I dun goofed…

So I blogged about Ragen’s Fat Activism Conference last week.  Ragen said it was so successful.  But, as I pointed out, she ‘forgot’ to do it again this year.

A few hours later, she posts a cryptic message to Facebook.  Saying that her haters ‘inspire her activism’ because every times she gets behind on a project, someone e-mails her to remind her to move forward with it.  So she can ‘do important work.’  Dumbass.

With that, today, she announced the 2015 Fat Activism Conference.  You heard it here second (Reddit broke the original story).  Best part – it’s a week before her 70.3 in Tempe.  How the fuck is she going to pull that off?

My guess is that she isn’t.  She is going to use the conference as a diversion to bow out of Tempe.  So guys, there is her excuse.  I handed it to her on a silver platter.

My bad.


3 thoughts on “I dun goofed…

  1. She was “reminded” to host the conference. She was “reminded” to contact the 40 speakers to have them prepare on short notice. She was “reminded” of all the technical problems they had last year that need to be overcome. She was “reminded” that public, for-profit, teleconferences need advertising and agendas. She was “reminded” that she alluded to the idea that the 2015 conference “could be” bigger and better than 2014.

    That, I must say, is some fine activism. Obviously the issues she’s activating against or so pressing that she must be reminded to fight them!

    • If 2014’s conference was such a success, why weren’t her followers and colleagues clamoring to have it repeated? Apparently, it took THIS blog to spur her into action. I would have expected a successful turnaround CEO to start making arrangements several months ago, even if she is sincerely training for the IM. It’s not like she has a job.

      On another note, in yesterday’s blog entry, she tells a story of interrupting a private conversation she perceives as being insulting to fat people. In today’s entry, she says unsolicited comments from strangers about her size are unwelcome. I guess it only works one way.

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