Ragen is caught in yet another lie.

She claims she is too fat to get health insurance.  She has been saying this for years.  But her most recent claim was just this week. As per her blog, if it wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act, she wouldn’t be able to get insurance.  Because she is too fat.

15 04 15 Ragen can't get insurance

Simple enough. And almost plausible. Until you dig a little deeper. Because Ragen has claimed that she has been unable to get insurance for 14 years between 1997 and 2011. Because of her weight. As shown here, in 2011.

Click the link and see for yourself.  And don’t worry, if she changes the blog post, we have screenshots.  But they are kind of long.  And I want you to see for yourself.

So, in 2011 Ragen blogged that she has been unable to get health insurance for 14 years due to her weight.

In 2003, she wrote very specifically about having insurance through her work in this livejournal post.

In February, 2004, she needs a puppy so bad that her insurance should pay for it.

By 2007, she was a business woman.  And offering an insurance plan through AmeriPlan to both her ‘admin angels’ and her ‘friends all around the country.’  But it was apparently more of a ‘medical discount plan.’  Not actual insurance.  Proof here.

She made a similar puppy comment about her insurance in 2008.

Now, I wasn’t a math major. In fact, I have not had any formal training in math research.  But I am 100% sure that if you had insurance through your work in 2003, you can’t claim, just 8 years later, that you haven’t had insurance for ’14 years’ because you are too fat and oppressed by society.


4 thoughts on “Ragen is caught in yet another lie.

  1. Ragen’s health insurance lie is probably her most transparent. The ACA makes it impossible for insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of weight or other pre existing conditions..

    • That’s actually what Ragen was blogging about. She said she couldn’t get health insurance for 14 years between 1997 and when the ACA came into effect in 2011. The 2003 LJ screenshot shows she had health benefits through her work during that time period, so we know her claim was at least grossly exaggerated in typical Ragen fashion. She also joked about her medical insurance multiple times as late as 2008.

      For someone who claimed to not have health insurance for so long, she also managed to pay for a truly staggering number of acupuncturist, chiropractic, physical therapy, and even real doctor appointments to treat all her “injuries”.

      • The only way what she’s saying makes sense is if she had said something like, “If I didn’t have a job that provides health insurance, I would have been ineligible for health insurance on the open market due to my weight.” She didn’t.

        Having a BMI of over 25 would keep her out of most plans, let alone being class 3 obese. It’s not about shunning fat people, it’s about some really hardcore actuarial stuff. There are other options depending on your income and what state you live in, though.

      • Like if I had 30 DWI’s, was a hardcore heroine addict that was arrested multiple times for possession and trafficking? I should still be entitled to low cost car insurance?

        I am going to go out on a limb and say that insurance companies are in the business of making money.

        Funny that the ‘self proclaimed elite trained researcher turnaround ceo of multi million dollar companies’ still can’t quite grasp this concept.

        Instead, it’s all a nefarious plot against fat people.

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