I want to blog so bad about her last story…

But I can’t even process the disjointed dumbfuckery.  She blogged something about bringing her car to the shop. Eating a corrupt broccoli salad and a processed clam chowder. Was all up up in arms about the fact that the restaurant flat out said this:

We take freshly harvested broccoli and corrupt it with salty cashews, red onions, smoky bacon, and a sweet tangy dressing. It’s decadent, nutritious and delicious.

So the restaurant is basically saying – don’t kid yourself – this isn’t healthy.  But Ragen was pissed about that.

For the record – I did a reverse google image search and I searched that quote – Ragen’s blog is the only result.  That phrase has never been captured by google.  Nor has the image.  But let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Next, she goes on to be morally outraged about ‘processed foods.’  And drops this gem…

Processed food is one of those food moralizing buzzwords, but what does it actually mean?  I googled it as I ate my delicious cup of clam chowder with bacon.  Technically anything that changes food from its natural state – including cleaning, chopping, heating, cooling, etc could be considered processing.

Not only did she eat a morally corrupt broccoli salad, she is washing it down with a cup of clam chowder with bacon.  And claiming that if her clam chowder wasn’t processed, she would be eating raw milk, no butter, no cream, no bacon, no clams (unless they were fresh* and no salt or pepper.  And technically, the potatoes would be whole, the clams would be in the shell and everything would be room temperature.  Otherwise she would be eating processed foods.  It’s all or nothing, yo.

I really am speechless and I am just halfway through this shitshow.  Screw clam chowder.  Eat a damn clam.  On the shell.  Go dig for one.  Know what you are eating.  Know where your food comes from.  Practice sustainability.  Screw eating a broccoli salad.  Eat a fucking piece of broccoli.  It’s not about judgement.  It’s about knowing what you are putting into your body.  Knowing where your food comes from.  Food is energy.  No more, no less.

But I digress.  Let’s get back to Ragen.  Because Ragen wouldn’t blog if she didn’t have a villain.  In this case, it is in the form of a ‘gentleman who was with a small group at a nearby table.’  And than this conversation happened:




Sorry Ragen – unless you have this on video and have proof?  This didn’t happen.  You simply don’t seem to understand that nobody gives a shit.  Nobody cares.  And certainly not enough to argue with you about it.  All you are missing from this story is the hot waiter, the free dessert, people clapping and $100.

So just shut up.  Nobody is watching you.  Nobody cares what you eat.  Strangers don’t care if you live a healthy life or eat yourself into an early grave.  We are too wrapped up in our own lives to give you more than a pitiful, sorry glance.



17 thoughts on “I want to blog so bad about her last story…

  1. I was waiting for this, her latest blog was astonishing. Not only did she feel the need to fabricate such a story but she actually thinks it would be plausible.

    • Those menu items are actually sold in a chain restaurant called Souplantation. Everything else in the story is a lie. The recipe for the salad can be found on line. Not exactly low calorie fare, especially when you add clam chowder (with more bacon). So, what would make an alleged STRANGER think she was eating healthy, and/or that she was making a change in her eating habits??

      Of course, her followers fell for the tale hook, line and sinker.

      • I see.

        The Souplantation Restaurants I’ve been to were so busy it would be very hard to watch one particular person’s consumption and witness all they have consumed. And “line of sight”? The layout is very open and one can easily see most everyone dining.

        And given it was Souplantation, those aren’t the most healthful food choices available to her. So I don’t see how the “gentleman” could justify coming up with a complement regarding her food choices.


  2. She lives inside her fat-clogged head, not in the real world. From her delusions of health and athleticism to her descriptions of fabricated conversations, it’s all bullshit.

  3. Exactly. She’s an idiot, sure, but this blog isn’t going to stop her fans from liking her and it’s far more obsessive and hateful than she is. She has no chance of completing her Ironman, but I respect her more for at least trying than someone else who stalks her online, Google Earth searches her house and pays for pointless police reports so they can claim how little they care about what she does. It’s not fucking normal.

    Bonus points for the “derp u must be fat” responses to this, cause those sincerely make me laugh.

    • You actually believe she’s “Trying”? You are just as dumb as she is. And, yes, “derp” — just as fat and delusional that it’s healthy.

