Just a quick update on Tempe 70.3 training.

Edit: I kind of stepped on Ironfactcheckers toes by posting this one so quickly after they posted their update. Please check out here for their update (which in all honesty, is far more interesting than mine).

I kind of had a crazy week last week that has dragged into Monday and Today. I either had a dramatic seasonal allergy or a cold that knocked me on my butt. On Thursday I had to travel back east to see some family.  The combination of the clogged sinuses and the air travel has really left me feeling pretty damn rotten. To add to all that, as a complete personal failing of mine, I always allow myself to eat whatever I want when I’m sick. The nonsensical justification is “you feel like crap, you owe it to yourself to have that frosty!” But it always actually makes me feel worse. Anyways, training has hit the veritable skids. Last week I managed to sneak in just one very quick run:


So feeling kind of crappy, I just forced myself to sit down and come with a finalized plan to get me through the race. Again, this is just me, my very tattered copy of Dave Scott’s Triathlon Training Book (Mr Scott is one of the first repeat Kona Champions. His battles with Mark Allen are legendary in the Tri world) and my own history with a sprinkling of my own talents and limitations thrown in.

Here’s a copy:


To the trained eye, this is going to seem very “run” heavy (Prog Run means run on my distance program which are done sequentially as to build up the miles). There are a couple of reasons for that; first of all I enjoy running far more than the other two sports. So it’s kind of reward thing for me to do most of what I enjoy. Secondly, this is sort of me “cheating” the event and training most for the LAST event which after swimming and biking…I expect to be the hardest (and what other long course veterans have told me).  Some of the run/bike days will be BRICKS (bike run combos) and I may change some stuff around to throw in a personal sprint and/or Olympic Tri event in an appropriate week.

From where I’m sitting it looks pretty good. I wish I were further along but I think no matter what, that would be the case and I think this plan will get me there.

So the good: I have a plan in writing that I can use to hold myself accountable.

The bad: A lot of these events are treadmill/indoor trainer because of the AZ heat.

The ugly: Shit. I have a conference to attend the weekend of the 10th! How will I get that ride in!


2 thoughts on “Just a quick update on Tempe 70.3 training.

  1. Seems like this is a quotation? Maybe would be good to label it as such as for people like me whose english is not the best, it’s a little irritating like that.

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