Ragen takes hypocrisy to a whole new level.

I would guess that most of the people that read this site have some sort of connection with r/fatlogic or r/ragenchastain. So most of you know, today was a pretty big day for r/fatlogic as the sub got a mention on cnn.com.  Not just a mention, the author actually talked about the great things the sub can do for people who are willing to put aside their preconceived notions and hang-ups about what it means to be fat. (I urge you to read the CNN article here, it’s very good: http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/19/health/turning-point-fat-logic/index.html).

Well it didn’t take long for one of Ragen’s followers to reference the article on Ragen’s facebook page:


You see what Ragen did there? Someone disagrees with her and advocates for the “trolls” she hates so much, Ragen’s first assumption is that they are not even a real person (or maybe one of the bullies). The “trained researcher” didn’t even take the time to look through the author, ‘s pictures and see the dramatic weight she had gained over time. She didn’t bother to check to see that Marilla has a very active facebook page. She didn’t bother to research that Marilla is on twitter, has a linkedin account and has her own website. Most of all she completely robbed Marilla of the achievement of having authored or co-authored at least 116 articles for CNN. Why? Because she doesn’t agree with Ragen. I had never heard of Marilla before today, and after a brief introduction it is already quite clear that she has accomplished far more than Ragen ever will.

Ragen is the one who has blogged over and over again about the headless fatty syndrome, about fat people not having a voice, about fat people being marginalized and how fat people and fat athletes are not taken seriously. The hypocrisy is staggering. The more and more I find out about Ragen the more I come to realize that she is delusional. There is no other explanation for this type of behavior.

We know Ragen reads this blog, as such Ragen you owe Marilla a huge apology and she has every right not to accept it.

7 thoughts on “Ragen takes hypocrisy to a whole new level.

  1. It’s also hypocritical that Ragen calls a CNN contributor a “bully” for writing a piece about /r/fatlogic that she so happens to disagree with, when, in the past week, /r/fatpeoplehate has been banned without it definitively being proven that they ever harassed anybody and have had their own websites taken down because of DNS attacks.

  2. It’s my comment they’re complaining about, all I was doing was pointing out another display of hypocrisy from the general fat acceptance movement. If it’s that much of an issue just delete it.

    • I love that you made some cogent argument, and every one is like, “What? He said FPH? AGH! Are we talking about that now? If only his post had more substance!”

      I feel like I’m watching the villagers from Townville try to figure out what to pour on a monster caught in power lines.

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