Road to Tempe 2015: Countdown to Tempe…

Reminder: In exactly 4 months Ragen will supposedly be swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles, and running 13.1 miles in under 8-1/2 hours. Based on all her training updates so far, she has never been swimming in open water, hasn’t ridden her dangerously mangled bike for more than a few miles, has no experience riding in crowds, can’t stop her bike properly, and can’t run. Can anyone take the “soon to be IRONMAN” seriously at this point?

Her only IronFat update for two weeks is rewriting a Dances With Fat blog post from May.

13 thoughts on “Road to Tempe 2015: Countdown to Tempe…

  1. Funny that she has to go invade other fitness forums and then bitch about them on her blog when she has her own, HAES-friendly “Fit Fatties” forum for all her fathlete needs.

    Oh… maybe because there are no actual athletes there? Hm, wonder why.

    • I’d probably qualify to be part of the forum, but I have never joined because I can’t stand Ragen or many of her fans. I left the Rolls Not Trolls group for this reason.

  2. She can run, although oddly she is slower when walking less on a flatter course:

    “I design my loops and courses so that they are equal parts up and down hill. The beach path is very flat which is much more like the course will be in Arizona for the half and the full. I was a bit slower (average speed) on my run than I am on my normal routes, but on the plus side I took far less walk breaks.. In addition to getting used to the flat course, I also have to start getting used to the heat.”

    I know when I was running a lot I hated trying to get used to those flat courses.

    • Ragen uses the term “run” very loosely to refer to walks with short running intervals without ever specifying how much “running” she’s actually doing. The longest distance she has ever specifically claimed to have run is 220 yards way back in 2002. Considering how much Ragen brags about even minor improvements like being able to stop her bike three times in a row, don’t you think she would have posted if she managed to sustain a run for even a couple miles at a time?

      • Especially for how fast newbies(which she is, despite her narcissism) make progress when they take up something like running or cycling.

      • I was being facetious. That quote was obviously written by someone unfamiliar with “running” as the term is commonly used. Your assessment (“walks with short running intervals”) seems most likely.

  3. I’m a fan of people of every size getting out and moving. I think that provided they do it SAFELY, and that should be paramount for everyone, thin or otherwise, they should be encouraged. I’m not sure that she counts as doing it safely. There’s absolutely no way I could, so I’m not just bashing. For me, the curious thing is that if it’s true she’s just trying to make sure people understand fat = fit, there’s literally zero reason for her to try an Iron Man that it appears may well be a failure. It’s such an odd, unnecessary thing to do and adds very little or nothing to her message.

    • Other than for the sake of recognition from her fanbase, it’s all about giving Ragen the opportunity to blow a raspberry at healthy people by waving a medal in their faces. How she achieves these medals doesn’t matter; she’ll bend the rules to get them. Or, if IM DQ her, it gives her more opportunity to cry fat-shaming and play the martyr card. There’s no message to her schemes, it’s just an ego trip.

  4. I can’t see any reason other than an ego trip for her to decide to do an Ironman. The training is a daunting task even for a thin person – it’s not something you can half-ass the was she appears to be doing. I have a couple of friends who’ve done Ironmans and their training schedules were insane. If she was serious about becoming a marathoner she’d start with something less ambitious and work her way up. But she’s not, she’s just looking for attention.

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