It’s been a while and I am starting to get a little worried about my run.

I hate making excuses, although like plenty of other human beings I probably make my fair share of them. Part of the reason I haven’t updated my portion of this blog in a while is because I have fallen really behind on my run training. Excuse or not, the course in Tempe will tell me how valid my excuse is.

I had another bout of kidney stones. Not a particularly bad one, but what always seems to happen to me when I get the stones is basically I piss a lot of blood. I talked about this in my first blog on this site because I had just passed the largest stone I’d ever had back in February (about 8mm, in rough diamond pattern…so big and lots of rough edges). I had the stones under control for years (last episode was 2010) through a medication called Urocit-K (basically potassium citrate in this really funky wax pill) but I had fallen off taking it after retiring from the Air Force last year and my body chemistry decided to rebel and declared 8mm stones it’s Robert E Lee. I’ve passed two small stones since I last blogged. They were small, and not too terribly painful and only one required me to be on narcotics for any amount of time, so one bout of stones lasted about 4.5 weeks. Another issue is that my doctors absolutely do not want me running while my ureter is recovering from the trauma, so I’m having to get around this advice by running and walking and hoping that I’m not agitating my ureter enough to cause more blood. More blood means another trip to the doctors office.

So basically in training for this race, I’ve gotten to a certain comfortable threshold with my running, get a stone, off my feet for two or three weeks, get running again and then get another stone and am off my feet. As far as catching up goes, I have a herculean feat ahead of me. The best I’ve ever done going from out of shape to distance running is when I was in Qatar when I started running after about a six month break and did the Army 10 miler at Camp As Saliah about 3.5 months later. So with that background, getting back in shape is not impossible, it’s just that for the next four months and a few days everything has to be perfect, and I’m training for two other sports (three, as some consider transitions the fourth sport in triathlon) and I’m going against the advice of two urologists who don’t want me to run. I’m not backing out now and I want to finish this race completely on my feet and running the whole way. Again, the course will judge whether my excuse is valid or not.

As far as the inspiration for this blog goes, I have NO idea what to make of the her recent revelations on biking and running or why she never spoke of the open water swim clinic she was supposed to have done in May. I think the other bloggers on this site did a great job of pointing out the discrepancies in the dates in her blogging, I’m inclined to agree with them that the four mile bike ride never happened. But I do believe Ragen in that she can’t safely slow or stop her bike. This site posted yesterday what the Tempe 70.3 course is going to be like (  now I ask you to consider the following video and imagine a (claimed) 280lb person, who can’t stop her bike, coming around a corner and finding the following scene. Pay close attention at about 2:10 when the crowd starts yelling at the riders who crashed to move. Now imagine irate family members and their reaction to big person in a world class race who obviously spent no time training, knowing that their wife, husband or kid is about to come around that corner.

A quick edit because I’ve been meaning to show this off:


That’s “my” tri-bike (actually its a loaner but I have use of it for a couple of years as my BIL goes off to become a certified Navy SEAL officer -knock on wood for his sake- and, as luck would have it, I get to commission him in a few weeks out of OCS). It’s an amazing piece of equipment and the first Dura-Ace equipped bike I’ve ever owned. All credit to Shimano, the components look and perform like fine jeweled watches. I had a fit done on it last week at our local Tri shop and it fits as good as any bike I’ve ever ridden. Unfortunately due to the heat of June and my kids swim team schedule I’m doing mostly trainer rides on my old road bike to save the nice tires on the tri-bike. So this bike is mostly for display until the kids go back to school at the end of July and it starts to cool down here a bit, but I wanted to share anyways.

One thought on “It’s been a while and I am starting to get a little worried about my run.

  1. i too am concerned about my run, my previously torn meniscus has been getting inflamed to the point of it being hard to move after running. its the hot season where i am in arizona till the monsoons start, so for now training in 95+ degree heat plus has delayed my outdoor running till then so tread mills help but real races arent on treadmills.

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