Dear Ragen, thanks for reading… and disagreeing with you is not “trolling.”

For whatever reason Ragen has been super active on Facebook recently. Here’s a list of this week’s greatest Facebook hits:

1. She called community gardening “elitism” and engaging in “magical health claims.” (Says the person who claimed that she can block psychic interlopers with her vivid sexual fantasies.)

2. She accused everyone who disagrees with her of engaging in “trolling.” This is the one that got our attention on this blog because it certainly seemed she was, at least in part, referencing us.

See for yourself:


Ragen, since I am now 90% sure you are one of the readers of this blog, I am going to address you directly.

The Triathlon community did not ask you to join us. Never once, ever, was there an outcry of “what the triathlon world needs is a Fat Activist to remind us that ‘health is not obligation, not within our control…'” Oh fuck, I can’t even stand to type that drivel sarcastically.

There are fat Triathletes. One of the best bike fitters in the sport is 6’5″ and weighs in at probably 350 at least (if you lived in Tucson in the last 10 years or are familiar with the most successful internet triathlon company, you know exactly who I am talking about). Jayne Williams is a pretty inspirational person who has completed at least a Half-Ironman. No doubt you are familiar with her book “Slow Fat Triathlete.” (I will take an aside here that it speaks VOLUMES about your personality that you featured Jayne as an unpaid speaker at last years Fat Activism Conference and have yet to even give her a nod on IronFat).

But we did not ask you to participate. You don’t even like us or the sports that compose triathlon. You have said as much many times about how you hate running and you’re no good at cycling. And to add a dose of very typical Ragen hypocrisy, you even criticized members of a Triathlon forum group for not talking about what you thought they should be talking about!

So I am hoping you will forgive us for for reading your blog and recognizing instantly that it doesn’t even come close to meshing with what we would be expecting to see when someone is talking about training. Your latest blog didn’t even mention training as an aside, in fact, as far as I can tell it was 100% about the joke you would have told had you had better seats at a comedy show. L’espirit de l’escalier is actually something most people are embarrassed about Ragen… yet you brag about it… in a triathlon blog no less.

So as such, you have not had one, not one, substantive input to how your training is going. So you leave it to us to speculate. Your “numbers” have made absolutely no sense with regards to improvement. I said in my first blog I have been running for well over a decade and someone improving 5 minutes per mile in less than a month is such absolute nonsense that it makes everything you say suspect.

No, we are not looking for further reasons to troll you. In fact, if you had reading comprehension (nice little dig there, in reference to being called out for using the terms “elite” and “magical” in reference to poor people) you would know that a substantial number of your biggest detractors are rooting for you to succeed. Obviously you have some sort of odd persecution complex and I imagine that must be set in really deep from the way you grew up, but believe it or not, most people are not rooting for you to fail.

You don’t want to feel like you’re being trolled? Then engage your detractors Ragen, cut the bullshit about “safe spaces” that you and the rest of the HAES/FA crowd hide behind when you don’t want to have cold hard facts placed in front of you. You know as well as I do that most of the questions you get are not trolling you and certainly not hateful… your hatemail in itself is another little spin job you do for the benefit of your few faithful followers. You are more than welcome to address us here, on this blog.

And Ragen, my life is in no way “bad.” I’m retired from the Air Force. I deployed many times and can say with certainty that my job allowed me to save lives, of both allied troops and innocent civillians but also the Taliban and Al Queda enemies. I take great satisfaction in that. As I’m typing this, my daughter and her sleepover friends are splashing around in our pool in the amazing Tucson weather. I have my amazing rescue dog resting at my feet, and my son is pretending like he’s Edward Kenway from the Xbox he spends entirely too much time in front of. I write about you because I find you amazingly sad. And rather than doing it myself Ragen?… I’m entered in the Tempe 70.3 as well. I had a decent ride on my stationary trainer and a so-so run on my treadmill. I watched Carl Sagan in the classic “Cosmos” talk about how big of a number a “googol” is. Life isn’t bad over here Ragen.

The bottom line is, if you are doing this simply for a medal, or a tattoo (a new revelation that came out the other day) yet provide no substance then everything you just referenced as trolling is going to continue… you are just too interesting for it not to. Perhaps you can try invading our minds while thinking of us having sex to scare us away?

11 thoughts on “Dear Ragen, thanks for reading… and disagreeing with you is not “trolling.”

  1. People working the land to feed themselves is the furthest thing from elitism. Someone pretending a fitness to make a needless point at receive a meaningless participation medal is the worst sort f elitism. Ragen wants so badly to be seen as marginalized when, in fact, she is the worst sort of spoiled white person. Shame on you, Ragen.

  2. I guess I’m one of the trolls. I’ve left some genuinely thoughtful and respectful comments on her site, some of which suggested that it would be helpful if she posted more information about her actual training on her “training blog.” A radical suggestion, indeed. Because the comments were not totally sycophantic, they did not get approved. To be fair, I imagine she does get SOME truly hateful commentary but, if my comments can’t get approved, she clearly blocks anything that isn’t about how great and inspiring she is.

    I used to do triathlons (my first was a 1/2 but I’m now into other pursuits) and I saw nothing but great support for the one large woman who competed in the region at that time. If I read Ragen’s blog and saw her saying that she did a 5k run in 45 minutes last week and dropped the time to 40 minutes this week I would honestly be happy for her. And I suspect there would be a lot of positive comments cheering her progress. But all the heuristics point me to the conclusion that she is not really training and that this will never happen, but for the certain future crowd funding of a Tri-bike.

    I think that is why people are asking for more information from her. They want to see some sort of indication that this isn’t just an elaborate fantasy or a self-promotional hoax. I think only a small minority are interested in ridiculing her training times. Anybody, of any size, putting in the effort would get the respect of the triathlon community that I was once involved in.

    But only time will tell. It will be interesting to watch.

    • For some reason WP is not letting me respond from my account but thank you very much for your comment and I think you actually said it better than I did.

  3. Thought I would add a few comments here. I am one of the Redditors who has posted a lot of details on Ragen’s training methods, what would be expected from a Blog, how training plans should be organised and where her false claims are easily destroyed. Her Facebook posted could well be a personal address to the thousands of words I have written and explained to other Redditors to expalin why Ragen has set herself and impossible target and why I don’t want her to fail, but I want her to see the reality of what she is claiming.

    Should you wish to use anything I have written, in either screenshot form or quotations, please do. Also, if you want contact me through Reddit, there are numerous ways I’d like to contribute.

  4. i started training for the tempe 70.3 as well infact it was 2 weeks ago , im not in great shape but better off than a land whale. im already biking 25 miles in about an hour, (1:07:28 to be exact) and i can run about 2 miles in about 20 minutes and can swim a mile ununturpted at a 45 minute pace. now i need a lot of work, i have pretty much 3 months to go but i think i can get in good enough shape to finish under 6.5 hours which is my goal time. i hope to see ya there, as for almost running over animals its snake season up here, so 4 pounds is added to my bike in the form of my pistol with snake shot on it.

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