Road to Tempe 2015: 50 Days, Ragen’s New Excuses

In exactly 50 days, Ragen claims she will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles, all in under 8-1/2 hours. Well, that’s not really an accurate statement anymore. Ragen has hedged her bets a couple times this year, saying she doesn’t fear failure in January, and telling Body Positive Yoga she doesn’t mind if she fails at the 70.3 back in an April interview. In her latest IronFat update she talks about her “haters” hoping she’ll fail, and that she’s “chosen a big goal” which means she could fail, but it wouldn’t be a big deal. She says she and her supporters have bought plane tickets to fly to Tempe, and cryptically mentions that her girlfriend Julianne will be making the six hour drive to Tempe alone with her bike and other gear.

In recent weeks, Ragen has been slowly concocting a perfect storm of excuses for why she won’t finish the 70.3 this October. Her response to getting sick and missing several days of training earlier this month was to watch movies and read inspirational quotes. She’s managed to organize several major events that interfere with a critical stage of her training. First there is the Weight Stigma Conference, trip to Dublin, and HAES speaking engagement in London that put her out of the country for at least 9 days mid-September. Then she has two weeks to prepare for the Fat Activism Conference that runs from October 9-11. Now Ragen claims she she is flying directly to Tempe from a mysterious unannounced east coast speaking engagement 2-3 days later, which is why her girlfriend is driving alone.

It’s pretty clear Ragen is setting herself up for a contrived failure. She complains about her “psychic trolls” making proclamations about her ability to complete the 70.3 when she specifically shares no details of her training plan on her training blog (the irony of Ragen making fun of “psychics” should not be ignored). Ragen says her training plan is “proprietary” (her trainer’s plans are available with a Google search). She’s so narcissistic she can’t help sharing even the most minor victory, so it’s safe to assume what small scraps of information she has posted on her IronFat blog represent the current state of her abilities. On that note, nothing has changed since our previous Road to Tempe post.

Swimming: We haven’t heard much about swimming for several months. The “open water course” she was planning to take in May is long forgotten, so it’s probably safe to say she still hasn’t done any open water swimming. Pace remains a mystery.

Biking: Her last update was about bike training. On a short trail ride with friends, she was excited about being able to make a figure eight in a parking lot, and was able to pedal up a small hill on only her second attempt without mis-shifting or having to get off and walk. She also managed to ride a single block in traffic while “freaking out internally”. This is the same person who claims she is almost ready to ride 56 miles on a crowded road course through several loops.

Running: Ragen has written almost nothing meaningful about running. We know she hired a new running coach and paid him to ignore a major component of the running method he teaches. She wrote a long rambling IronFat post about her “long runs” where she made the absurd implication that she now “runs” up to 24 miles at a time. We finally got a small clue about her running when she posted a Facebook update a month ago where she said her typical average “running” pace is “barely faster than a walk”. For a normal person a walking pace would be about 3.1 mph, but for Ragen it’s more like 2.1 mph based on her elite 12:20 marathon PR.


In the meantime Ragen has had plenty of time to do media interviews, bolstering her reputation with her upcoming IRONMAN appearance. A Women’s Running article says she “likes to participate in marathons and half marathons“. In a Mashable article published today she rehashes old stories and is described as “a dancer who has run in several marathons and is currently training for IRONMAN”. It’s pretty clear the authors of both articles did no fact checking whatsoever and relied on Ragen’s vague statements about herself.

There isn’t anything else to say because Ragen has nothing to say about her own training. 50 days and counting until Tempe…

19 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: 50 Days, Ragen’s New Excuses

  1. Julianne has car trouble on the way to Tempe, preventing the gear from arriving? Or plane delays, making poor Ragen late? I’m going with the first since planes are monitored and it would be too easy to check on the plane excuse. And Ragen could work in a nice lesson about Julianne’s inability to find a suitable hotel room when stranded because, you know, fatshaming. There are so many possibilities, though. The least likely of which is Ragen actually showing up at the start line/

    • Ragen is forced to get a second seat on the plane, which is unavailable, making her unable to attend the event.

  2. Fatshaming will be involved in the excuse. It has to be, because then she gets to pretend she’s an oppressed elite athlete who cannot compete in important events because of fatphobia. I bet she even manages to get work out of it.

    Her followers don’t care anyway. If anyone questions her claims to be a ‘marathoner’, they defend her abysmal time as something heroic.

  3. It’s all too likely that her partner will suffer a genuine medical crisis in the course of loading all of Ragen’s equipment and then driving alone for six hours. People of her size are prone to embolisms caused by blood clots, which can be caused by sitting in constrained positions and then bumped loose by bouncing over rough roads, curbs, speed bumps, etc. Unfortunately, biology is the agent of strongest fat oppression.

    • That’s… actually a good point. Mid-size sedans typically have a load limit of around 850 lbs. Julianne is self-admittedly at least 500 lbs, and Ragen is probably over 300 lbs. That doesn’t leave much for equipment and luggage. It’s also all loaded on one axle if they sit in the front together.

      • I was surprised to learn that Julianne is able to drive at her size – how does she fit behind the wheel? Maybe she has a van that is equipped for the disabled that can manage the combined weight of both passengers + gear on the return to CA. Her scooter is another item that would be part of the load, unless the hotel has one for her to borrow.

        It seems like a very risky move to send this person out to make a 6-hour trip alone. I wonder if some piece of information has been left out of the story.

      • As someone who used to weigh over 400 lbs (I am the 5%, 1%, 0.0009%, or whatever figure Ragen is using now), I have no doubt Julianne is physically capable of driving a car. She most likely needs a seatbelt extender to get the belt around her body and prevent it from constantly locking. We don’t know if Julianne owns a mobility device or requires one all the time. She has only rented them at conferences in the past.

  4. In the Fake Selfie Sunday posts that was removed they had a few people that pointed out the GPS time as evidence that the pics were legit. One poster noted that the GPS time said: early-morning-run.jpg GPS Date Time 2015:08:30 04:53:27.25Z for the early morning run photo. I believe this is why the post was taken down. Thing is, the EXIF data was correct. As you can see the GPS time is in zulu time. California is 7 hours behind zulu time. 4:53 am in zulu time is 9:53 pm in local time the previous day. This is the same as the EXIF data. Just wanted to let you know there was no reason to remove the post.

    • The post was temporarily removed because of a technical question identified about the GPS data, not because of the timezone issue you mentioned. It will most likely be restored later today. We take fact checking very seriously.

      I believe the post was linked on Ragen’s Facebook wall, and she is vehemently denying any wrongdoing and deflecting with claims of rape and death threats.

  5. […] In just over two weeks, Ragen claims she will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles, all in under 8-1/2 hours at IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona in Tempe, AZ. At the moment she is busy preparing for the Fat Activism Conference running from October 9-11. So busy she has started deleting and reposting blog posts again. A few days later, she flies across the country to speak at Castleton University on October 15. On October 16, she flies straight to Tempe while her disabled 500 pound girlfriend makes the six hour drive there with Ragen’s IM gear by herself. The race starts first thing in the morning on October 18, and Ragen’s participation depends on coordinating all her last-minute excuses. […]

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