Ragen Chastain, Professional Athlete

(of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.
“a professional boxer”

Ragen is obsessed with the word “professional”. At various times she has described herself as a professional certified organizer, a certified fitness professional, and of course a professional athlete and professional dancer. On her old Livejournal she talked about her “professional-level dancing” on numerous occasions. She even wrote a post about how she was a “professional level” clarinet soloist in high school. Aside from “elite”, to be a professional is Ragen’s ultimate mark of respect.

At one time Ragen’s dream was to be a top level professional competitive dancer. In 2005, she had an “amazing life experience” where a therapist convinced her she no longer needed to lose weight to compete. This didn’t last long, since she continued to attempt weight loss until at least 2007, but you can clearly see her dedication to her one big goal in life.

“I will be a Masters Champion and people will want me to dance in their showcases at this weight, at 50 pounds lighter, or at 50 pounds heavier.”

Ragen Chastain

Of course, this didn’t happen. The last and only time Ragen won a dance title of any remote significance was a month later at the American Country Dance Association “national championships”, a small regional event with no pre-qualifying. She and her partner competed against the only other couple that showed up in Division III, the lowest possible novice level of competition. That was the end of Ragen’s success as a competitive dancer.

Over the next few years, Ragen struggled with her weight impacting her ability to dance. She split from her original dancing partner and had a falling out with her coach over her weight. Things were not going well, and she admitted on multiple occasions she would never be able to advance from the level of rank amateur unless she lost weight.

“I’m too tired to continue being fat. I am tired to exhaustion of having to compensate for my weight. […] Dancing does not adapt to larger bodies.”

“The day you are in rehearsal and you realize that you physically can’t make it around in time to hit the choreography and that there is nothing more that you can do with your technique, it’s time to break out the celery sticks and gym membership.”

“I just think that if someone can’t move it and can’t/doesn’t want to lose it, then professional dancing is not for them.”

Ragen continued to write about her dancing lessons, her “professional-level dancing” and so on. In 2008, records show she attempted to compete in the ACDA’s Division II (“intermediate”), where she either “won” uncontested showcases or placed dead last. Late that year, after coming in last place at the “LoneStar Invitation 2008”, she announced she was “moving up into the professional division” with her new dance partner. There is no evidence Ragen ever competed at this level or won any dance titles. Ragen would undoubtedly be the first to tell you if she did.

…then a few weeks later Ragen was suddenly a “professional dancer”.

And there it is: Ragen’s entire basis for calling herself a professional dancer is that she decided she would think about competing in a dance circuit with “professional” in the name, and managed to convince a few people to pay her for a handful of group classes. She never mentioned competing at this level, there is no record she competed (let alone won anything), and she certainly wasn’t being paid to dance. For all intents and purposes, Ragen gave up competitive dancing after her incredibly poor showing in 2008. As usual, instead of actually putting in the effort and following through to achieve a goal, she took the easy way out, gave herself a gold star and a pat on the back, and made up a meaningless title for herself (“trained researcher”, anyone?). She has continued to call herself a “professional dancer” and “professional athlete” since 2008.

16 thoughts on “Ragen Chastain, Professional Athlete

  1. Genuinely curious. Why do you expend so much time and energy into researching the life and rather distant past of a person you don’t know, and by your own account has very little influence and isn’t very important? I absolutely cannot imagine investing this much time and effort into it. I cannot understand why she gets under your skin to the level she obviously does. Why don’t you just not read her if you don’t like her? Why not devote your considerable time to attacking racists or homophobes?

    What is your motivation for this level of obsession?

    • It’s a legitimate question. I can tell you why I READ this site. I dislike frauds and the internet is filled with frauds trying to cash in on their fraudulent exploits. I dislike/pity narcissists. And I’m somewhat fascinated with the delusional. I strongly suspect that Ragen is some or all of these. I’m curious to watch this unfold and to confirm (or refute) my suspicions. In other words, as Anonymous put more colloquially, to watch the impending train wreck.

      But why her specifically? Her purported entry into the running / multisport world resulted in me becoming aware of her. If I was into other pursuits, I’m sure I would be aware of (and following) her equivalent in that field.

      As to the use of time, some people spend their time drinking, some people read romance novels, and some people watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. People spend time on many things of dubious utility (commenting on blogs, for instance). This is commonly known as recreation. I can think of many more wasteful pursuits than exposing frauds.

      Personally, I hope she actually trains, drops 100lbs and finishes the 1/2. I just don’t think that is likely to happen, so I watch to see how this story unfolds.


      in her most recent post about getting a new bike, Ragan writes “It turns out the phrase “It’s just like riding a bike” has a basis in reality, at least for me.” This seems to imply that she hasn’t ridden a bike recently. Isn’t that curious?

  2. Thanks again for another great post. This site is what people need to see when they type her name into a search engine; whether it’s an overweight kid looking for an excuse not to try to get healthy, or a school considering her for a speaking engagement.

  3. It’s weird that she deleted the previous post because it’s not really inconsistent with what she is saying now. In the post, she indicates that her knee problems were alleviated by means other than weight loss. But I guess it’s not 100% consistent with the idea that he knees are just awesome, just like everything else about her.

    In any event, here is the cached version of the page from April 2015:


    So it seems like it was probably deleted in conjunction with the recent post about knees.

    • Ragen frequently recycles large portions of text from old posts with small edits. Lately she’s been making a habit of deleting posts from a few years and rewriting them slightly to post again. This is the lady who spends “at least” two hours researching a blog post every day, and often up to 3-4 hours.

  4. When my niece was 13, her violin instructor admonished her that if she didn’t practice more, she’d end up playing in an orchestra (most serious musicians aspire to be soloists). So, 2 people being told the same thing and taking away two entirely different messages. In any case, concert clarinetist would not have been an acceptable career choice for Ragen. It involves hard work, low pay, low prestige and low visibility – antithesis of what Ragen wants for herself. I’m sure she makes more money as a professional charlatan.

  5. I must say that reading about her failures and desire to dance just breaks my heart. She obviously has talent, and dedication to learning the dances, and rhythm. . . she just could NOT resist the food.

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