80 Days until Tempe

No updates on the Ironfat blog in 22 days.

Ragen has been training for the past 15 months. In 15 months she could have lost over 130 pounds on a modest 1200 calories per day net intake and be in the best shape of her life. Instead she has committed to not losing weight and spent 15 months struggling to carry that 130 pounds of dead weight with her for every single pounding footstep and knee to the gut. 15 months is enough time to completely change your life, but Ragen has almost nothing to show for it.

80 days until Tempe, Ragen.  Just 80 short days.



8 thoughts on “80 Days until Tempe

    • No, the race referred to in 80 days is the Ironman Arizona 70.3. She’s meant to be using it as a stepping stone to the 2016 Ironman Arizona. The 70.3 is a half Ironman- so a 1.2 mile swim (1 hour 10 min cut off), 56 mile bike ride (5 hours 30 mins cut-off including swim) and 13.1 mile run (8 hours 30 min cut-off to finish entire event). Miss a cut-off, get a DNF and no medal.

  1. Anyone else not believe for a second that she biked for 2 hours at 80-90 rpms? Much less when she was hitting herself?

  2. Something bugged me the other day. I was reading an article about a sport a friend of mine participates in, and it mentioned that people start doing it for fun, but at some point they start taking it seriously and do things like cross train or learn how to use food as a fuel for their bodies.

    It made me think of Ragen and her claim that she is an “elite athlete.” If that was the case, wouldn’t she be doing things like using cross training and nutrition to better her game? Not saying that she has to lose 100 pounds, but if she did small things like lift weights or eat more nutritionally, even against her best efforts she’d end up losing something. I know women who are still full figured and are serious athletes who do cross fit and eat clean, and they may not have become thin but they certainly changed their body shape and size just by working to be better at their sports.

    Just another contradiction in her claim of elite status. I don’t get it.

    • Anyone with half of a brain will realize that weight and nutrition certainly come into play if you want to compete in something as strenuous as an IM, or even a half.

      People have done the math and I will have to dig to get the actual numbers but I know that they are out there. But in order for her to even complete the bike portion at her weight, she would have to output the same, if not greater, energy that professional cyclists (think Tour de France) do. For five straight hours.

      She is closing in on 60 days until the half and is still blogging about the fact that she can barely ride a bike.

      So no, I don’t get it either.

      • Little skeptical that Regan would need anywhere near TdF wattage to complete this race in time. Assuming I understand correctly and that this is a flat course.

        Yes, her position is hopeless and obviously anti-aero in every way imaginable. That said, this is still a flat course, which means there is very little penalty for her actual body mass. Her size will no doubt impact CdA, but even if her CdA was double that of a standard person riding upright on a MTB as near as I can tell 150W would still get her 10-11 mph or so.

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