Ragen Chastain, Turnaround CEO

Ragen’s personal biography has changed a number of times over the years as she deletes and highlights various aspects of her past. We talked about her previous business experience here. It’s come to our attention that she actually has over a dozen registered businesses to her name since 2001, all but one of which (More Cabaret) is now defunct. From 2005 to 2013 she burned through 11 separate incorporated businesses, which doesn’t even include several other failed business ventures she didn’t actually register. Apparently success as a businesswoman is defined by the number of businesses you can run into the ground. We are currently preparing a definitive exposé of Ragen’s elite business exploits, but this part deserves its own post.

One claim that sticks out in Ragen’s biographies is that she was a “turn-around CEO” for a mysterious “multi-million dollar corporate conglomerate”.

“In my background I’ve consulted for Fortune 100 Companies. I’ve been a turn-around CEO for a multi-million dollar corporate conglomerate.”

Ragen Chastain

If you check her LinkedIn profile (edit: link removed), you can see she lists herself as the CEO of “Condor Entertainment – Spider House” for nine months in 2011. She mentions leaving this job because of stress on her blog. The Spider House is a bar, cafe, and live music venue in Austin, TX that operates under several names and registered corporations. Ragen has organized events here in the past like the Plus-Size Clothing Swap and Sale. The president and director is a successful businessman like Ragen who operates a video rental store and owned “2915 Guadalupe of Texas, Inc.”, “Condor Transcontinental Industries, Inc.”, “Euroclean, Inc.”, and various defunct businesses. It’s a tangled web of related incorporated small businesses that Ragen defines as a “multi-million dollar corporate conglomerate” even though she was only briefly in charge of one small part of it.

Ragen does leave one important detail out of her biography: just over a year after she successfully “turned around” this part of the “conglomerate”, Spider House filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with up to a million dollars in debt. Not only that, but Ragen is listed as one of the major unsecured creditors with a claim of $12,390.31 for “services provided”. Way to go, turnaround CEO!

10 thoughts on “Ragen Chastain, Turnaround CEO

  1. Another thing Ragen brags about in her bio is having played Carnegie Hall. I don’t know the details of her experience, but I can tell you my niece and nephew have been playing Carnegie Hall (as soloists) since they were 10 years old. While it’s an honor and a big deal for them, it’s not the same as when Itzhak Perlman says he played Carnegie Hall. But Ragen would have her disciples believe otherwise.

    • Yep, typical Ragen exaggeration. She played the clarinet in her high school band and started a music performance degree before switching majors several time and dropping out of college. At some point in her college days she was part of a performance at Carnegie Hall. This is 38 year old college dropout who still brags about being a National Merit Scholar in high school. In Grade 5 I sang the national anthem with several hundred schoolchildren before a Blue Jays game at the Skydome in Toronto, but I sure don’t brag about it on my resume.

  2. Please avoid using the LinkedIn link. If you are llogged in to LinkedIn when you view her profile, it is possible for Ragen to see who has viewed her profile leaving you open to identificatiion and adds to her LinkedIn credibility.

    • She actually removed all references to the CEO position from her LinkedIn profile within days of us publishing this post. She is still bragging about being a “turnaround CEO” in her blog bio though. Just another meaningless title she made up for herself.

  3. You know, I always wondered why she wasn’t more specific about the various “CEO” positions she’s claimed. And I’ve noticed the pattern of constantly announcing new ventures then moving on with no explanation. Glad I’ve never given her any money.

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