Arizona 70.3 progress and volunteer registration for 2015 full.

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve contributed to my portion of the blog. It is what is, I’ve learned I’m not a huge fan of blogging, especially about this topic because it feels somewhat self-indulgent. One of the other issues I’ve had is that I do 99% of my training events with my house as a starting point and the easiest way to write about training achievements is to post the pictures of the GPS tracks. If you’ve read some of the horror stories about FA doxxing efforts (I won’t name names because they are all allegations, but the stories are easy enough to find and include things like threatening house fires, calling wives pretending to be mistresses, etc…) listing my home address on an anonymous blog is not what I would ever want to do.

However, I took a short vacation to Southern CA this weekend and here are my two runs:


This first one had two “walk” portions as indicated by the pace graph below:


The first “walk” (acutally a stop then walk as you can see at about 10 minutes) occurred when I realized my watch wasn’t tracking my step count for the day so I took a quick walk break to get that fixed. The second walk occurred because a surfing contest was being held in Huntington beach and the police politely asked me not to run through the crowd on the sidewalk (concrete boardwalk?). That was a good point to turn around and head back to the parking spot after which I ran for the duration. But other than that, I had a pretty decent steady pace which is what I was going for on this particular event, so while overall pace was slower because of the two walks (the drop at the end is my cooldown) it was still good training.

On Saturday morning I did this run, starting at my hotel and back:


I had wanted this to be a quick 20 minutes because I had a class later in the afternoon but ended up getting lost. The actual running portion was about 27 minutes and my running pace before the cool down was pretty steady at about 9:35. I had planned on 9:40, so it was nice to be able to meet and exceed my expectation however slightly.


So the take aways from these two runs (and all of July event’s which I’ll cover the numbers in more detail in just a minute):

1. The good-I’m running now, instead of doing the run/walk combos I had been having to do because of my earlier bouts of kidney stones. I haven’t had any blood in my urine and probably transitioned to “real” running in early July. So (knock on wood) this stone episode which started in February with lingering effects well into June is hopefully over. I see the urologist again in September so I’m hoping the body can hold steady until then.

2. The bad-I’m well behind where I would like to be looking  to conquer 13.1 in October, both in terms of speed and distance. The “long” run on Friday night was all I had in me. I had told myself when I started that if I felt good, I would go longer than an hour. I have some legit excuses (just got done with a 7 hour drive, the frustration of SoCal traffic, I was starving) but no matter what, that six miles was all I had in me that day. While I’m on the subject, here is my rough plan to get me to 13.1 in October. As you can see it is a very rough draft, but I find it very workable:


So hopefully that gets me through at least the run portion.

I’ll quickly cover my month of July for all three events and what I was able to accomplish…

Ran-97.29 total miles

Bike- 132.18 total miles

Swim- 11088 meters.

The swimming is coming along ok, I’m averaging about 1800 meters per workout now and will start steadily upping that.

The glaring short number is here is bike, it’s not “bad” and at least I am training on it. The main issue with the bike training is that it’s summer time in Tucson so I have a very, very short window in the mornings during which riding is practical. So most of my rides were done on my stationary trainer, which isn’t bad training, it just has it’s limit on how real it is. I am hoping now that I have more open weekends ahead I can start getting some 2 and 3 hours rides done on Saturday mornings. This is my 50 miler plan, it’s not there to get me through the race fast, just get me through. Again it’s a guide with lots of room to wiggle:


So basically that’s a rough synopsis of where I am and where I’m heading.

The other big news is that Ironman Arizona 2015 volunteer positions opened this morning and after some initial confusion in the links (the link was directing you to volunteer for the 70.3 in October, not the full in November) I was able to volunteer! This means (or has meant in years past) that me and the other volunteers get first shot at registering for the Ironman Arizona 2016! No sarcasm here at all; I get to do this all again next year and at longer distances. I will have a huge advantage next year because I will have been through the experience of the 70.3 (and hopefully finished) and have a decent baseline on which to build.

Thanks for reading and any training insights or help with my terrible grammar and punctuation…please let me know.


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