Throwback Thursday: Ragen the Elite Novice Swimmer

In one of Ragen’s latest IronFat updates about swimming, she says her current issue is that she accidentally swims too fast for her training plan. Keep in mind this is the same person who couldn’t do a single lap back in November without inhaling water. The same person who only graduated to swimming laps in December but didn’t know the difference between a lap and a length. The same person who hadn’t done any swimming since high school.

That last part isn’t actually true.

Ragen was a lifeguard in high school and apparently “always won the annual lifeguard races” (elite even in her teens!).


In 2005 she was regularly swimming with a friend. She claims she actually taught someone to swim in 2003.


In 2006 she was at her gym doing rehab and talking about “trading lanes” like a regular swimmer.


Later in 2006 she took a water aerobics class and was supposedly mistaken for a water aerobics instructor because of her “perfect form”. I guess we can add “professional water aerobics instructor” to her credentials.


Ragen graduated from high school in 1995. We have proof she was regularly swimming from 2003-2006, and she wrote about swimming at her gym as late as 2010.

“I haven’t done any kind of swimming since high school.”

Ragen Chastain, 2014

Why is Ragen lying? Is she trying to convince her followers she’s such an “elite” athlete she can go from not swimming for over 20 years to suddenly being an IRONMAN 70.3 competitor in the space of a few months? Referring back to a previous post here, she’s again discouraging the people who look up to her and need the most encouragement to exercise just to boost her own ego.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Ragen the Elite Novice Swimmer

  1. The internet never forgets. You’d think someone who’s bee spewing her life all over it since the year 2000 would realize this.

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