Road to Tempe 2015: Two More Months!

Exactly two months from today, Ragen will supposedly be swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles, and running 13.1 miles, all in under 8-1/2 hours. It’s also exactly two months since we first started the Tempe countdown here on Dances with Facts. What have we learned about Ragen’s progress since then?

Here’s what we wrote back in June.

Based on all her training updates so far, she has never been swimming in open water, hasn’t ridden her dangerously mangled bike for more than a few miles, has no experience riding in crowds, can’t stop her bike properly, and can’t run. Can anyone take the “soon to be IRONMAN” seriously at this point?

Ragen has only managed to write four IronFat updates since June 18, the last of which was posted two weeks ago on August 4.

Swimming: We haven’t heard much about swimming for several months. The “open water course” she was planning to take in May is long forgotten, so it’s probably safe to say she still hasn’t done any open water swimming. Pace remains a mystery.

Biking: Her last update was about bike training. On a short trail ride with friends, she was excited about being able to make a figure eight in a parking lot, and was able to pedal up a small hill on only her second attempt without mis-shifting or having to get off and walk. She also managed to ride a single block in traffic while “freaking out internally”. This is the same person who claims she is almost ready to ride 56 miles on a crowded road course through several loops.

Running: Ragen has written almost nothing meaningful about running. We know she hired a new running coach and paid him to ignore a major component of the running method he teaches. She wrote a long rambling IronFat post about her “long runs” where she made the absurd implication that she now “runs” up to 24 miles at a time. We finally got a small clue about her running when she posted a Facebook update a month ago where she said her typical average “running” pace is “barely faster than a walk”. For a normal person a walking pace would be about 3.1 mph, but for Ragen it’s more like 2.1 mph based on her elite 12:20 marathon PR.


Much has been written about whether Ragen actually plans to show up in October. We know she probably paid for the new IRONMAN full refund plan, but since this is Dances with Facts we prefer not to speculate about more dishonest plans and motivations. We do know Ragen will be out of the country from September 17 until at least September 25 due to participation in the Weight Stigma Conference in Iceland and an HAES speaking engagement in London. The following two weeks will undoubtedly be consumed by last minute organization for her recently-announced Fat Activism Conference, which wraps up less than a week before she has to fly to Tempe for the 70.3. That means she will be travelling or working hard for almost half the time she has left to train.

The answer to our question from two months ago is that nobody should take “soon to be IRONMAN” Ragen Chastain seriously at this point. Her IRONMAN training effort is a joke, and and an insult to every single one of the 1700 athletes who have sacrificed their time and money to train for this event.


10 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: Two More Months!

  1. I’m going to be strangely wistful when this all comes to a crashing halt and she doesn’t show up in Tempe. I wonder if she’ll try to salvage something from the ruins by saying she’s still training for the 2016 full Ironman even though “events” precluded her from [participating in the half. Or perhaps that odd update means she’ll be pushing it back to a race in 2017? When she will be 42 years old. Ah, Ragen. Who else would make failure so intriguing?

  2. wow. I found your blog through a post on There are so many things wrong with so much (all) of what Regan says (types).

    For this particular post though what I find funny is that she claims the she forget to set her watch on run when she last went biking. And then says she was on “world record setting pace.” Well, kind of funny considering all of her running is being done at less than 10mph. Which is well below world record pace for pretty much any event. I am no where near world class and my marathon pr is at just over 11 mph.

    It is just another example of her showing her ignorance in all things run/swim/bike as it related to pace and effort.

    But it cracks me up she claims to be running when she “ran ” her marathon at 25 min/mile. The very definition of running is having both feet off the ground at the same time. It is pretty much impossible to run any slower than 10-12 min/mile I think, right?

    Carry on the great work…..


    • Way back when I was on my high-school cross-country team, we used to say that anything slower than a ten-minute mile is a jog, not a run. And it is TOTALLY possible to jog slower than a 12-minute mile, however, I’ve never heard of anyone actually lifting feet into a jog and going slower than 15.

  3. I rode a gran Fondo. That is not a race, only a large group of people together on a long bike ride. Riding a bicycle in a crowd is difficult even in a Fondo where everyone is out to enjoy the day more than to ride fast. Someone who has a riding ability of a child is going to be with a bunch of highly competitive racers. She will be a hazard. This is not funny anymore.

    • We’ve heard recently that the IM staff have been informed of Ragen’s pending stunt. Hopefully they will do whatever is necessary to prevent her from endangering other competitors.

  4. […] It’s pretty clear Ragen is setting herself up for a contrived failure. She complains about her “psychic trolls” making proclamations about her ability to complete the 70.3 when she specifically shares no details of her training plan on her training blog (the irony of Ragen making fun of “psychics” should not be ignored). Ragen says her training plan is “proprietary” (her trainer’s plans are available with a Google search). She’s so narcissistic she can’t help sharing even the most minor victory, so it’s safe to assume what small scraps of information she has posted on her IronFat blog represent the current state of her abilities. On that note, nothing has changed since our previous Road to Tempe post. […]

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