Let’s all pour one out…

For Ragen’s 2015 Fat Activism Conference.  She said the 2014 Fat Activism Conference was a success.  I signed up for updates for this years conference.  Crickets.

Just happy I didn’t hold my breath when I signed up for updates – I’d be dead by now.

Another year, another failed venture for Ragen.


6 thoughts on “Let’s all pour one out…

  1. Hello! How can I contact you ? I didn’t find an Email adress or contact form here, I would really like to share some evidence about her being “scientific” about valid questions ^^ and in this case this requires forwarding Emails etc. 🙂

    • If you fill out the email address box when you leave a comment, it won’t be made public, but we can contact you privately. I’ll look into setting up a proper anonymous contact form.

  2. She’s just announced on Facebook that the new conference will be in October. She also had a post thanking her ‘haters’ for being so ‘creepily obsessed’ with her that it reminds her to do her ‘important work’ when she falls behind.

    In other words, she saw this post and thought ‘Oh shit, I better do something about this, it’s embarrassing’ then promptly pulled a date out of her ass.

    She doesn’t address most of the other stuff because she can’t. The lies about the dance championships, athletic and academic achievements and science that she keeps spinning won’t be addressed because there’s no salvaging that. So she addresses this because she can do so without exposing herself as a fraud and thinks ‘Yeah, that showed them’.

    You know she just loves to read about herself.

  3. Luca scrive:Ciao sono Luca ci siamo conosciuti a Milano in aeroporto. Gran bel sito… e gran bella musica complimenti! Co2#;8m17&e’ andato il tuo concerto pugliese.In bocca al lupo!

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