Throwback Thursday: Ragen’s History Peddling MLM Weight Loss Products

It recently came to our attention that at some point after abandoning her Livejournal, Ragen went back and sanitized her early posts to remove particularly problematic material. These posts were so fundamentally contrary to her current agenda that she removed them, even though she was fine with leaving up hundreds of other posts, like her claims about psychic powers. Unfortunately these posts were deleted several years ago when she migrated to the WordPress platform, so our archive couldn’t capture most of them. We did manage to dig up a small amount of choice material from a separate source, and some of it is presented here for TBT.

These posts are from 2002, right after Ragen dropped out of college for good. She was planning various moneymaking schemes to fulfill her dream of retiring at 35, like having her mother take out mortgages on houses so Ragen could be a real estate manager (more on that in a later post). In a bombshell revelation, it turns out that one of these moneymaking schemes was using and selling AdvoCare, a well-known brand of multilevel marketing weight loss supplements. This should tell you everything you need to know about Ragen’s business acumen, ethics, and why she failed so miserably at weight loss and now rants about the evil 60 billion dollar a year diet industry so much.


In this post Ragen summarizes AdvoCare and lays out her business plans. She is down 43 lbs. This is possibly the last time she ever lost any significant amount of weight, since a year later she weighed 270 lbs and was claiming she couldn’t lose weight on 1000 calories/day.


Here Ragen talks about her Advocare meeting and how excited everyone was about her weight loss. She explains why Advocare definitely isn’t a pyramid scheme.


Ragen has now lost over 50 lbs and managed to sell AdvoCare products to her fitness trainer.

Ragen is selling AdvoCare products to her close friends, but they don’t work (screencap from friend’s blog).

This is where our archive of her 2002 posts ends. At some point in the next year she stopped selling AdvoCare, gained back all the weight she lost, and was back to square one complaining about her inability to lose weight on various diets and absurdly low calorie intakes. In a deeply ironic twist, Ragen — a self-professed “certified fitness instructor and personal trainer” — later wrote about losing a close friend to the “culture of hate” when she did exactly the same thing as Ragen herself. Ragen’s hypocrisy shines through as clear as ever.

“DK is a Ph.D. Social Psychologist and she and I spent hours and hours talking about health and self esteem.  She and I nearly wrote a book together about self-esteem in fact.  We were so excited about talking about health instead of weight and talking about Health at Every Size.  Instead, she committed herself full-time to a pyramid scheme that sells weight loss products, calls herself a “certified health coach”, posts studies to her Facebook that she has more than enough training to debunk as poor research, and spends her days trying to make people terrified of being fat so that she can sell them her shakes and bars. DK is part of a culture of hate.”

Ragen Chastain, 2011

23 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Ragen’s History Peddling MLM Weight Loss Products

  1. She expected a party on her last day of work and is so upset there wasn’t one. Oh, people bought her presents and took her out to lunch, but she “went above and beyond” and expected to “be remembered”, dammit!

    If that doesn’t scream Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I don’t know what does.

  2. Ragen has always been open about the fact she used to attempt weight loss without long lasting results. She has never denied that she hasn’t always felt as she does now.

    • Certainly, people are free to change their minds, But they should be more understanding of others, having previously held the same beliefs and done similar things. The statement in 2011 (a culture of hate?) doesn’t exhibit that sort of understanding or humility.

    • Ragen has never been open about having a financial interest in the diet industry she constantly criticizes. In fact, she went out of her way to hide it. It’s safe to assume based on her extensive history of failed businesses and business ventures that she would have continued to sell AdvoCare if she were able to make $5,000/month like she planned. That’s a conflict of interest that goes well beyond her failed diet attempts, especially when she heaps criticism on others for doing exactly the same thing as her.

    • Funny thing about Ragen, she attempted weight loss. Her earlier blogs are full of these ups and downs. At one point, she was allergic to gluten for two whole days. Because her doctors said so. And on day three, she was blogging about going to all you can eat sushi buffets.

      I am not a scientist but I am willing to guess that if she wanted lasting results from any sort of weight loss program, she should have stuck with it for more than a few days.

      But hey, that’s just me.

    • Same chick with that Ragen was pushing the Advocare stuff on actually lost two of her kids in a car accident. And within a week, blogged this:

      Yup – you read that right. This chick is blogging about having less bills. Insurance money paying off old debt. While she has to pay less child support. Because two of her children died. Plus she got married.

      I realize this isn’t Ragen. But these are her friends.

      • It’s like a journal. You just write all of your thoughts. Insurance money is just an aspect of what’s happening. Don’t be judgemental douchebags, guys.

    • Wow. Kind of speechless at that one, but then…really isn’t too surprising when you think about it.

      On another note – I saw Ragen made a post recently about how she might not finish her half Iron Man… because of her lack of equipment x_x…are you guys going to do a post on that!?

      • She did get a new bike this week. Took it for a spin around the parking lot and promptly fell off. I guess she just needs a wet suit now.

        But, she is currently offering all of her products at 50% off. Not sure how you go about 50% off of a ‘name your own price book’ but whatever. She seems to be fading. And isn’t drawing the numbers she used to.

    • Oh my lord—I actually found the record of a crash meeting her description on! I would have been less disturbed if this woman had made up fake kids and then killed them off in a weird blog fantasy. But that is probably not the case.

    • The photo is the friend who tried Ragen’s AdvoCare products. It’s a screencap from her own blog. When she refers to “Solice” she means Ragen. Ragen was briefly in a poly relationship with her and her husband.

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