The bike ride that never happened…

5/17 – Ragen posts “First Blood on the Bike
TL:DR –  she fell off in the parking lot


5_17_first blood


5/27 –  Ragen posts “Waking Up From My Bikemare
TL:DR –  getting a bike is hard when you are fat.  And expensive.

5_27 - bikemare


6/1 – Ragen posts “Getting Back on the Horse
TL:DR –  She wiped out 7 out of ten times.  She didn’t actually ride the bike anywhere.  She was just practicing starting and stopping.


6_1 back on the horse



6/3 – She blogs about running – not relevant to this story so no screen shots.

6/8 – She posts “Taking to Flight.”
TL:DR – Just read it.

5_31 taking to flight

Her triumphant story about her very first bike ride.  Four miles.  She only fell once.  She cut her time with every lap.  She encountered headwinds.  And overcame them.  Her chain fell off and a car full of guys stopped to help her.  Once again, Ragen beat all of the odds and is excelling at athletics.  Because hey – she is an elite athlete and all.  But there is just one problem with this post (aside from the fact that nobody gave her $100)….

Look at the date.  It was written the day before she blogged about falling off the bike 7 out of 10 times just trying to start and stop.  This ‘triumphant bike ride’ story didn’t get posted to her blog until 6/8.  So why the discrepancy in dates?

Here’s the thing…  if you write a blog, save it as a draft and publish it later, WordPress uses the date that the post was written, not the date that it was published.  If you make any edits to the post, WordPress will change the date of the draft to reflect the last time it was edited.

This tells us that Ragen had her ‘triumphant’ bike ride story written and ready to go on 5/31.  And she just waited a week to post it.  But in the meantime, she posts a sob story about falling off of a bike 70% of the time.

Is there ANYTHING honest about her?


5 thoughts on “The bike ride that never happened…

    • That was my mistake – I had place markers for all of the dates/posts so I knew what images I needed. I had one in place for the ‘triumphant bike ride’ (5/31) but moved that to the bottom since it was actually posted on the 8th.

      The June 1 post was published on June 1 – edited and thanks for pointing that out.

      • Okay! I just wondered what sort of wizardry was happening.

        The sad & stupid part is that it’s easy to change dates on wordpress blog posts, and she hasn’t even bothered. I’m guessing she won’t make this mistake again – unless she is so arrogant that she believes her followers are too dumb to notice.

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