    • Can’t seem to reply to the person below this comment. Yes, of course she’s trying. She’s not training properly, she’s utterly delusional and she hasn’t got a hope in hell, for sure, but why anyone who doesn’t know her should care is beyond me.

      On the one hand, we have a silly fat woman doing something stupid, and I refuse to believe she’s the first person ever to attempt an Ironman while being woefully unprepared for it. That’s her money and her problem. On the other, we have one of the most bitter, spiteful, obsessive individuals I’ve ever come across (and I used to work in local government), who stalks her every online move, pulls up blogs from 15 years ago, runs Google Earth searches of her home, throws actual real life money at police stations to check her out (as if police have nothing better to do!), and claims, “we are too wrapped up in our own lives to give you more than a pitiful, sorry glance”. The paranoia even extends to accusing her of mocking up a fake restaurant menu and taking a snap of it. Ragen’s an idiot, but I don’t get the impression she’d waste her time on something that silly. I fully believe the blogger has plenty of time and inclination for it, though. S/he writes more about Ragen’s Ironman than Ragen does.

      • Looks like you angered some of her herd.

        You have a problem with this blog, yet you don’t have a problem with someone who is clearly mentally ill and giving health advice? Have you ever read her blog? In what world does Ragen think she is qualified to give health advice to people, all while lying and asking for money. Please don’t give me any of that HAES crap either, you can’t be 400lbs and healthy. Ragen is a pathological liar, and anybody who follows her advice must have

      • something seriously wrong with them. She acts superior towards almost everyone, when in fact she is mediocre at best. She has never accomplished anything, unless you count lying an accomplishment. I seriously doubt anything that comes out of Ragens mouth, and when its debunked, she screams “hater” and “troll” instead of addressing people with all this “proof” she says she has.

        Look for her blog entry about the “1000lb leg press” and other things she claims she can do. When she is asked for proof or a video or even a PICTURE of some sort, she either freaks out or claims it will trigger her.
        This “woman” is a narcissist and deserves every bit of negative attention she gets as she brings it upon herself.

  4. The writers of this blog don’t care if Ragen eats vegetables or not, they care about her misinforming people about health and wellbeing and endangering lives while masquerading as an expert and researcher. A few days ago she actually told someone to ignore medical advice about an issue that pretty much only affects fat people, which will probably lead to that person losing their eyesight permanently. Ragen’s position on this? There’s no such thing as issues that only affect fat people so your doctor is a liar: get an opinion that doesn’t recommend losing weight.

    This blog is an e3ffort to demonstrate Ragen has zero credibility and people need to stop listening to her dangerous advice.

    • If I may expand on that, we also care about the people she is bilking out of money in order to spread her dangerous message. Unlike Ragen, we care about preventing childhood obesity. Furthermore, there are roughly 200 million people in the US who are overweight (including obese), many of whom will develop obesity-related co-morbidities. That’s a lot of hands in the health care till. We care about the cost to society. We do not care about Ragen Chastain. At all.

  5. Wow, the comment here are incredibly revealing of their writer’s inclinations. You people are taking time out of your day to lecture the readers of this blog about our interest in Ragen? gee, thanks for caring. As to ragen’s post, it reveals only that she is tremendously obsessed with and guilty about her overconsumption of food and is playing to that same worry in her the minds of her followers.

    • Awesome, I’d forgotten how funny 20 year old redditors are when they think they’re being clever. It’s just a shame you’re not also making an Atlas Shrugged reference with your name like that other knob. Remember, kiddies, as smarter people than you have said: this is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.

  6. Wow, I found this blog from a facebook link and was reading it in utter amazement at the time that has been spent stalking and hating and obsessing about someone and then I got to this bit.

    ” So just shut up. Nobody is watching you. Nobody cares what you eat. Strangers don’t care if you live a healthy life or eat yourself into an early grave. We are too wrapped up in our own lives to give you more than a pitiful, sorry glance. ”

    I’m dying here, dying! Haha!


    • If you think that this is stalking, then you obviously don’t know the meaning of stalking. And if Ragen is going to sit here and make all these outrageous claims, while providing no supporting evidence, then I am glad someone is calling her out on it. She has no problem lying and asking for peoples “support” (&money), yet she never follows through on her endeavors. Its morally reprehensible, really.

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