragen deleted and reposted in August. The links will allow you to examine the changes she made, which are substantial on one or two posts, but generally small updates to reflect changes in her “fat activism” language, or changes to minor details to make the post appear to be new and relevant (e.g. changing “Smurfs movie” to “Sharknado 3”). In one case she actually removed the credit for a diagram another blogger created and replaced it with her own version.

This list represents “at least” 20 hours of Ragen’s trained researcher time in August. We invite our readers to see for themselves what a Dances with Fat subscription really buys you.

Aug 1 – originally posted Jun 17, 2010

Aug 3 – originally posted Jan 25, 2011

Aug 8 – originally posted Aug 11, 2012

Aug 13 – originally posted Oct 25, 2012

Aug 17 – originally posted Sep 15, 2012

Aug 18 – originally posted Dec 13, 2012
This repost actually contains a dead link to the original copy of another post she deleted and reposted. Elite editing indeed!

Aug 20 – originally posted Jun 3, 2012

Aug 25 – originally posted Jan 31, 2013

Aug 27 – originally posted Sep 9, 2011

Aug 28 – originally posted Jan 7, 2013


9 thoughts on “August: Another Month of Reposts

  1. In today’s IronFat post, Ragen claims to have ridden 42 mi… Color me skeptical; I know how I felt last year when I rode 40!!! (Gonna try a different saddle one mo’ time although I think saddle pain becomes a fact of life w/long-distance cycling…)

    • I believe she rode 42 miles; just not necessarily straight through or even on the same day. Everything she says must be considered with tremendous skepticism.

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